Zhang Fengmei cigarette business sambo

sell cigarettes to make money, which is a fact that many shopkeepers are recognized, but the profits can be accounted for more than half of the shops selling cigarettes, which naturally also need to master the store can have more business skills. And now there is such a shop so, a year to sell cigarettes earned more than seventy thousand yuan, cigarette sales accounted for 60% of total revenue.

Anding District, Gansu, 70, after the retail customers Zhang Fengmei on their own operations last year, the report card is very satisfied with the results of. In Dingxi rural customers, this is a very good score.

shop location is good, with positive situation, business – willing to move the brain in an interview, Zhang Fengmei said this is his business "sambo".

Xiaomei department store supermarket,

Zhang Fengmei opened in 2003, is located in the town cliff Anding District Century Avenue, close to 312 National Road, crossing the driver is a big tourist shops. In addition, the shop near the starch factory, flour mill and other enterprises, as well as stationed in the vicinity of the road construction team, etc.. For Zhang Fengmei, the shop location is good, do not worry about the source.

Century Avenue is one of the bustling town cliff, shops are concentrated in cigarette. How to make the store stand out in the fierce competition?

Zhang Fengmei a positive understanding of new initiatives, the tobacco companies; on the other hand, according to their own situation, the "means" to promote sales.

2011, Dingxi Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) began to promote the construction of modern retail terminal. Zhang Fengmei initiative to understand and actively participate in the construction of modern terminal demonstration households. Today, her shop clean and tidy, cigarette display standard, very good to hear or see. As a result of the use of cigarettes sweep code sales, the current number of stocks, the number of monthly sales, the reporter asked him, he opened his mouth to. He also set up a "counter commitment card" to the customer to make "sales of counterfeit and smuggled cigarettes, do not sell cigarettes to minors," a penalty ten "commitment, passing drivers and other new customers into his shop, a sense of trust arise spontaneously.

in recent years, Dingxi City Bureau (company) the mechanism of cultivating innovative brand, build a "three Xiang" brand cultivation strategy, namely in a town or a street by the client manager and retail customers in the basis of full consultation, according to the local economic development level, consumption level and development trend, choose from a price section three in the growth stage, the sales potential of the brand or specifications, help and guide the retail customers to use plain language by the client manager, nature, favorable to promote consumer.

for this brand cultivation strategy, Zhang Fengmei will follow up with practical action. He is not only a significant position in the shelf set "one village three exhibition area, significant position is still placed in the counter.

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