Beauty salon boss trying to set up shop in the end why

to open a community store has become a trend, and now the community shops involved in the industry has gradually increased, housekeeping, car wash, beauty, why in the rent so expensive lots of beauty salon owners also want to shop? The answer is to expand the guest…… Tuo ke…… Tuo ke……

two principles can not forget to talk to other community store relationship

is, according to the author the area stores a small monthly rent of 30 square meters in about 30 thousand, not including a repair, labor cost etc.. According to the most basic replenishment to the oil project, the unit price of 150 yuan / month, at least 200 single volume in order to keep the rent for the beauty salon owner, is peibenzhuanyaohe! But the status quo is also at a loss to do, is to earn a reputation, so as to store back.

for customers, the community as a whole, this need is the whole circle of the convenience, regardless of beauty or vegetables, it is convenient for beauty salons and fresh store before you how cooperation, I do not care. The greatest significance of the existence of community stores is to give the residents of this circle the best experience.

from the community store itself, mutual benefit and push the advantage is very obvious. Customers do facial care in the beauty shop, fruit set whether can recommend a facial moisturizing beauty shop, to document this package at half price. The same token, fresh fruit store packages can be linked to beauty salon packages, binding sales.

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