Hainan a number of preferential measures to broaden the employment path

to further promote entrepreneurship to promote employment, the government of Hainan Province, a series of measures to guide the public entrepreneurship employment assistance, for lack of venture funding problems, but also to provide 100 thousand yuan of small loans, to help more people walk on the road of entrepreneurship.

policy guidance – a series of measures to help entrepreneurship

public entrepreneurship peoples innovation and entrepreneurship to promote employment, not only solve the employment problem fundamentally, alleviate the employment pressure, and entrepreneurial dynamism will form a double scale effect in promoting employment.

12th Five-Year period, in order to promote entrepreneurship and employment, the province introduced a series of measures to help businesses, and actively improve the entrepreneurial environment.

A: can undergo entrepreneurial initiatives.

2015 in August, the provincial government issued the "Hainan provincial government on further improving opinions" employment work under the new situation, to undergo entrepreneurship, with the consent of the original unit, reserve personnel relations within 3 years since the signing of the agreement does poineering work from the date of the original units and other staff in equal participate in professional titles the level of job promotion, and social insurance and other rights. Based on the views of the province will be established in the future to improve the guidance of secondary vocational school service institutions to provide places for college graduates entrepreneurship, public services and financial support.

move two: venture will receive 100 thousand discount loans.

"is now listed on the peak of vegetables, fertilizer easy to sell." In Ding’an County town ditch area Xian a pesticide fertilizer store, university graduates Chen Junhua jolly self-employed told reporters. In July 2014, Chen Junhua graduated from the Nanchang Institute of Technology, in Ding’an County Employment Bureau’s help, he received 100 thousand yuan of business loans, and will expand the business.

to support more people do poineering work, our province issued "on the strengthening of small loans financial discount fund management notice" and other documents, unified loan amount increased to 100 thousand yuan. In addition, in order to support Small and micro businesses, help college graduates employment, the provincial government office issued a "General Office of Hainan Provincial People’s Government on further improving the employment of college graduates’ opinions", Small and micro businesses to attract college graduates, give preferential social insurance subsidies, pre job training, small loans etc..

According to statistics, from 2011 to 2015, the province issued a total of more than 620 million yuan of small loans secured employment, thousands of people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. According to reports, the province’s small and micro enterprises have more than 14.8, more than 1 million 380 thousand workers to absorb employment.

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