Do business with good grasp of detail

in a lot of time, often because of a small details of the reasons, leading to the operator’s business has been very big impact, want to make money will become very difficult. So, if we do business, we have to be good at grasping the details, so that the business will be more successful.

"Lin goods shop" is Born Under A Bad Sign. Just opened a month, less than 500 meters away from the same type of supermarket century department store supermarket chain also opened the door. There is a businessman where there is competition, "Lin goods shop" boss Lin Dawei not afraid of competition, but he knew not touched stone egg. This "century department store chain supermarket" is placed in front of him big stone!

in fact, "the surface strength of Lin goods shop" and "century department store chain supermarket", two stores the same size, management of goods are the same, and other daily necessities daily necessaries, odds and ends of sewing, but the background is a world of difference. The background is different, the difference is the direct purchase channels, "century department store chain supermarket goods are the group unified procurement, many goods purchase directly from manufacturers, have a price advantage; Lin Dawei alone, unmatched.

Lin Dawei has done several retail companies purchase, he is very clear, only direct contact manufacturers, "Lin goods shop" have competitive strength. At that time, the country is being held in the autumn of the local forest, David will seize this opportunity for a few days to run the venue, hoping to take a direct relationship with foreign manufacturers.

Lin Dawei will participate in the rum exhibitors made an analysis, he found that there are several exhibitors to show the image of the enterprise, promotion of new products, negotiate distribution business. For David Lin this small businesses, big rum is a meal, how "fork" is very important, especially the large net like business, small businesses do not have the competitive advantage. Instead, some of the details are not likely to be concerned about the possibility of business opportunities, he is looking for the opportunity to ignore the public.

on the last day of the rum, the exhibition presents an unprecedented lively, exhibitors are doing a lot of evacuation, the booth are at discount exhibits, some old lady with a basket to bargain. In a red wine booth, buzzing round a lot of people, the market price of 58 yuan of wine, the discount is only 35 yuan. Lin Dawei’s supermarket sales of the wine and his purchase price to 48 yuan. Such a big difference, businesses must be selling at a loss! Lin Dawei brain a turn, he immediately find the person in charge of the booth to inquire about the actual situation.

winery manager Liu is a straightforward, Liu learned from the mouth, the wine was in less than the ex factory price of dumping. For the exhibitors to the field, exhibits transportation costs in the exhibition expenses accounted for a large proportion of its sales package is not sent back to the factory, but also

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