Entrepreneurial ideas

entrepreneurship, has been a persistent topic is not old, then that is a few questions, how to start a business, what business is better?

how business? 1 for entrepreneurial projects recommended: light green hue

Main: Home Furnishing products, clothing

features: Wood paved floor to walk through the door, look up swagger in the water plant, push the door, no smiling face, no sweet greetings, a kindly face aunt for her daughter designer guarding the shop, not put things at the inner space of the aunt, said her daughter did design here at home, the feeling of unbridled life slowly. A giant cane rocking chair placed in store, stroll tired can nest in rickety. The shop is not a lot of goods, like most of the shops densely placed very spacious, even Xiantingxinbu feeling, rare, seemingly to wrote his goods are randomly placed alone, most call a person as issued by the door with a shelf made of wooden frame, placed a lot of cartoon. Naive cats, intimate lovers Giraffe, have a bunch of handmade cloth roses inserted back kettle in Nepal, very good taste.

how business? For entrepreneurial projects recommended: Master street

Main: original handmade products

how business? For entrepreneurial projects recommended: 80’s

features: slingshot, sandbags, metal mechanical toys…… When the toy boutique is to fashion, high-tech goods "catch new", these 80 childhood nostalgia toys has gradually changed from life to retreat, but the emotional appeal of nostalgic toys but will not disappear. So, in order to meet the needs of a crowd, nostalgic toys in

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