The return of business partnership when the food Nongda student entrepreneurs succeed

now entrepreneurial direction of college students entrepreneurs are diverse, at the same time, no matter what kind of business are not important, it is important to be profitable, there are now many college students will have their eyes on entrepreneurship in rural areas.

2012 in August 9th 15, Aletai state owned two ranch a certain scale in the greenhouse, 3 dark, stout boy led the workers in replant vegetable seedlings. After a while, sweat soaked their clothes. "At first, we can not stand, but now, these are not what, are accustomed to." The edge of the Wu Guolong saying this, his hands and quickly digging.

4 guy lives in Aletai. Wu Guodong, Feng Jian, Zhou Guoqiang 25 years old this year, 3 people are high school students, a very good relationship, and Wu Guolong to play with them. 2010, Feng Jian graduated from the Chengdu University of information engineering, in Aletai to find a web design and maintenance work. Zhou Guoqiang, Wu Guodong, Wu Guolong also graduated from college has returned to his hometown, Zhou Guoqiang works in a securities company, Wu Guodong and Wu Guolong work in the seed company is.

"we build several greenhouses, then let Aletai, Beitun, people can eat Fuhai our vegetables." Listen to Wu Guodong described the blueprint, von Jian and Zhou Guoqiang have some heart. "Young, spell it once." Feng Jian said he and Zhou Guoqiang decided to join in. Subsequently, Wu Guolong also apply to join. After a few people discuss, decided to build 80 meters long greenhouses, after the budget, each invested 160 thousand.


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