Hainan two brothers to implement online fraud shop sellers fall into the trap of 8

the advent of the Internet to provide more convenience for our lives, but there are also some people use the Internet to start fraud. On December 5th news, and the "winning", "ticket refund change" fraud in different ways, Danzhou had two brothers Mouju, Zengmou to buy goods for online sellers return rebates to implement network fraud, within one month of 8 online sellers accidentally fall into the trap, the fraud of this specific details, the following Xiaobian together and look at the specific reports.

recently, Hainan second intermediate people’s Court upheld the final decision, once Mouju, Zengmou all guilty of fraud, were sentenced to 2 years and 10 months, 10 months, and fined 30 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan, two people continue to recover the illegal income.

2015 in November 5th, a shop operating a business". "Buyers" have Mouju through a prosperous chat software, that is a company salesman, to buy $1700 worth of merchandise, the line under the financial requirements of the direct remittance, a single price increase and 4000 yuan false invoices to financial invoice amount on the payment into a personal bank account after all, let a be 2300 yuan higher commodity prices as a rebate was transferred to the bank account designated by the Mouju.


is a single business transaction for gospel truth, this, put the card number, name and mobile phone number to the buyer. Have Mouju login specifically for online banking accounts through online banking fraud, business transfer, the right input provides a bank account name and mobile phone number in the transfer, select the message to inform each other, a few digits but intentionally wrong bank card that transfer fails, the mobile phone can receive a certain to the bank the account launched 4000 yuan remittance "content of the prompt message. As a message to see after the mistake of payment has been credited, at the urging of buyers, will be 2300 yuan rebate funds transferred to the bank account once Mouju.

Mouju had succeeded, and adding 2 times, has defrauded the a rebate of 2750 yuan, 7000 yuan. Once Mouju by registering multiple accounts using the same means, within one month of repeatedly defrauding Huang, Lee and other 5 online sellers a total of 19240 yuan.

then had to Mouju brother Zengmou provide for fraud, a mobile phone Wangwang account and bank account. Once all through the above means to implement fraud 2 shop sellers, has cheated wish a $2500, Wu $3000. In November 23rd, once Mouju and Zengmou all was arrested at home in the police.


court of first instance that had Mouju Zengmou, all for the purpose of illegal possession, fictional facts, cheat other people’s money, which had Mouju obtaining money 8 times, a total of 36790 yuan, a large amount of Zengmou; full of defrauding others of money 2 times, a total of 5500 yuan, the larger amount, recommended

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