Zhejiang Jinhua village cattle cattle road out of a business

Now there are a lot of

around the college-graduate village official, at the same time these people have abundant knowledge and cultural level will often bring a lot of new development in the vast rural areas, especially in rural areas will help promote entrepreneurial activities.

has been from Sunday to Tuesday, Wuyi County, Jinhu Silver Lake Park side, held several days of bullfighting competition is the mastermind of Xu Hua.

"when the village is going to be a good village, what is the best? The first is to lead the villagers to get rich." The interview began, the Wuyi county Wang Zhai Zhen college-graduate village official Xu Hua to "excellent village" under a definition.

under this definition, Xu Hua is the capital of his cattle, not only let yourself out of the way, also led to more than and 40 farmers to get rich, can produce a cow profit, he to take from the cattle bull "".

cattle industry;

in his attempt to buy two cows slaughtered, Xu Hua found them profitable. Then Xu Hua began to contract land for large-scale farming, planting vegetables with cow dung, and leaves, corn and other feed cows, the formation of the characteristics of ecological farm.

beef, followed by sales. Xu Hua in the city of Jinhua Yiwu Street opened a beef store, in addition to the various agricultural fairs, the electricity supplier, WeChat platform to expand sales of beef, only a year in 2014, the total electricity sales reached 1 million 800 thousand yuan, the cumulative sales of 20000 kilograms of beef.

from the cattle into the game to make money


Niuchang operating stability, Xu Hua began to think of new start point. He felt that any industry to do a lot of cultural background, Jinhua’s long tradition of bullfighting so that he saw new business opportunities.

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