Golden ideas for Rural Entrepreneurship

what kind of project is the most suitable for the present rural people to start it, look at us now the mentality of the people, the pursuit of the kind of green pastoral life, so now the rural project is very marketable, look at those who are on the market development potential.

1, high yield dairy cows good results. 1 annual milk production 7 tons of fine varieties of dairy farmers, according to the average price of nearly 3 years of milk sales calculation, medium city per cow net income in 8000 yuan; if the deep processing, has better efficiency. In some big cities, 1 excellent breeds of dairy cows produce milk,  , as well as the production of dairy products, the income can reach more than 11500 yuan. China’s milk consumption market is expanding from the city to the countryside, the demand growth far exceeds the growth of production. Online purchase. Therefore, in the next 3-5 years, farmers raise high dairy cows.

2, the market prospect is good chicken. Chicken chicken, also known as stupid chicken, refers to broiler stocking on the mountain forest, orchard. Because of its delicious meat, rich nutrition, no pollution, green food, in recent years in the market popular, prices continued to rise, raising chicken market prospects.

3, the development of donkey meat have a brilliant future. In recent years, donkey industry began to produce meat, skin and medicine into the direction of. As a new type of breeding industry in rural areas, meat donkey breeding has strong competitiveness and broad prospects for development.

4, pigeon industry has great development prospects. Pigeon feeding is simple, less investment, low cost, less food, quick effect, high economic benefit, is the future development of the industry, is also a good project to get rich quick, suitable for agriculture, forestry, pasture and feeding specialist. The cost is much lower than that of Broiler Raising pigeons.

5, goose market potential. Goose lean meat rate is high, fat and cholesterol content is low, fatty acid content is high, its resistance to disease is strong, product meat flavor is good, market sales and prospects.

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