Be careful to do business

since the store opened the door to sell goods, and customers will naturally have money above the transaction. This, after all, involves the interests, if not handled properly, not careful, it is likely to cause a variety of contradictions, and thus affect the further development of the store business. So, do business money must be careful, this will make the business more popular.

this morning, just before dawn, I was a knock at the door awakened from a dream, I quickly put up and opened the door to see a female customer, quickly said to me: "Wang, do you remember last night I came to buy beer, give you two ten yuan, including one is fifty yuan, I was wrong, when I get home, my old man gave me fifty yuan, think of it. You want to think!"

looked at the female customer worried, I began to search the scene last night to operate. Because it is dinner time, the customer is more. Slowly I remember, the customer is to buy a bunch of Laoshan beer, gave me two volumes together ten yuan, I put it to the bank, but also open a look, is determined to be two ten yuan, for the two Zhang Yiyuan for her.

"sister-in-law, I think of it, you can buy beer last night, I said 18 yuan later, when you gave me two tickets, I open a look, really is two ten yuan, there may not be a fifty yuan, besides, we till the money is in accordance with the amount of separate, ten yuan together, fifty yuan together. If there are ten yuan a fifty yuan last night, when I can see the number of money, do not ah, you should be wrong."

"Oh, not wrong, my pocket money is countless. I’m not going to block the money to your designated enterprise by public security departments and correct!" More and more excited female customers.

"sister-in-law, I shop too fast for 20 years, I’m not going to tens of dollars lost their conscience, I was indeed to see, two is ten yuan, you think again, because I am sure, it is also argued that.

"OK, forget it, I don’t want it……" Female customer finish walk away, in the face of this thing, I also very helpless. But it is clear that the customer may never come again.

did not expect, in the afternoon, the female customer came again, a look of apology, said

Wang, really feel shy, beer money is not wrong, the two is ten yuan, I changed clothes, the fifty yuan in that dress, I want to inform you, the large majority of the brain doesn’t work well, you don’t blame me."

after a storm subsided, I would like to say a few words with my peers, in the operation of the above does not appear

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