Li Kaifu why Chinese entrepreneurs to go to Silicon Valley

Effects of

on the management policy, business incubators are built around, as China "Silicon Valley" in Zhongguancun is the choice of many entrepreneurs, Chinese the entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, enterprise is continuing and the upward trend. So why do Chinese entrepreneurs go to Silicon Valley?

  why very worried at the beginning of 2016 went to Silicon Valley and why? The consumption of heart effort arranged full 15 day trip to


"brush face" visit the 26 Silicon Valley chiefs, DST Milner, Google, Yang Zhiyuan, YAHOO skin guess YC incubator SAM, Andrews father Andy  Rubin…… Do not let entrepreneurs dig a penny, deep into the 18 most prestigious enterprises to visit, exchange, closed door talks. In apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Tesla, twitter, YC incubator…… What do Chinese entrepreneurs want to learn


this is Li Kaifu himself to answer doubts, why in the beginning of the year 2016, spent 15 days, with a team of 100 people went to Silicon Valley


laid the present pattern of the Internet DST founding partner of Milner through investment, share with them what? The lack of black technology Airbnb why amazing power? China business in an increasingly international and the current lack of what? The economic situation in the downstream China, decided to innovative workshops listed on the new board listed Li Kaifu, what are the considerations of


answer in the collation of Li Kaifu oral record:

  1, entrepreneurs lack what

there will be in the brotherhood and heroes, we also often in the discussion, and recently discussed the most is: We end these entrepreneurs who lack most of what


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