Teach you how to avoid the risk of dining

because of the impact of the environment, now Chinese entrepreneurs flocked to venture too many to count all the armies, corps, including the crowd of entrepreneurs. Xiaobian need to remind the majority of entrepreneurs here: Although the times are different, entrepreneurship is relatively easy, but want to be a real success, its inner spirit can not be discarded, that is not forget to early heart, eternal ingenuity. A successful catering business is how to avoid the risk of entrepreneurship.

one, seek eye view alliance

According to the

Chinese Cuisine Association "in 2015 China catering market analysis report" shows that in 2015 the annual revenue 32310 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%, the domestic food into the 3 trillion era, is after 2012, the domestic food again double-digit growth.

in the glossy data before, I believe that behind the China catering two digit growth rate is still worrying. According to public comment statistics released in January 3, 2016, China’s first tier cities in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen in 2015 the new food and beverage enterprises incremental reached 66.4%, respectively, 52.6%, 96.3% and 91%. That is to say most of 2015 catering growth is based on the expansion of the number of enterprises, the larger the base is more limited, the catering industry not far from saturated excess phase, or industry will face in 2013 after another round of reshuffle.

how to avoid the risk of dining join

two, all

catering industry is just need the industry, low threshold, high frequency of consumption, cash flow is fast, the industry has become the first choice for the transformation of investment. Therefore, when all investors flocked to the catering industry, they are always with non service industry thinking, blindly pursue (short payback period), flat (simple), fast (effective faster), striving to shuaishouzhanggui.

maybe some investors believe that if you do not join back trouble when paying the tuition, meals and catering to say is investment is not a one-time investment, many investors, especially in a nice hobble back, related to the deepwater area catering investment, you need to pay a tuition fee is more than two times.


current market chain can be divided into five types:

one is catering enterprises and capital to bet. In order to meet the conditions within the agreed period of gambling, had to lower the threshold and blindly accept the investment, investors lax and rapid expansion of the expansion of the management out of control, resulting in a large area of the franchise

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