Share several entrepreneurial experience and skills

entrepreneurial process can not be smooth sailing, there will always be a variety of problems, if you avoid unnecessary detours, learn from other people’s entrepreneurial experience is very important. The following summary of several entrepreneurs on the experience of sharing, I hope to help entrepreneurs.

has such a marketing story:

has a jeweler boss, the store opened in the tourist attractions, his jewelry business has been bad, it is difficult to sell. When he was upset, he was ready to go on a trip, so he left a note to the clerk. Write: all discount 1/2 sales.

after a period of time, he came back, shocked, almost all the jewelry sold in the shop. And more importantly, not to sell half price, but the price of 2 times before selling!

originally, he wrote the note too casually, the clerk to 1/2 as 2 times the sales. 2 times the price but sell better? Why is this


original price and discount price of the secret

How often do you see

"window expires, the 1-5 fold" discount information? And then you hear the sound of their loudspeakers shouting: the 1-5

special offer discount!

then legs can not help but go in, how to also bring one or two to go back, but also to tell the side of the friends, there is a shop in the discount, sell very cheap.

if you had this kind of experience, then I tell you, you are marketing. Here, I would like to open the original price and discount for you the secret.

when customers see the original price of 1888 yuan clothes, you will think, good expensive ah. When a customer to hear this dress because of the facade transfer, a discount, only 80 percent off, you figured, need only about 378 yuan. At this time the customer began to impulse.

because the customer believes that he spent 378 yuan price, bought a $1888 worth of clothes.

original price represents product value

when the customer first time to hear the price of a commodity (1888 yuan), you subconsciously accepted the price of goods. Only he really to buy, will be to distinguish whether it is worth the price.

so those businesses are constantly promoting the original price, raise the original price, is to leave an impression in the minds of customers, this product value of the original price (1888 yuan), that is, the value of the goods marked.

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