Electric hot water bag ten brand list

cold weather, many people will appear the phenomenon of cold hands and feet, and electric hot water began to come in handy, but also with and in the current market demand is increasing. Because the market is expanding, so as to make the market more and more below have the brand, Xiaobian to introduce the electric hot water bag ten brand list, so that people can have a better understanding of the market.

electric heating hand warmer (commonly known as electric warm Bao) novel shape, large heat storage, heat preservation time is long, the structure is reasonable, easy to use, for the winter warm hands, warm feet ideal supplies. Electric heating Bao is divided into electrode type, electric wire, electric heating rod type three. At present, because the electrode type electric heating treasure is prone to leakage and burst risk by the state to prohibit the production and sales, allowing the continued sale of high security electric wire electric heating treasure.

with the improvement of living standards, electric heater become essential household small appliances, not only can keep warm, but also can be used for physical therapy, hot compress, because before iron shell is inconvenient to carry, there is now a water storage type electric heater, using soft material or fleece, soft, without any chemical heating agent, no smell. High thermal efficiency. Compared to the northern city, electric warm treasure in the cold winter has become a necessity of life.

electric hot water bag ten brand list: Mini NO.1 miny (electric heating has a certain well-known brand products, professional manufacturers of small household electrical appliances, electric heating bag of ten brands, Shunde District, Foshan City Jia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.)

electric hot water bag ten brand list: NO.2 (Rainbow blanket industry standard drafting units, household electric heating appliances / flexible household sanitary insecticide industry leading enterprises, Chengdu rainbow appliance (Group) Limited by Share Ltd)

electric hot water bag ten brand list: NO.3 (Michelle music dedicated to the development and production of electric heating bag / mosquito / candy box series products Home Furnishing enterprise, has a number of patents, Home Furnishing Co. Ltd. Zhejiang Le CHER)

electric hot water bag ten brand list NO.4: Dr. HOME (R & D / production / sales / service specializing in small household electrical appliance enterprises, mosquito swatter / ten brands, Shenzhen jiaboshi Electric Appliance Co. Ltd)

electric hot water bag ten brand list: NO.5 Mei (the United States and the United States is committed to the development of small household electrical appliances design / production and sales of integrated enterprise, industry standard drafting unit, industry leading brands, Guangdong Meimei innovation Electric Co. Ltd.)

electric hot water bag ten brand list: NO.6 lucky star (private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, focusing on the humidifier / air purifier / electric heating bag manufacturing sales.

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