How to open a fruit shop to do business with WeChat

WeChat in the current is not just a tool to chat, but also can become a tool for doing business, as long as the proper use of WeChat to do business success is more numerous. In short, the current WeChat more fire, followed by WeChat marketing is blossom everywhere, where you can see the WeChat marketing figure.

this is not my downstairs in 60 after his wife opened a fruit shop with the WeChat marketing at the door, got a Yilabao, scanning the two-dimensional code number of public concern. The couple is early to do the clothing business, earn money to buy several houses to rent to others, then opened a small fruit shop, is now selling fruit, playing mahjong, and then check the rent, live very moist.

more than two months ago, I went to the fruit shop with his girlfriend to buy fruit, she bought her, I stood boring, just to see the two-dimensional code Yilabao, message is "welcome attention to micro signal scanning XX!" I do not have any of the temptation of information, but out of habit I still scan for a while, a very common subscription number, there is no reply after attention. Worst of all, a month later I did not receive any information on this public number push. Obviously, this is not WeChat marketing.

then again to buy fruit, my boss and I chatted about this initiative, when I asked why this Yilabao at the door, he said when you go out to see others have, this is definitely a trend, then they could, in order to attract people to buy fruit. Have to say, the boss looked very thoroughly, but only to see the surface, there is no in-depth understanding of this thing, did not come true.

We talk about

for about an hour, the boss’s eyes talk straight, he is a businessman, I say he would smell the opportunity, but I can also see from the chat, they just spend time in the fruit shop, do not have to do much more, also not ready to do more in-depth, but also for what aspect of the network they do not really understand, the two old people are not short of money, just want to live comfortably. So, I for all of their current situation, to the boss made a few suggestions, can play a substantial effect, it will not affect them to play mahjong.

1, outside the shop Yilabao don’t just write scan plus some attention, the temptation of information, such as sending things, such as discounts, I did not say much, because the boss to do business for so many years, I know that he is



2, the public number is not a decoration, others attention to set the reply information, and often push some information, but you don’t expect the old two to write the article carefully, it is obviously not possible, how to do? What I mean is that you can always send some photos of the fruit and then attach some text, especially just bought fruit, you can also send some discount

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