Henan breakthrough daily office supplies open tender procurement model

in our daily life, many people talk about purchasing deep feelings, especially in the procurement of relevant government departments, the traditional model has been relatively backward. The afternoon of November 14th, the Provincial Department of Finance held the "Henan provincial government procurement online mall provincial units comprehensive on-line ceremony and training operation meeting", which marks the continuation of years of daily office supplies procurement mode ends, in the future, the standard goods and services of provincial administrative units of the procurement, to purchase from the government procurement online store.

site: Henan provincial government procurement online shopping mall full line

11 14 afternoon meeting, four floor of the Provincial Department of finance department, as director of the Provincial Department of finance Zhu Huanran, deputy director of the Department of Commerce He Songhao pressed the device, the Henan provincial government procurement online shopping online.

why do Henan online shopping mall to do it?

for a long time, government procurement using open tender procurement model. However, due to the practice of product adjustment cycle is long, the procurement process is opaque, the regulation is not in place, resulting in the agreement to supply the price higher than the market price, the purchaser choose high profile products, to avoid public bidding break up the whole into parts and other issues, the government procurement has been heavily criticized.

Zhu Huanran, director of the Provincial Department of finance,

also introduced, because of the drawbacks of the traditional government procurement model, prompting the emergence of Henan provincial government procurement online mall.

According to the State Council,

tube, service policy, accelerate the pace of reform, since June 1st of this year to carry out a pilot in the 6 provincial Commission, the public security department, the finance department and the Local Taxation Bureau, Sports Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau." Zhu Huanran said, from the pilot situation, preliminary results show, "therefore, today, the Henan provincial government procurement provincial units officially launched the online shopping mall."

online shopping mall and business docking, is mainly to meet the needs of daily sporadic and fast procurement, focusing on crack the government procurement agreement to supply quality, high price, low efficiency problem, is an important measure of our province government procurement system reform.

pilot: online shopping mall 4 months to save money 15%

so, specifically, the pilot made what results?

Provincial Local Taxation Bureau as the first batch of pilot units in the online mall, the relevant personnel, their Bureau has 48 budget units to implement an online mall procurement, more than 4 months, a total of 337 pen through the online mall procurement, the total amount of 1 million 280 thousand yuan. The savings rate reached 15%." The staff member said.

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