n the shopping center to open a restaurant franchise needs to consider these issues

open restaurant franchise, the preparatory work is very important. Do you want to join the restaurant in a shopping center, you must first consider choosing a shop. The shopping center is the people entertainment places, traffic, catering to the franchise is a very good location. So, in the shopping center to open a restaurant franchise, entrepreneurs need to consider what are the problems? Let’s get together.

1, power supply: 150KW  to 350KW, cable model to meet the load.

2, water supply: the need to understand the water supply pipe diameter, food and beverage industry to confirm whether the two water supply?

3, kitchen drainage: do you need to separate the oil pool, the direction of the kitchen drainage pipe? If the capacity of the public oil separation tank meets the requirements.

4, toilet: toilet can be set up?

5, load: kitchen and toilet load is to meet their own needs, who do not meet the reinforcement?

6, smoke: whether there is an independent exhaust gas wells or the use of a public exhaust gas wells, public exhaust capacity can meet their own needs?

7, air conditioning: whether a set of air conditioning air conditioning, air conditioning and air conditioning is provided to the tube? If Party A provides air conditioning cooling capacity, whether it can meet the normal for 300w/ square meters. With and without Party A’s central air-conditioning, property costs are different?


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