What is the key to the hot season operation

winter comes, what the catering industry ushered in its spring, of course, is a hot pot restaurant. Hot pot industry is a horse industry, a large Hot pot are the leading enterprises in the sea; leading small Hot pot is Inner Mongolia’s flag is Hot pot sipping Xiabu; little sheep; fish Hot pot leader is xinladao; however, the next I want to tell you that these brands are actually Hot pot, "insider". Inside is the Hot pot industry chiefs, and the National more than 2 thousand behind is actually a bottle of sesame.

hot season, good material is the secret

what? A bottle of sesame, didn’t listen to you, is a bottle of Beijing Jing Mao Xiang source of sesame, this bottle of sesame with sea fishing from only two stores in Beijing, and still continue to accompany this bottle of sesame; follow the number of years the annual processing sipping Xiabu stand together through storm and stress, 15000 tons of raw materials, the annual volume of high up to 280 million yuan! God Lu, why these more than 2 thousand shops have to choose Jing Mao Xiang source


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The main raw materials of

paste is made from peanut and sesame, Jing Mao Xiang source from the Shandong Department of Luhua peanut materials, process is very harsh, for its size, moisture, impurities are in the factory before the inspection, after passing into the factory; and the selection of white sesame sesame from Hubei area after the arrival of the observation, the full extent of sesame and color, strictly control the percentage of impurities. All raw materials used in the selection of two times after the selection of qualified products to enter the next link.

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Jing Mao Xiang source of money, automatic cleaning – introduction of American imports of baking equipment, from cleaning to feed to the end of the discharge, does not need the entire manual operation to eliminate the possibility of two pollution in the production process.

3 grinding excellent

in the pursuit of efficiency of the times, the traditional production of sesame are used instead of colloid mill stone, but Jing Mao Xiang source in order to maximize the retention of food nutritional value and flavor, strictly using traditional storage techniques, we never compromise on quality.

4 filling excellent

and domestic well-known machinery manufacturers to cooperate, for the uniqueness of the product, tailored filling line, sterilization, filling, packaging the entire process of products will not contact with the outside world.

5 major brands of hot pot business endorsement

as of now, the source of the company and the Chinese food and beverage enterprises have cooperation

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