The Yellow Emperor Huang joined the details of charges

catering market so big, so many brands, do you know what kind of characteristics of the most popular restaurant consumers? As everyone knows Shaxian County snacks, Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles and Steamed Rice braised chicken is China’s catering industry three big investment chain brand, in almost every populated areas will see the three store. But we don’t know is that there is actually a restaurant chain store is very popular, it is the Yellow Emperor and three juice stew pot restaurant chain franchise. Like other food chain store, join the Yellow Emperor Huang also need to pay the initial fee, then what is the Yellow Emperor Huang joined the


The Yellow Emperor Huang joined

fee details:

it is understood that the Yellow Emperor Huang jiamengfei is hierarchical. The Yellow Emperor Huang jiamengfei according to different service charges. Each customer has its own different requirements, Huang Huang according to the specific requirements of charges.

is the first charge just joined, just use the Yellow Emperor and the Emperor Huang signs, selling related products, but not the Emperor Huang unified management and business model, is a semi autonomous management. Second services relatively more, in addition to enjoy a semi autonomous form of service, the Yellow Emperor Huang will provide decoration service, decoration decoration standards in accordance with the unified form and the Yellow Emperor huang.

decoration style and all of the Yellow Emperor Huang restaurant. When this service will make the customer loyal to Emperor Huang to shop more intimate. The third is a full range of services. That is what we call the VIP service. This service does not need to take the time to personally supervise the store pre job. They only need to pay, the Yellow Emperor Huang will have a full range of considerate service.

from the store location, to decoration, to configure the device to open shop, publicity, to the pre operation, the Yellow Emperor Huang will send professional guidance personnel to carry out operations, with customers in the store, at the same time evaluation franchisee has the ability to separate the business, will be responsible for the stores to franchisees.


above is the Yellow Emperor Huang joined the simple introduction fee, believe that you have to have a more comprehensive understanding of the Yellow Emperor Huang joined, if you still have what other problems need to consult our please give us a message on our website below, see the message we will arrange our staff with you contact.

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