2015 9 rural electricity supplier entrepreneurial opportunities

national entrepreneurship gradually transition from the city to the countryside, the development of rural e-commerce will enter the explosive growth period. Do you want to seize the moment the strongest entrepreneurial opportunity? So the following nine rural electricity supplier business choice you can not miss!

A, rural electricity, rural purchasing business

2015 electronic business platform channel sink into the mainstream trend, Jingdong, Alibaba and other electricity providers platform in the county, rural electricity providers in the field to burn hot. China’s first tier cities online shopping crowd of about 450 million, the county and rural electricity supplier market more than 900 million people. With the rapid development of the Internet in rural areas, the rural electricity supplier in 2015 blowout development, rural electricity providers to usher in an important business opportunities.

[suggestion] business this time the development of rural electricity, rural residents, is a good opportunity, can refer to centralized business model:

1, lending platform business model: in the village of Ali Amoy, Jingdong purchasing mode. This requires the platform to apply for electricity providers, but also has a certain threshold.

2, independent business model: the local needs of users, to order purchasing patterns each platform, this model can bring more rural population cutting-edge Internet business.

[success rate] assumes

two, the county rural electricity supplier logistics enterprise

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