Once the king of mobile phones and blackberry is about to say goodbye

apple and Samsung’s competition is becoming more and more intense, no one has ever been concerned about the reputation of the smartphone King BlackBerry is going down the road, is about to disappear in people’s sight.

in wrestling, blackberry decided to lay this trust card, seize their own strengths, the target set at the optic equipment system security above all users who. As a result, the soldiers line insurance strokes, the acquisition of mergers and acquisitions began blackberry.

2007, Apple’s mobile phone turned out, quickly seize the smartphone market, launched a smartphone revolution. Prior to this, blackberry is undoubtedly the world’s most famous smartphone manufacturer. However, since then the company has not been able to replace the product update. September 2009, blackberry market share in the United States was 42.6%, in August of this year, the BlackBerry market share in the United States is only $1.2%. Chen, appointed in November 2013 as BlackBerry CEO, BlackBerry’s future has also become blurred from this time.

if there is no Blackberry mobile phone business, so companies can be the focus of all are focused on cross platform security communication application and BlackBerry Enterprise Server business.

Last Hope:

powerful circle of trust

circle of trust, is a discussion between public and private enterprises and their service providers the most important. A powerful circle of trust is not care about the price, and can not only bring equipment shipments recommended for BlackBerry

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