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Diálogo Interview With Jamaica Chief Of Defense Staff: Major General Antony Anderson

first_img Major General Antony Anderson: DIÁLOGO: I made that comment in the context of the reality that for a small state it’s not going to be possible to have your armed forces not get involved, when the problem is exceeding the capacity of the police for any number of reasons. Recognizing that, you have to get past the point of reluctance and get to the point that this is reality and how do we best do that mission. It’s one of the missions we have and it was in that context that I was saying that. Over the years, we’ve developed quite a good synergy with our police force and I think it’s as good as it’s been at the moment, because we do a lot of joint work, but behind the scenes we do a lot supportive work as well. Even if one country wins this fight by normalizing their internal situation, wouldn’t it still make you vulnerable? The armed forces went through a defense review in 2006 that outlines clearly what roles it would be required to take on. These roles are from our national security strategy, which is an all of government document. We pull the capabilities we require, and then of course, we look at the capabilities we have and the gaps we have and determine how to fill those. When you actually do an analysis, there are a number of capabilities that you require that may involve more structural changes, more doctrinal changes, and then of course there are those things that are associated with actual expenditure and budget support, like equipment and infrastructure. So as you look at the range that gives you a capability, the most important thing is to decide what you are going to be doing and what you need to do it. DIÁLOGO: DIÁLOGO: DIÁLOGO: Those are a lot of priorities… Do you feel the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) will contribute to this regional cooperation? Major General Antony Anderson: DIÁLOGO: Major General Antony Anderson: Major General Antony Anderson: Major General Antony Anderson: We are doing it in a number of ways: through direct support with soldiers and joint patrolling and getting involved in any type of police actions there are in terms if the need to conduct check points, but that is only on the front end of it. On the back end of it, we provide our planning skills and bring them to bear on situations that they may face or we face jointly, so we conduct joint training. We offer training and course development for and with the police, so on that side of things, on the side where you develop the human capital to take on new challenges we support the police in that way as well as with intelligence. What is the benefit of working with other countries in the region and the United States? The most important topic discussed during the Caribbean Nations Security Conference, hosted by the United States Southern Command and Trinidad and Tobago in Port of Spain, from February 23-24, was countering illicit trafficking, a trans-national challenge which requires trans-national cooperation and partnerships. Diálogo spoke more in depth about this and other subjects with the Chief of Defense of Jamaica, Major General Antony Anderson, one of the presenters at the event. You stated at the conference: “We are past the point where we think the military has no business in law enforcement. This is the military’s business.” Please elaborate on that statement: How are you working with the police to counter illicit trafficking and the spread of transnational criminal organizations? What are the armed forces doing to deal with these concerns? Major General Antony Anderson: By Dialogo March 14, 2011 The Jamaica Defence Force has improved in its capabilities over the years as a small but very professional military in the region. The military serves as a model somewhat to others in the caribbean to emulate in its roles. Continue to make jamaica and the region proud! I hope someday to be apart of this truly remarkable force. excellent Well other than the typo in the sentence (“These roles are from our national security strategy, which is an all of government document.”) where the word “AN” should be ON…., it was a very good advisory on current issues and future expectations… well said by Major General Antony Anderson Major General Antony Anderson:center_img What are the main security concerns for Jamaica at present? Major General Antony Anderson: How do you see Jamaica’s future? What we have been contributing to the region for a very long time. We offer training to the region in a number of ways, from junior staff training for mid level officers, to intelligence training, aviation training, and also support in a number of ways to the other countries in the region. We’ve done this for a while and we’ll continue to do this for a while. And also, we perhaps have a bit more experience at doing joint operations with police than most people. A lot of the countries have been coming to this in the past 3-5 years; but we’ve been doing this for 35 years. It’s important that we share our experience so that they don’t have to go the long route, they don’t have the time for that. They have to be effective now and their situation is evolving quickly. That is demanding more attention from the military from what was essentially and traditionally a law enforcement matter. I would like to believe we have turned the corner. It was not just a matter of police confidence, it was a matter of public confidence, of the society really wanting and recognizing that change is required. Your law enforcement and security forces cannot really deal with that matter without the support of society and I think there are voices in society that are now pushing for it to continue. I think the police have a renewed energy. Their leadership is first class as far as I’m concerned and they’re doing all the right things. It will take a little while for it to catch on throughout the entire force, but you can see a new energy and how things are being tackled, and if that can be maintained, then I think we can turn the corner on it. Of course, on the other side of things, there’s a part of the social environment that is not within our ambient, such as the accessibility to jobs and those other entirely social issues that have to be addressed as well in order to deal with the problem. There are a couple of things for people involved in combating transnational crimes that require you to have a robust structure and legislation to prevent things like corruption or to set up mechanisms that can allow people to say what they know and be protected and secure. Will all your problems go away? Certainly not, because they evolve and things change. As a region, there are large disparities and capacities to deal with those problems, but in Jamaica, we’ve always held our hand out. Even when our own problems are overwhelming, we’ve always extended a hand to assist in the Caribbean. Haiti was an example that we were there within 48 hours of the earthquake occurring. Not only to deal with search and rescue issues, but also to send in orthopedic surgeons. For a small country like ours, we managed to affect fifty thousand families and move a million pounds of supplies to support them, so we have a history of supporting the region. DIÁLOGO: What can be done to avoid the emergence of new gang leaders? DIÁLOGO: It must contribute because of the way it is working; it’s a multilateral security initiative. In terms of U.S. engagement, doing it multilaterally is relatively recent. Traditionally we have a number of bi-lats with countries or specific groups, but CBSI seeks to broaden that to a wider group. Like anything in its early stages, it will go through teething problems, but there is significant multilateral activity within CARICOM already. There are proper structures that exist for security and arrangements, treaties, and legislation to support those treaties and structures, means of intelligence sharing mechanisms for advance passenger and cargo systems, standing committees of heads of security agencies. So there’s structure there. I think that CBSI, having now decided that the Secretariat will reside with the CARICOM agency, can obtain synergy from that which can add additional value to existing structures, as opposed to running parallel structures, so I think it will assist our process along. DIÁLOGO: What does Jamaica bring to the table? These threats are called transnational in nature and therefore the response needs to be a transnational one to fully deal with the situation. A lot of the successes in dealing with transnational and organized crime are transnational investigations and transnational organized approaches. If you trace those successes, you will see those partnerships that led to the success. What I think we need to do is establish this as a normal way of operating, where you can share information and support each other’s operations, because I don’t think there is any one of the countries that we speak of that wishes to have an organized crime problem. It’s really a matter of strengthening those structures between nations so that the extent of the organized transnational crime problem is visible. DIÁLOGO: DIÁLOGO: Major General Antony Anderson: Major General Antony Anderson: I think that it is well within our capacity as a country to win the fight against illicit trafficking. If we can just galvanize the will from all of the pieces that are required to win the fight and get it done. The capacity is there whether the intent can be wielded to reach that end. I think it can be, but like anything else, circumstances are what drive you to do things. We’ll see how it evolves. At the moment it’s trending in the right direction. We are going to continue to push in that direction. It’s recognized what is needed to be done from the socio-economic perspective and that area is receiving attention. It depends on how well we coordinate all that attention and how we maintain the will both socially as a country and politically through leadership. DIÁLOGO: We have to continue our process of crime reduction. We also have to ensure we secure our maritime space and we have to ensure we have an appropriate range of capabilities to respond to a wide range of contingencies. Anything from the sort of security concerns that arise from a natural disaster to those concerns that rise out of a pandemic, to the concerns of crime and public safety. Unfortunately you don’t choose what happens to you, you can only choose how prepared you are to deal with it. Major General Antony Anderson:last_img read more

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Giving ‘Maximum Pressure’ a New Meaning

first_imgBy Marcos Ommati / Diálogo April 28, 2020 The Venezuelan regime has proven resilient over the years, but it may be nearing its final hours, says the National Review Institute, in an article posted on its website on April 4. The article referred to U.S. President Donald Trump’s directive to deploy additional ships, aircraft, and security forces in the eastern Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea under the authorities granted to U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM).According to a White House briefing on April 1, SOUTHCOM, in cooperation with 22 partner nations, will significantly increase ongoing surveillance, disruption, and seizures of drug shipments and provide additional support for eradication efforts. The enhanced deployment includes additional Navy destroyers, combat ships, aircraft, and helicopters; Coast Guard cutters; and Air Force surveillance aircraft, doubling U.S. capabilities in the region. “We came upon some intelligence some time ago that the drug cartels, as a result of COVID-19, were going to try to take advantage of the situation and infiltrate our country with additional drugs,” said U.S. Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during the briefing.Expanded sanctions against VenezuelaJust over a year ago, the U.S. enacted a policy of putting “maximum pressure” on the Nicolás Maduro regime. As part of this policy, the Treasury Department expanded sanctions against Venezuela, specifically targeting oil exports and high-ranking regime officials. U.S. policymakers intended to weaken Maduro’s standing within the country and cause defections in the government and military. However, in recent years, the regime has carefully cultivated loyalty within the armed services by handing over key sectors of the economy to military leaders and embedding Cuban security personnel to stamp out dissent, according to the same article by the National Review Institute.“When we started the maximum pressure policy in January, the president analyzed what our military assets were in the Western Hemisphere because obviously, all the options were and are on the table,” a senior administration official told the Miami Herald. “There was no balance; most of our assets were in the Middle East, Asia, etc., so he asked to recalibrate those assets to have necessary presence in the hemisphere and see where this situation was going, regarding Venezuela,” the official added.More resources for counternarcoticsU.S. Navy Admiral Craig S. Faller, SOUTHCOM commander, has been advocating for more resources for counternarcotics operations in Central, South America and the Caribbean. In a congressional hearing in March, he announced that U.S. military presence would increase in the region in terms of ships, aircraft, and security forces to “reassure partners” in combating “illicit narco-terrorism.”Last year alone, SOUTHCOM’s operations resulted in the seizure of over 280 tons of drugs, much of which was designated for shipment to America, said U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper during the White House briefing. “While this was an incredible achievement, there’s much more work to be done. Transnational criminal organizations continue to threaten our security by smuggling cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and other narcotics across our borders. These drug traffickers put our communities at risk and destroy lives. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die from drug overdoses and thousands more suffer the harmful effects of addiction,” the secretary added.“As we know, annually, 70,000 Americans die on average due to drugs. That’s unacceptable. We’re at war with COVID-19, we’re at war with terrorists, and we are at war with the drug cartels as well,” concluded Gen. Milley.last_img read more

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Industrial Prime time

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Hong Kong leader vows education overhaul after protests

first_imgTopics : Protests rekindle Hong Kong was convulsed by seven straight months of often-violent youth-led pro-democracy protests last year, with millions hitting the streets.More than 8,000 people have been arrested — around 17 percent of them secondary school students.The mass arrests and the coronavirus pandemic ushered in a period of enforced calm.But with the finance hub successfully tackling its COVID-19 outbreak — and social distancing measures easing — small protests have bubbled up.On Sunday, riot police chased flash-mob protesters through multiple shopping malls.They later used pepper spray and batons against protesters, bystanders and journalists in the district of Mong Kok.Police said 230 people were arrested throughout the day, aged between 12 and 65.”Police condemn protestors for disregarding the Government’s disease prevention and control measures, and participating in or organizing prohibited group gatherings,” the force said in a statement on Monday.Lam has resisted calls for universal suffrage or an independent inquiry into the police’s handling of the protests.In the New Year, she vowed to heal the divisions coursing through Hong Kong, but her administration has offered little in the way of reconciliation or a political solution.Arrests and prosecutions have continued apace, while Beijing’s offices in the city sparked a constitutional row last month by announcing a greater say in how Hong Kong is run. Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing leader on Monday vowed to overhaul the city’s education system, arguing its liberal studies curriculum helped fuel last year’s violent pro-democracy protests.Chief Executive Carrie Lam described the current secondary school program as a “chicken coop without a roof” and said her government would soon unveil their plans.”In terms of handling the subject of liberal studies in the future, we will definitely make things clear to the public within this year,” she told the pro-government Ta Kung Pao newspaper in an interview published Monday. Hong Kong has some of Asia’s best schools and universities with academic freedoms unseen in mainland China.Liberal studies was introduced in 2009 as a way to foster critical thinking with schools allowed to choose how they teach it.But it has become a bete noire for Chinese state media and pro-Beijing politicians who have called for more patriotic education.In Monday’s interview, Lam said she felt the classes allowed teachers to push their political biases and that greater oversight by the government was now needed. Her comments are likely to inflame those Hong Kongers who fear Beijing is chipping away at the freedoms that make the city a major international draw as political tensions rise once more.With the backing of Beijing, Hong Kong’s government is pushing ahead with a bill that outlaws insulting China’s national anthem and leading pro-establishment figures are lobbying for an anti-sedition law.The government says new legislation is needed to curb snowballing support — especially among younger Hong Kongers — for democracy and greater autonomy from China.Opponents say the laws will cut back on free speech and do little to heal the city’s festering divides.last_img read more

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Arsenal set to miss out on Markus Schubert with goalkeeper choosing Schalke instead

first_imgMarkus Schubert has chosen Schalke over Arsenal (Picture: Getty Images)Arsenal are set to miss out on Markus Schubert, with the goalkeeper opting for a move to Schalke instead of a switch to north London.It was reported last week that a deal to bring Schubert to the Emirates was imminent, but it now appears he prefers to stay in Germany after his contract expires at Dynamo Dresden.The 21-year-old was being lined up as a new number two, behind Bernd Leno, following Petr Cech’s retirement after the Europa League final defeat to Chelsea.However, Schalke also want to bring in Schubert as their back-up keeper, and they have been able to tempt him to Gelsenkirchen, according to the Daily Mail.ADVERTISEMENT Schubert had been close to a switch to Arsenal (Picture: Getty Images)Schubert will be second choice behind Alexander Nubel at Schalke, who has only made 24 league appearances in his career but is being linked with a move to Bayern Munich.AdvertisementAdvertisementWith Bernd Leno firmly positioned as the first choice at Arsenal, Schubert sees a more achievable route to the first team at Schalke, either by ousting Nubel or capitalising on his exit.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityIt is a blow for Arsenal who are operating on a limited budget this summer and were glad of bringing in a target free of charge.Unai Emery is thought to have no more than £50m to spend and with numerous positions needing strengthening, there will plenty of haggling for the Gunners during the transfer window.Emiliano Martinez, now 26-years-old, may be promoted to second choice stopper after numerous loan spells away from the club, including impressing for Reading last season.MORE: Arsenal confirm backroom shake-up as Unai Emery replaces Steve Bould with Freddie LjungbergMORE: Man City and Arsenal target Kostas Manolas described as ‘Chiellini’s heir at Juventus’ by Fabio Capello Comment Arsenal set to miss out on Markus Schubert with goalkeeper choosing Schalke instead Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterMonday 17 Jun 2019 8:11 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link750Shares Advertisementlast_img read more

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Area Girls Tennis Sectional Scores (5-15)

first_imgArea Girls Tennis Sectional ScoresWednesday (5-15)ConnersvilleRushville  3     Union County  2Franklin County  5     Connersville  0GreensburgGreensburg  3     Southwestern  2South DearbornEast Central 5     South Dearborn  0Batesville  5     Milan  0The Batesville High School tennis team posted a 5-0 win over Milan in the first round of the IHSAA sectional at South Dearborn.The Lady Bulldogs were led by senior Sophie Brown with a 6-0 and 6-2 win over Maitri Patel at No. 1 singles. Kate Poltrack and Jenna Ertel were also winners at No. 2 and 3 singles, respectively. Poltrack defeated Margo Taylor 6-0 and 6-3, while Ertel beat Lucy Ortt 6-1 and 6-0.The No. 1 doubles team of Corinne Stone and Betsy Harmeyer were 6-0 and 6-1 winners over Delaney Bushhorn and Cheyenne McMullen. Maggie Walsman and Lily Esser teamed up for a 6-2 and 6-3 win over Cici Bailey and Maddy Schmidt at No. 2.Courtesy of Batesville AD Bryan Helvie.last_img read more

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Pellegrini in relaxed mood

first_img There was widespread dismay at Mancini’s removal just a year after winning the Premier League but Pellegrini’s calmness, composure and confidence has done much to win people over. With nearly £90million spent on new players Fernandinho, Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo and Stevan Jovetic, there is also a freshness about the squad. Captain Vincent Kompany has noticed the difference. The Belgium international told BT Sport: “I think I look at our squad and I am really pleased with the kind of players we have got in. They are not just great players but great characters. “Already they have done some unbelievable stuff in pre-season, not just in the games but in training as well. “The character just fits perfectly. In any team I want to compete on every level, which means you need players who are just positive and always ready to keep going.” Kompany is also enjoying working under Pellegrini, who guided Villarreal and Malaga to the latter stages of the Champions League and has a strong reputation for man-management. When asked for his thoughts on the new manager, the 27-year-old said: “A lot of class, a man with a very soft touch in the sense that he kind of knows what to say at the right time. “His training sessions have been brilliant so far.” Pellegrini is expected to reshape the City side and urge them to play in a more fluid style. The team are thought likely to play in a basic 4-3-3 formation but Pellegrini claims that is far too simplistic a description. He said: “I am very flexible. I don’t have to play every week exactly the same. “We will see for a lot of reasons which is the best one. I am not afraid of playing different ways because the team is prepared to.” Manuel Pellegrini is ready to hit the ground the running as his Manchester City career begins in earnest this week. The 59-year-old has a daunting challenge ahead of him having been told the club not only want to win the biggest prizes, but want to do so in style and with a harmonious dressing room. He also has a host of other responsibilities relating to City’s much-noted “holistic approach” to all footballing matters but none of this fazes him. The former Villarreal, Real Madrid and Malaga boss said: “It is my first time here in England and it is a different league. “(Whether it is) more difficult or less difficult we will see during the year, but for me (it is) exactly the same. “I worked for nine years in Europe and I saw a lot of matches in the Premier League every weekend. “I played in the Champions League against English Premier League teams so I know a lot about this. “And living here now, of course, I see more.” The mood at the club has been transformed since the turbulent final weeks of the last campaign when, with the title already surrendered, City lost the FA Cup final and Mancini was sacked. The Chilean has slipped effortlessly into the managerial hotseat vacated at the Etihad Stadium by Roberto Mancini at the end of last season. Pellegrini already claims to feel at home and is comfortable with his squad as he prepares to launch their Barclays Premier League campaign at home to Newcastle on Monday. Press Associationlast_img read more

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Quarters and semis on today in MoPH/Smalta Girls football

first_imgTHE quarter-finalists and semi-finalists of the 2017 Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Smalta Girls U-11 football tournament will take place today at the Ministry of Education ground.In the first of the games, St Angela’s will go toe-to-toe with Tucville while F.E. Pollard play St Pius Primary from 11:00hrsWest Ruimveldt will also be in action against Redeemer from 11:45hrs while South Ruimveldt and North Georgetown will clash.After lunch, the loser of the Tucville versus St Angela’s game will play the loser of the F.E. Pollard against St Pius fixture. The winners of the two fixtures will play for the first spot in the final.At 13:45hrs the loser of the West Ruimveldt versus Redeemer game will face the loser of the South Ruimveldt and North Georgetown fixture.The winners of those two fixtures will also vie for the second spot in the final.last_img read more

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Poll: Should Jim Boeheim appeal ACC suspension based on Larry Brown’s punishment?

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ The NCAA announced Tuesday that Southern Methodist head coach Larry Brown would be suspended nine games for lack of head coach control. Brown will be allowed to coach in SMU’s American Athletic Conference games, while Jim Boeheim, who was hit with a failure-to-monitor charge, was suspended for the first nine games of Atlantic Coast Conference play.Brown was charged with being untruthful when he first learned of violations at SMU, something Boeheim wasn’t charged with in Syracuse’s case.ESPN reported Boeheim will appeal his suspension based on Brown’s suspension, while Boeheim told that’s not the case. For further comparisons of SMU and SU, read the full breakdown here.Even though Boeheim said he will not appeal based on Brown’s punishment, should he? Let us know what you think in the poll and in the comment section below.Should Jim Boeheim appeal his ACC suspension?Yes, Larry Brown wasn’t suspended for any conference games.No, just take your medicine.VoteView<a href=””>Should Jim Boeheim appeal his ACC suspension?</a>AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Comments Published on September 30, 2015 at 8:03 pmlast_img read more

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Syracuse offers 4-star Class of 2017 shooting guard Lonnie Walker

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Syracuse has offered a scholarship to Class of 2017 prospect Lonnie Walker, according to multiple reports. The 6-foot-5, Reading (Pennsylvania) High School shooting guard is the 10th recruit in the class to receive an offer.The Orange currently does not have any verbal commitments in the 2017 class. Walker is ranked as the 23rd best player in the class, according to ESPN, as the 22nd best according to and as the 24th best according to’s composite rankings.Walker also has offers from defending champion Villanova, Indiana, Oregon and Connecticut. Syracuse has only offered three other guards in the 2017 class, Trevon Duval, Hamidou Diallo and Quade Green.Entering the 2016-17 season, Frank Howard is SU’s only returning guard who received significant playing time this past year. Class of 2016 signee Tyus Battle may also be in the mix for playing time. Comments AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Published on April 15, 2016 at 1:28 pm Contact Paul: | @pschwedslast_img read more

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Syracuse allows season-high 88 points in loss to Duke

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on January 23, 2020 at 11:56 pm Contact Danny: | @DannyEmerman It took Haley Gorecki and Duke almost the entire shot clock to find an opening in Syracuse’s 2-3 zone. Defenders cut off driving lanes and took away 3-point looks. Still, a minute into the fourth quarter, Gorecki drove into the lane past Kiara Lewis and kicked a pass out to Leaonna Odom in the short corner for a mid-range jumper as the shot clock horn buzzed. Even when Syracuse played sound defense on Thursday night — which was rare — it couldn’t stop Duke’s inside-out offense. That 30-second possession gave Duke a 25-point lead and took 12 seconds longer than the amount of time SU held a lead (18) in the Carrier Dome. In total, Duke scored 46 points in the paint and shot 8-for-15 from behind the arc. For the second consecutive home game, Syracuse (9-9, 3-4 Atlantic Coast) showed why it allows the second-most points per game (68.6) in the ACC during a 88-58 loss to Duke (10-9, 4-4), the most points the Orange have surrendered in regulation this season.“We gotta decide what we want to be, what we want to be known as, what we want to do,” Gabrielle Cooper said. “We can’t just come out and expect things to happen … You don’t just come out and get stops. We play in the ACC, the best conference in the country. Teams are not just going to throw the ball away. Teams are not just going to miss shots.” After the loss, Cooper pointed to three equally important defensive missteps that have plagued Syracuse this year: Finishing possessions with defensive rebounds, running back in transition, and “guarding the ball.” Against Duke, Syracuse was out-rebounded 47 to 33, surrendered 19 fast break points, and allowed the Blue Devils to shoot 49.3%, with most of their shots coming in the paint. The defensive performance led SU head coach Quentin Hillsman to question his team’s effort and consistency for the second-straight home game, saying they need to “make some decisions.” In previous games, like against Georgia Tech and Oregon, Syracuse allowed opponents to explode for 30-plus points in a quarter. But on Thursday night, the Duke scoring stream maintained a steady flow: Twenty-one points in the first, 28 in the second, 22 in the third and 17 in the fourth.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textEven one minute into Thursday’s game, Hillsman knew his defense was in trouble. After allowing Duke’s leading scorer, Gorecki, an open look from 3 — which she missed — Hillsman called a timeout to regroup. Gorecki (19 points, five rebounds, nine assists) would be the least of the Orange’s problems, though, as Mikayla Boykin came off the bench and nailed five first-half 3s. Unlike Gorecki, Boykin wasn’t part of SU’s game plan. A “non-closeout,” Cooper said. But Boykin hit her first two from the corner, then walked into lightly contested 3s as Syracuse defenders hesitated to adjust the coverage. Making decisions like that in real-time is something Syracuse needs to improve on, Maeva Djaldi-Tabdi said.“We’re not guarding the ball, we’re not boxing out, they’re getting second-chance points, they were getting way too many fast break points,” Cooper said. “So, they were just picking us apart in those ways. They were just running on us and we weren’t getting back.”One soft spot in SU’s zone appeared to be the short-corner, on the baseline between the block and the corner. Odom (23 points, 10 rebounds) routinely caught entry passes there, took two dribbles into the paint and finished at the rim. Six of Odom’s 10 boards came on the offensive glass, exacerbating the rebounding disparity. “We’re not rebounding well,” Hillsman said. “Even possessions where we’re getting stops, they’re getting the ball back.” SU couldn’t contain Odom in the half-court, and its press didn’t make the defense’s job easier. With the Orange shooting 32.3% from the field, they rarely had the chance to properly set up their full-court press. Even when they did, Duke routinely beat it by flashing a player to the middle or throwing a pass over the top. Even when Duke scored leak-out layups after nearly every made Syracuse basket, the Orange stayed in the press. Hillsman reiterated postgame that the full-court press is part of SU’s identity he believes it needs to win long-term. But on Thursday, a 21-point halftime deficit eventually grew to 30, and the Blue Devils continued to score with ease. “Forty-six points in the paint is ridiculous,” Cooper said. “Absolutely ridiculous. We can’t win that way.” Commentslast_img read more

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Ormond bow out of Senior Cup

first_imgThe Tipperary club lost out 30-22 to holders Cork Constitution in the semi-final, which was played at Temple Hill.Ormond’s tries were scored by Lemeki Vaipulu and Peter O’Connor.They also got a penalty try.last_img

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Transfer News: Dauda joins Chippa United on loan

first_imgNewly-promoted Premier Soccer League side Chippa United have secured the services of Ghana World Cup goalkeeper Fatau Dauda on a six month loan deal.The 29-year old has struggled to establish himself as the number one for the Bucs, despite being a regular with the Black Stars and has been itching for some first team action for a while. .Sources at the clubs are reported to have confirmed that the two parties have agreed on terms, with paperwork being finalised, which would allow the goalkeeper to switch camps, albeit temporarilyDauda wiill be hoping he can be Chippa’s number one between the sticks , although he will face competition Tshepo Motsoeneng who is also another new signing in the goalkeeping departmentlast_img read more

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UEFA punishes teams for racism

first_imgLudogorets Razgrad must play Real Madrid in its Champions League group-stage home debut with a stadium section closed because of fans’ racist behaviour.UEFA says its disciplinary panel imposed sanctions after incidents when Ludogorets eliminated Steaua Bucharest in a playoff last week.Steaua was also punished for fans’ racist behaviour and must play a Europa League match in an empty stadium.Ludogorets hosts Madrid on October 1 in the National Stadium, Sofia. Its own ground does not meet UEFA standards.UEFA fined Ludogorets 16,000 Euros ($A24,000) for fans invading the field and the team receiving at least five yellow cards.UEFA ordered Steaua to play Aalborg on September 18 without fans, for their second racist offense this season. Steaua was fined 64,500 Euros ($A96,745) for the racism and other offenses.UEFA operates an escalating scale of sanctions with further racism incidents provoking full stadium closures, leading to possible disqualification from competitions.”All forms of racist behaviour are considered serious offences against the disciplinary regulations and are punished with the most severe sanctions,” UEFA said.last_img read more

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Things Bryce Harper should buy with his new $330M contract from the Phillies

first_img13 YEARS?!?!I should have played baseball.MORE: Ten questions about Bryce Harper’s mega-deal with PhilliesNow that Harper is one of the richest people in sports, he has plenty of cash to spend without the worry of going broke. He’s officially secured the bag, so now it’s time to go wild and start buying ridiculous things. His life should be like a rap video every day.We did some of the dirty work for Harper already, so he knows what to spend his money on. We listed some of those items below.Bryce Harper should go to spaceDid you know you can spend 10 days on the International Space Station? Probably not, because you’re poor like me. Houston-based company Axiom Space announced last year it will cost $55 million to take the adventure up above the clouds. Harper would be dumb not to go to space at a cost like that.He has $330 million; $55 million is nothing to him. If he wanted to go all out, he could waste his entire contract and spend, like, two months up there. I don’t know what he’d do all alone in the galaxy, though. Maybe he can go find that baseball he hit into the solar system.Axiom plans on sending people to space starting in 2020, so Harper has a full year to start saving his cash.Bryce Harper should fix the Fyre FestivalWe have two documentaries explaining how much of a desire Fyre Festival was. Did you watch the Netflix one? A man had to ███████████ (we had censor this because Sporting News is a family website). There wouldn’t have to be such drastic measures if Bryce were in charge.Founder Billy McFarland was ordered to forfeit $26 million following his six-year prison sentence, and Harper has more than enough to cover that. Cardi B revealed she was paid $70,000 for each of her two performances at Coachella, which seems like a steal of a price. Bryce could easily make her a headliner for Fyre.The promo for Fyre Festival looked amazing, and Harper needs to be the one who makes it a reality.MORE: Bryce Harper and the biggest contracts in sports historyBryce Harper should buy an islandFor starters, the island could be used for Fyre Festival Part II.There are several price ranges for buying ones own island, but since the Phillies are giving Harper so much cash he can get the upper echelon of islands. Take a look at all of the amazing islands available to buy on Private Islands Online. Some cost so much money, they don’t even tell you how much they are.But on the ones that do, the most expensive one I found costs $160 million at 110 acres. This will probably eat up too much of Harper’s overall contract, so let’s lower the price a bit. His best value is the Nengo Nengo atoll, which only costs $55.7 million. This one is 2,223 acres, which is perfect if he wants to host a music festival there. Plenty of space. Bryce Harper has finally made up his mind on his baseball future, and he reportedly settled on a 13-year deal with the Phillies worth $330 million.A few takeaways: Bryce Harper should buy expensive foodsThere’s no single food item that’s going to break the bank for Harper, but we’ll list a few ridiculously priced items below.$2,000 pizza from Industry Kitchen: It has 24K gold leaves for some reasonBillion Dollar Popcorn from Berco’s: Costs $5 a kernel, also has gold in it$777 burger from Caesars’ Burger Brasserie: Made with Kobe beef and Maine lobsterBlack Diamond ice cream from Scoopi: Why do people like eating gold?$5,000 burger from Fluer’s: How does it cost that much?$25,000 taco from Grand Velas Los Cabos: Again, gold is involvedBryce Harper should go HollywoodThe budget for “Avengers: Infinity War” was reportedly between $316-$400 million, so hopefully Bryce saved up from his previous contracts because he might need some extra cash. The good news is the movie made $2.048 billion at the box office, so there’s good potential for return on investment.This is obviously the best way for Harper to invest his money.last_img read more

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Toronto Maple Leafs make high-stakes bet swapping Mike Babcock for Sheldon Keefe

first_imgWhen Brendan Shanahan took the podium on Thursday morning alongside general manager Kyle Dubas, the Toronto Maple Leafs president went out of his way to underline the fact that he and Dubas are completely unified when it comes to how they view a team should be built.“I want to make it really clear that we’re aligned and that this is how I see a team should be built as well,” Shanahan said. Really, what else was he to say at this point?The way in which the Maple Leafs have been assembled — prioritizing speed and skill above all else — is as much Shanahan’s vision as it is Dubas. Shanahan has ultimately placed his bet for the future of Toronto on a coach assuming the job with no NHL experience and a general manager, who assumed the job with no NHL experience over a Stanley Cup-winning future Hall of Fame coach in Mike Babcock (who recently became only the eighth coach to reach the 700 win plateau) and Stanley Cup-winning, Hockey Hall of Fame member, Lou Lamoriello as GM.MORE: Babcock statement | Who is Sheldon Keefe? This is not to say it won’t work, but it’s an aggressive bet.What we are watching now, and have been watching since Dubas took over as general manager from Lamoriello in May of 2018 is one grand science experiment playing out in real-time. The Maple Leafs are built on the theory, albeit an untested one, that they are designed to compete in a style that the game is trending to.Will it work more effectively now that Keefe, a coach who has had a long relationship with Dubas dating back to their days running the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League and the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League, is at the helm in place of Babcock? We don’t know yet, but we will soon start to find out.Kyle Dubas meets with media in Arizona to address the firing of head coach Mike Babcock— Hockey Night in Canada (@hockeynight) November 21, 2019So far, the returns have not been pretty.Shanahan also addressed the constant clamouring for an injection of toughness and grit to the roster.“I think sometimes people want to simplistically put us in one box as ‘speed and skill’ and ‘toughness and grit’ in an entirely different box. We want to also be tough and gritty,” Shanahan said. “Our interpretation of toughness and grittiness might be different than someone who played in the ’70s and ’80s or coached then.”The confusing part is that nobody is asking for a roster built like the Broad Street Bullies of the 1970s. He more clearly defined how he and Dubas view “toughness and grit.”“How we define that to our players is winning battles and being mentally tough, making a mistake and not become weak or small because of it,” Shanahan said. “We’re aligned on how we want to build this team.”MORE: Twitter reacts to Babcock firing | What’s next for Babcock?But that is the very type of “toughness and grit” the team, as currently constructed, has shown an inability or unwillingness to execute. Can Keefe glean this out of the current roster better than Babcock could or is the personnel just not capable, or willing, to play that way? Again, we’ll soon find out.Keefe has 59 games to turn around an underperforming roster and get them into the Stanley Cup playoffs. Missing the postseason would be an unmitigated disaster for a team that entered the season with Cup aspirations. There will be no feeling-out process for the new coach; it’s all heavy pressure for Keefe. Babcock took a lot of heat and a lot of criticism. With him gone, further underperformance will lead to heat on Dubas and Shanahan himself, though the president does not see it that way.Tavares on Keefe’s message, or part of it: “He talked a lot about just playing free and feeling good about ourselves and our game. For tonight, understand a couple of areas we want to make changes in, and at the same time, just go out there and play and compete.” #Leafs— Terry Koshan (@koshtorontosun) November 21, 2019“I don’t see this decision by Kyle and the team as a situation where traditionalists might say, ‘well you’ve spent your bullet.’ That’s not how I view it and I can tell you that’s not how our ownership views it,” Shanahan said. “We’re in this together; we’re making moves and evolving as we see we have to do. You don’t set out with an idea, our plan and not evolve or make shifts throughout that plan.”Talk to us a year from now if this season goes down the tubes and next season has a similarly poor start. It would be shocking if the Maple Leafs ownership group, at that point, is extending the same level of leniency as Shanahan is suggesting they do today.Dubas committed to John Tavares, Auston Matthews, Mitchell Marner and William Nylander, tying up essentially half the salary cap in four forwards. It has left the Maple Leafs with their hands tied in a number of areas: addressing issues on defense, finding an adequate backup goaltender and filling out the bottom of their roster — all areas where proficiency is vital if a team is going to contend for a Stanley Cup.Was Babcock’s firing the right decision? Time will tell. Was he free from blame? No.But should he shoulder all the blame? Far from it.With Keefe in place, the Maple Leafs will now ultimately be judged on the bet Dubas and Shanahan have placed. The clock is now ticking.last_img read more

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Fantasy Baseball OF Sleepers: Breakout, undervalued outfielders to add to 2020 draft cheat sheets

first_imgDOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate 2020 Fantasy Baseball Cheat SheetFantasy Baseball OF SleepersOscar Mercado, Indians. Mercado gave fantasy owners a glimpse of his upside last year, hitting 15 homers and stealing 15 bases in 115 games, and many are expecting him to only get better this year. There are some minor red flags in his hitting profile, as he didn’t take many walks last year and his power is somewhat limited, but he should steal a bunch of bases, which will always be sought after by fantasy owners. Mercado isn’t exactly being “undervalued” in drafts, but if he can continue to develop his power and raise his BB-rate to what he did at Triple-A (29 walks in 259 PAs), he could outperform even the most optimistic expectations. 2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | Reliever | Top 300Kyle Tucker, Astros. Tucker hit 34 HRs and stole 30 bases in 125 games at Triple-A last year and added another four homers and five steals in 22 major league games. He’s proven just about everything he can in the minors, and all he needs is an everyday job to break out in the majors. Heading into the season, he’s slated to share the right field job with Josh Reddick, but Tucker could eventually take over with a hot start. He’ll also be first in line for at-bats if injuries strike someone like Yuli Gurriel, Yordan Alvarez, or Michael Brantley. One way or another, there’s a good chance Tucker sees significant playing time this year, and if he does, he’ll outproduce his average draft position. 2020 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Starter | Each teamAristides Aquino, Reds. Aquino was a sensation last year after getting called up, hitting 19 HRs in just 56 games. Normally, this type of player would be overvalued the following season, but Aquino is seemingly on the outside looking in for an everyday job after Cincinnati signed Nicholas Castellanos and Mike Moustakas in the offseason. Now, with the addition of the DH for NL teams, we have faith Aquino can ascend quickly from the “auxiliary squad” and find near-everyday at-bats once the season begins. Aquino has too much upside to keep on the bench, so he’s well worth drafting and stashing, especially in daily transaction leagues. 2020 Fantasy Baseball Tiers, Draft Strategy:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | RelieverLourdes Gurriel Jr., Blue Jays (also eligible at 2B and expected to play some 1B this year). Gurriel made our sleeper list last year, and he came through when on the field, clubbing 20 HRs in just 84 games. He even stole six bases, showcasing some upside there. The Blue Jays have a lot of OF/1B/DH candidates, so Gurriel can’t afford a slow start, but he’ll hit homers and drive in runs as long as he’s on the field. A solid average and handful of steals makes him a valuable contributor given his mid-round ADP. Ian Happ, Cubs (2B, 3B). Happ spent more of last season at Triple-A (99 games) than in the majors (56 games), but he produced at both levels, totaling 27 HRs and 11 SBs. He’s unlikely to ever hit for a good average, but he can quietly give you solid numbers in all of the other categories. Playing time is the biggest worry, but he’s slated to start the season in center field and can fill in at 2B and 3B (and DH) if needed. One way or another, the 25-year-old switch-hitter should be in the lineup most days, and if he is, he’ll provide a lot of value given his low cost. Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategies: Auction | Keeper/Dynasty | PointsAvisail Garcia, Brewers. Garcia was one of our favorite breakout picks last year, and he made some strides (20 HRs, 10 SBs in 125 games) but didn’t quite produce as we expected. Now in an even better hitters park in Milwaukee, he could break all the way out with regular at-bats. That’s not guaranteed, as he’ll be competing for playing time with Ryan Braun and Justin Smoak, but he has the highest upside of three if he plays every day. The universal DH rule should only help him find at-bats.Trent Grisham, Padres. Grisham popped 32 homers and stole 13 bases across Double-A, Triple-A and the majors last year in Milwaukee’s organization. Now with a clear path to playing time in San Diego, he should open the season with an everyday job. Grisham has always been a high-OBP guy in the minors (.376) thanks to a high walk rate, and his strikeout rate is relatively low. Last season was really the first time he hit for power, so it’s unclear if that will carry over to a worse hitting environment, but Grisham has a lot of upside in San Diego’s solid lineup, especially in OBP leagues. Jo Adell, Angels. Adell doesn’t have a clear path to playing time heading into 2020, but the 20-year-old slugger has already ascended to Triple-A and figures to be in the majors at some point early this season. His career .298/.361/.518 line in the minors is even more impressive than it looks when you factor in his age, and he has a little bit of a speed with 30 career steals. Brian Goodwin isn’t the long-term answer in right field for the Angels, so Adell is worth drafting. More 2020 Fantasy Baseball: Auction Values | Mock Draft SimulatorAustin Hays, Orioles. Hays played across five levels last season, finishing in the majors where he hit .309/.373/.574 with four homers and two steals in 21 games. The 24-year-old outfielder saw his prospect shine dim after an injury-plagued 2018 (ankle) and start of ’19 (thumb), but now healthy, he could return to the form that saw him skyrocket to the majors in ’17. He’s unlikely to post a batting line as good as last season over a full campaign, but given his home park, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him pop a decent amount of homers and steal some bases. The upside is there for more. Teoscar Hernandez, Blue Jays. Hernandez broke out in the second half last season, clubbing 18 HRs over 60 games and finishing with 26 for the season (122 games). There are some playing time concerns heading into this year, but assuming he gets everyday at-bats, the 27-year-old righty will be a cheap source of power who can also swipe a few bases. His average figures to hurt more than help, but he still has plenty of offensive upside. Alex Verdugo, Red Sox. Verdugo dealt with a stress facture in his back all offseason, but he’s reportedly “100 percent.” If Verdugo is healthy, he’s an interesting fantasy prospect given his batting line with the Dodgers last year (.294/.342/.475). He’s a low-strikeout hitter with developing power, and we know there will be a lot of run-scoring and run-producing opportunities in Boston’s offense. Tyler O’Neill, Cardinals. O’Neill is a proven slugger at the minor league level (140 HRs over 566 games), and he’s popped 14 HRs in two 60-game stints in the majors the past two seasons. The 24-year-old righty is in position to have an everyday job as the Cardinals’ left fielder to open the year, and if he does, he has major power and run-producing upside. Anthony Santander, Orioles. Santander seemingly came out of nowhere last year to hit 20 HRs in just 93 games. The 25-year-old switch-hitter will have to contend with similarly skilled players, such as Dwight Smith Jr. and Cedric Mullins, for playing time, but obviously if he’s in the lineup, he can hit homers, and that should continue as long as he’s playing in Baltimore.  Jake Fraley, Mariners. With Mitch Haniger (back) on the shelf for the foreseeable future, Fraley has a chance to play every day in Seattle’s outfield. The 24-year-old lefty is a career .286/.362/.480 hitter in the minors, and he clubbed 19 HRs and stole 22 bases in 99 games across two levels last season. He likely won’t post huge numbers this season, but anyone who can steal some bases and provide some pop is worth a look in fantasy leagues. Dominic Smith, Mets (1B). Smith just needs everyday at-bats to produce. The 24-year-old lefty hit .282/.355/.525 with 11 HRs in 89 games last year, and there’s little doubt his power is for real. However, with Pete Alonso locking down 1B and J.D. Davis, Brandon Nimmo, and Michael Conforto set in the OF, Smith would appear to be a man without a position. And with Yoenis Cespedes looking healthy in summer camp, even DH at-bats could be tough to come by early on. Even with that said, Smith will be very valuable as soon as there’s an injury (or he’s traded). Perhaps most noteworthy about Smith is that he actually hit lefties (.303/.361/.515) better than righties (.278/.354/.528) last year, so he doesn’t necessarily need to be a platoon player. It’s tough to invest a draft pick in someone like Smith, but he’s worth a pickup if he starts getting consistent playing time. Other OF-eligible sleepers we’ve highlighted elsewhere: Scott Kingery (2B), Tommy Edman (3B), Brandon Lowe (2B), Yoshi Tsutsugo (3B), Austin Riley (3B), Jake Bauers (1B), Jay Bruce (1B) Whether you play in a three-OF or five-OF fantasy baseball league, you’re going to need a handy list of outfield sleepers for your draft cheat sheet. Every year there are surprise OF breakouts, which is good because you every year you probably have at least one surprise bust on your team. You can find undervalued outfielders at any point during your draft, but finding the ones with the most upside is a little more difficult, especially when you factor in category needs.We’ve put together a list of OF sleepers that runs the spectrum of known quantities who could outproduce their average draft positions to under-the-radar guys who will likely need an injury to earn an everyday role. Depending on how deep your league is, you will want to familiarize yourself with the players below. Even if they go undrafted, they’re worth watching early in the season or when they’re called up. last_img read more

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Rag-tag Leicester turn tables on English elite

first_img“The most important thing, and what he deserves the most credit for, is he hasn’t come in and tried to change everything,” said Schmeichel during the season.With new signings Huth, Christian Fuchs, Shinji Okazaki and French midfield monster N’Golo Kante carefully added to the blend, Ranieri ditched the back three used by Pearson for a 4-4-2 system.His underdog playing strategy — structured defence allied with rapid counter-attacks — would prove devastatingly effective.Leicester were top following a 4-2 defeat of Sunderland on the season’s first day and returned to the summit in November after Vardy’s record-breaking run of scoring in 11 successive games.There was only one real wobble — a run of one win in five matches immediately after Christmas — and to date they have been beaten just three times.Even when, no longer misdiagnosed as over-achieving minnows, Leicester found opposing teams massing themselves behind the ball, they ground out five 1-0 wins in six games to move to within sight of the title.Leicester’s triumph also owes a debt to the perfect storm that saw defending champions Chelsea collapse, Manchester United toil and Manchester City and Arsenal fail to last the course. MisdiagnosedLeicester escaped relegation last season by winning seven of their last nine games, so there was dismay when manager Nigel Pearson was sacked after his son, a Leicester youth player, was involved in a racist sex tape during a post-season tour of Thailand, home of club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.But Ranieri, the former Chelsea manager, was canny enough to see that there was momentum to be harnessed and had the good sense to retain key members of Pearson’s staff, such as well-regarded head of recruitment Steve Walsh. Coach Ranieri made history with LeicesterLondon, United Kingdom | AFP |Leicester City’s against-the-odds Premier League title success is a story of belief, dogged graft and inspirational leadership prevailing against the money-inflated complacency of England’s leading clubs.Exploiting the frailties of the presumed title favourites, the 5,000-1 outsiders surged to the summit and then held their nerve over four long, giddy months to complete one of the most improbable upsets in sporting history.In the words of the club’s genial Italian manager Claudio Ranieri, it was a triumph of “players who were considered too small or too slow for other big clubs”.“It gives hope to all the young players out there who have been told they are not good enough,” Ranieri said.Kasper Schmeichel left Manchester City aged 22 and spent five seasons rattling around in the second and third tiers before Leicester enabled him to emulate his father, the Manchester United great Peter, by keeping goal in a title-winning side.Right-back Danny Simpson and central midfielder Danny Drinkwater were released by Manchester United, but both have been Leicester mainstays this season, the latter earning a first England cap in March.German centre-back Robert Huth spent four years as a bit-part player at Chelsea. His centre-back partner Wes Morgan, the captain, did not play top-level football until he was 30.Winger Marc Albrighton was released by his formative club Aston Villa in 2014. His season began amid personal tragedy, after his partner’s mother was killed in the terror attack in Sousse, Tunisia last June.Most famous of all, now, are Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy, signed for a combined fee of some £1.4 million ($2 million, 1.8 million euros) and who have become two of the most feared forwards in England.Dazzling Algerian winger Mahrez, told he was “too skinny” by his youth coaches in the Sarcelles district of Paris, recently became the first African to be named England’s Player of the Year.The prolific Vardy, rejected by boyhood club Sheffield Wednesday for being “too small”, is now a Premier League record-breaker and England international whose rags-to-riches tale is reportedly being turned into a Hollywood film.Overseeing it all has been 64-year-old Ranieri, derided as a nearly man by Jose Mourinho and mocked on his return to England last year, but whose lyrical soundbites became the soundtrack to Leicester’s drive to glory.Leicester players have played out of their skinscenter_img But for an unheralded team composed of players with almost zero title-winning know-how, their success in leading from the front represents an astonishing feat of fortitude and sporting courage.The club’s disbelieving supporters will hope that by the time Champions League football arrives at the King Power Stadium for the first time next season, players like Vardy, Mahrez and Kante are still around.But whatever becomes of Ranieri’s ‘Impossibles’ in the months, years and decades ahead, their sporting immortality is assured.CLICK here to read Spurs versus ChelseaShare on: WhatsApp Pages: 1 2last_img read more

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Weah Urged Not to Neglect ‘Senior Citizens’

first_imgMembers of the NASCOL who need the support of the Government of Liberia.NASCOL Pleads with government to provide shelter, healthcare, and foodArthur K. Masalley, 71, founder of the National Senior Citizens Organization of Liberia (NASCOL) has urged the government particularly President George Manneh Weah not to neglect Liberia’s senior citizens (old people).He said in an interview yesterday that his organization has carried out an assessment of the plights of ‘old people’ and has realized that their dire conditions need government’s urgent attention.“While we want to commend President Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor for the mandate given them by the Liberian people, we want to inform them the old people deserve their support,” he said.He said the previous government, through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, provided some assistance until the sector was transferred to the Minister of Gender, Children, & Social Protection.Masalley said while there are three vulnerable groups in the country (children, women, and older citizens), it is regrettable that the older-citizens sector has been replaced with the youth.“This has been done because the youth can cause noise while the older people keep to themselves, unable to make their voices heard,” he said.Mr. Masalley says the government should provide shelter, food and healthcare for old people.The NASCOL founder noted while aging is a natural process for anyone living, the George Weah government should not forget that old people also deserve the government’s support.Masalley regretted that in all communities across the country, some old people are branded as witches and are left to face the harsh realities of life.“When a young woman or man is facing difficulties, they run to a prophet or a medlast_img read more

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Trojans fall after strong start

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) – Brandan Wright and top-seeded North Carolina almost waited too long to make their move. Down by 16 points early in the second half, the Tar Heels suddenly shifted into another gear and startled Southern California 74-64 Friday night in the East Regional semifinals. Despite off games by Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson, the Tar Heels (31-6) saved themselves and set up a regional final Sunday for college basketball fans to savor: North Carolina vs. Georgetown, a rematch of the 1982 championship game that Michael Jordan won in the closing seconds. Fifth-seeded USC (25-12) was putting on a dunking exhibition and led 49-33 with 17:42 left before it all fell apart. Trojans coach Tim Floyd threw his program onto the court after a call in the final minute, and was whistled for a technical foul. By then, Wright and his teammates had already done plenty to frustrate Floyd’s team and were well on their way to their seventh straight victory. Wright scored two straight baskets on offensive rebounds to get the Tar Heels within 57-49, then the freshman was a key part of a 13-0 run that put them ahead for the first time since the opening minute. “It was a fantastic comeback to say the least,” Tar Heels coach Roy Williams said. “I have a great deal of confidence in my team. … I knew we wouldn’t give up.” North Carolina reached the round of eight for the second time under Williams, who won the 2005 title with the Tar Heels. Earlier at the Meadowlands, Georgetown beat Vanderbilt 66-65 on a last-second shot. Wright finished with 21 points and nine rebounds. He somehow offset Hansbrough’s 1-for-6 shooting for five points and Lawson’s four points. Freshman Taj Gibson had 16 points and 12 rebounds for the Trojans. Nick Young, Gabe Pruitt and Gibson took turns throwing down dunks in the first half as the Trojans more than matched North Carolina’s up-tempo style. Floyd said his team plays with “youthful exuberance” and it showed from the get-go. Pointing their index fingers, slapping hands after big plays and popping the “USC” on their jerseys, they looked like schoolyard kids having fun. Floyd got into the act, too, hollering, “Go get it! Go get it!” during loose balls. Williams could barely watch on the other bench, putting his hands on his head and turning away after an airball. The Trojans scored the last eight points of the first half for a 42-33 lead, then scored the first seven after the break, capped by Lodrick Stewart’s 3. At that point, the Tar Heels trailed by 16 points and were in serious trouble. That is, until they started playing the kind of basketball that has consistently made them among the biggest winners in the sport. The Trojans attacked inside early, taking it right at Hansbrough. The rugged 6-foot-9 sophomore ripped out his mouthpiece at one point, upset that the Trojans were getting the better of him. In the second half, though, the Tar Heels had their way inside. They dominated the second-half as Southern California seemed powerless to stop the surge. The Trojans were trying to reach the round of eight for the first time since 2001. Known primarily as a football school, a win over the Tar Heels would’ve clearly boosted their national profile. “Winning and doing well in this tournament will do that, and that includes beating North Carolina,” Southern California athletic director Mike Garrett, a former Heisman Trophy winner, said right before tip-off. “But it’s more than just beating North Carolina.” It was not to be, despite such a strong start. North Carolina led for a grand total of 17 seconds in the first half. That was at 1-0 on a foul shot by Marcus Ginyard, who started when Reyshawn Terry was slowed by strep throat.last_img read more

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AFC Leopards slay Mathare in KPL duel

first_img0Shares0000AFC Leopards fans along Moi Avenue.PHOTO/Raymond Makhaya.MACHAKOS, Kenya, Aug 5 – AFC Leopards climbed third on the Kenyan Premier League table following their 2-1 win over Mathare United on Sunday at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos County.In other results, Sofapaka climbed up to second in the standing after downing Ulinzi Stars 1-0 thanks to a Umaru Kasumba’s goal in the stoppage time. Thika United’s poor form continued as the relegated bound side succumbed to a 3-1 loss at the hands of Sony Sugar, Nzoia Sugar was held to a goalless draw by Wazito FC while Kariobangi Sharks were stunned 2-1 by a 10-man visiting Zoo FC.Ten-man AFC Leopards found their goals from Wyvonne Isuza and Marvin Omondi while defender James Situma scored the consolation for Mathare United in a lively encounter that saw both sides create many chances.AFC Leopards head coach Radolfo ZapataAFC Leopards head coach Rodolfo Zapata heaped praise on his charges, revealing that they had to change their strategy after Isuza was sent off.“My coaching philosophy is attacking and my players just did that today, but I had to change tactics when my player received a red card and my players responded well. I am so proud of my team,” Zapata said after the match.AFC, who were the better side, dominating possession in the better part of the match, were reduced to one man down after Isuza picked a second yellow card on the 62nd minute for retaliation on Mathare’s Ahmad Ahmed.Mathare custodian David Okello was the busiest having to come off his live severally to keep his team on the game.Tusker FC comes off his line to clear danger. Photo/Mathare United FacebookAs early as on the 4th minute, Okello put his body on the line, coming off his line to clear the effort before AFC’s speedy attacker Ezekiel Odera reached on the ball for a fruitless corner.Ingwe’s attacking and quick moves finally paid of on the half hour mark when Isuza stepped up to convert a controversial penalty that saw Okello dive on the right direction to have a touch on the ball but it was too powerful to stop it from entering in.The penalty was awarded after Situma tackled Jaffari Odenyi from behind in what looked from the live broadcast replay as a foul at the edge of the box, but the center referee Yassin Badr pointed at the spot that gifted Isuza his 11th goal of the season.Three minutes later, Mathare squandered a glorious opportunity that could have seen level the scores when Clifford Alwanga failed to get a touch on the ball from a defence splitting pass from Ahmed.Mathare United lost 2-1 to AFC Leopards. Photo/Mathare United FacebookHowever, lapse in concentration from the AFC back-lined cost the team, enabling Situma to make the amends by slamming the ball home on the stroke of half time and see both sides share spoils at the breather.The goals came after Isuza hacked down Alwanga to pick his first yellow card that proved costly to the team. Mathare United captain George ‘Wise’ Owino, coming from injury took the set-piece that found Situma on the right side.Just at they started in the first half, AFC drew the first blood in the last half, forcing Okello to come off his line to rescue Mathare after Isuza’s pass was miscued the Mathare United defence on the 56th minute.But that matted less after Marvin Omondi tapped in an empty net after a fine build up in the midfield where Odenyi exchanged a 1-2 pass with Edward Seda who in turn put Odenyi through, before seeing his effort punched away by Okello but lady luck falled on Omondi was in the perfect position to tap in the second goal.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

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first_imgThere has been widespread shock expressed this morning, following the news, that the famous ‘Football Special’ drinks are set to be moved from the McDaid Bottling factory in Ramelton to Northern Ireland. McDaid’s ‘Football Specials’ are famous all throughout Ireland, but are a Donegal institution, as it’s produced at its historic home in Ramelton.The two most popular flavours produced by McDaid’s are banana and, the most popular, Football Special, is apparently made with a mix of seven ‘secret’ flavours. It is believed that staff were called to a meeting yesterday, at which it was outlined to them that production would be moved to the Maine group in Ballymoney, Co.Antrim in two months time.They will take over the Football Special and Banana flavoured drinks synonymous with Edward McDaid and his firm.The news has been met, with both shock and sadness by locals in Ramelton, that this historic Donegal brand is set to move its production into Northern Ireland.No doubt, the news will be met by sadness throughout all of the county, as this much loved and famous drink leaves Donegal. It is expected that up to six jobs may be affected by the proposed move.The McDaid family are yet to comment on the developments of the past 24 hours.  SHOCK AS ‘FOOTBALL SPECIAL’ MOVES TO NORTHERN IRELAND was last modified: May 15th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:BusinessclosureFootball SpecialHome-page NewsMaine GroupMcDaidNOrthern IrelandRameltonlast_img read more

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Buncrana Pier Tragedy: Jury returns verdict of misadventure in all five deaths

first_imgThe jury at the inquest into the deaths of five people in the Buncrana Pier tragedy has found they died as a result of drowning.The jury of five men and four women took more than half an hour to return findings of death by misadventure.The jury also issued one recommendation at the suggestion of a number from coroner Dr Denis McCauley. The jury recommended that Water Safety Ireland take a prominent role in advising and working with all interested parties to introduce best international practice for safety on slipways and piers.The jury foreman added that they hoped this could be introduced as quickly as possible in light of the Buncrana tragedy.Coroner Dr Denis McCauley paid tribute to all involved in the incident including the RNLI, Gardai, Fire Service and all emergency services.He said that all at the inquest and himself as a father cannot even imagine what Louis James and members of the McGrotty family were going through. “Each death will be felt differently but it is still eternally tragic and I’d like to extend my condolences to all families,” he said.Garda Inspector David Murphy said that the impact of the events of March 20th, 2016 has been felt in Derry but also in Buncrana, Donegal, across the country and even further afield.He paid tribute to the members of the emergency services who volunteered alongside their everyday jobs such as delivering oil or making gates.He paid particular tribute to Davitt Walsh who managed to rescue a child from the sinking jeep.He said “His was such a courageous act. He is an ordinary man who did an extraordinary thing which he should be commended for.” Earlier pathologist Dr Katrina Dillon had given her medical evidence and said all five people had died as a result of drowning.* The finding of ‘misadventure’ meant jurors thought risks were associated on the day or were taken which may have increased the risk of the event happening.Buncrana Pier Tragedy: Jury returns verdict of misadventure in all five deaths was last modified: November 24th, 2017 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:buncranaDr Denis McCauleyfindingsinquestjuryrecommendationstargedylast_img read more

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Growing debate on alternative protein sources

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Whether it is called fake meat or clean meat, products containing alternative sources of protein have been appearing in supermarkets and restaurants around the country, and are competing with traditionally raised animal agriculture products. Attendees at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th Annual Convention engaged with experts on what alternative sources of protein are, who backs them and how to get the message out about the products they produce.Plant-based “meats” (Impossible Foods, Inc. and Beyond Meat) and cell-based meats (Memphis Meats and Mosa Meat) are two types of products that have been receiving national attention over the past few years according to Eric Mittenthal, vice president of public affairs for the North American Meat Institute. Though very different in how they are produced, both groups are targeting the marketing demographic dominated by animal agriculture.“Their audience is not the traditional vegan or vegetarian looking for new products,” Mittenthal said. “They want to compete in the meat case for meat eaters.”Plant-based “meats” use a recipe of plant ingredients to imitate the properties of animal meat, while cell-based meats use cells taken from animals that are then grown in a lab. Though plant-based “meats” are now on store shelves, cell-based meats are still unavailable. Mittenthal said that the first commercially available cell-based meat could be ready as soon as 2019 but is still too expensive to be viable as a replacement for animal agriculture products.The companies that are producing these products are not the only ones promoting them. Hannah Thompson-Weeman, vice president of communications for the Animal Agriculture Alliance, noted that many of the groups pushing for the widespread adoption of these products, such as the Good Food Institute and The Humane Society of The United States, have hostile views on animal agriculture.“These are well-funded groups opposed to animal agriculture,” said Thompson-Weeman. “From their perspective, there is no way we can raise animals for consumption that is ethical and responsible. Their end goal is ending meat consumption.”The panelists agreed that the best way to combat the negative attacks by these groups is to:Avoid disparaging consumer choices;Correct misinformation, but not engage in back-and-forth debates;Focus on interested consumers vs. extremists; andDevote energy to sharing positive information about animal agriculture and meat.“Customers want choice and they need you to respect that they are entitled to choose,” said Leah McGrath, dietitian for BuildUp Dietitians. “Getting caught in the middle of these ideological battles is not helpful; it just creates negativity and suspicion. Take the high road and tell your story about what makes your products great.”last_img read more

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Should I Insulate My Cold Water Pipes?

first_imgErik North, the owner of Free Energy Maine, is an energy auditor and home performance specialist in Westbrook, Maine. He is also the author of the Energy Auditing Blog. Cold water pipes absorb heatIf the basement space is insulated, cold water pipes may absorb heat. The basement air temperature would be in the high 50s while the cold water pipes would be 10-12 degrees colder.If the pipes were left uninsulated, this would be a continual, low-level draw of heat from the building. Normally this might be too small to bother, but the cost of insulating pipes is so minimal it becomes worth discussing. Protect pipes from freezing and limit condensationThere are a few good reasons. If the basement or crawl space has uninsulated walls (and really, you should insulate your basement walls), insulated cold water pipes would be less prone to freezing in cold climates.If the basement is conditioned space, an insulated cold water pipe won’t absorb heat. If it is in a 1000% humidity climate like Georgia, cold pipes can be prone to condensation issues. A fully taped and insulated cold water pipe won’t condense moisture on its surface. Insulating the hot waters pipes in your house is something of a no-brainer. Why let the heat escape willy-nilly? Pipe insulation is inexpensive, and the project is one that any homeowner could finish on a Saturday afternoon.Whether to insulate the cold water pipes is less clear-cut. The project is still pretty inexpensive and easy — but does it have a point? Insulation retains heat, and these are cold water pipes. So why do it? Cold water pipes are a condensing surface for moisture in the airLastly, condensation concerns can be alleviated with pipe insulation. (Or rather, the possibility of condensation would be gone — you’re free to remain concerned.)Basements and crawl spaces are embedded in damp soil, surrounding the permeable concrete with moisture. The spaces under houses often have elevated humidity levels and cold water pipes are a natural condensing surface. Stick any paper or valuables or valuable paper (perhaps your original run of Claremont X-Men issues) under a pipe elbow, and you’re in for a nasty surprise down the road.The key for preventing condensation is to be sure that the pipe is insulated and that the insulation is sealed along the seams. Moisture-laden air must be kept from contacting the pipe surface. The pipe insulation should be a vapor-impermeable foam with all the seams and edges taped tight.Insulating hot water pipes in a cold climate is a no-brainer. But there is a lot to be said for insulating cold water pipes as well. Many houses in Maine and similar heating climates have uninsulated copper and PEX pipes running through the basement ceiling joists. With winter temperatures routinely dipping below 0°F, it’s no surprise that cold water pipes can freeze.Insulation is simply a material with above average resistance to thermal energy movement. The water comes out of the ground below 50°F into a winter environment that could be below 0°F. Wrapping those cold water pipes would keep what heat energy the water possessed in place, protecting against freezing. RELATED ARTICLES Q&A: Pipe insulationKnauf Fiberglass Pipe InsulationGBA Encyclopedia: Efficient Plumbing Supply LayoutsHow to Insulate a Basement WallBuilding an Unvented Crawl Space BLOGS BY ERIC NORTH Why I Hate, Hate, Hate SkylightsBan the CanThe Street-Side Energy AuditSpray Foam in Cold ClimatesProblems with Crawl SpacesHow to Avoid Mold Should cold water pipes be insulated in cold climates?My father grew up in houses where pipe freezing was a common occurrence. Since he slept in the basement bedroom of his childhood home, it’s not a surprise. That was one cold basement.From USGS groundwater temperature data, we know that groundwater temperatures in Maine are generally below 50°F.last_img read more

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What’s the Best Basement Flooring System?

first_imgThe problem isn’t moisture migrating through the concreteQuoting literature from the manufacturer’s website, Dieterle says that Delta FL is designed to stop water vapor from seeping up through the concrete.But it’s not that kind of moisture that Holladay and Dorsett are concerned with. Assuming the Delta membrane will prevent the migration of moisture upward through the slab, that still leaves the problem of condensation (or more properly, Holladay says, “adsorption”).“I’m concerned about the relative humidity of the entrained air in the rug underlayment or bottom of rug, which can easily hit levels high enough to support mold growth if you don’t allow the temperature of the underlayment to track the room temperature,” Dorsett says. “I’m sure Delta FL stops the moisture going from slab to rug, but it doesn’t have any means of stopping the moisture from going from the room air to the cold underlayment.”Mold loves relative humidity levels of 65% and greater and temperatures of 60°F and above, he says, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you put carpet with an R-value of 1 or 2 over Delta FL in much of the northeast U.S.With room air at 72°F and 60% relative humidity, common in summer in the eastern U.S., the dew point would be about 57°F, Dorsett writes. With subsoil temperatures under 55°F, the relative humidity of the air on the underside of the rug could easily be greater than 75%, “and rife with mold growth due to the cooler temperature under the rug.”Headroom is an issue, but with as little as 1/2 inch of poly-faced EPS foam insulation plus plywood would sharply reduce the chance of mold growth. CONSTRUCTION DETAILS RELATED MULTIMEDIA GBA Webinar: Got Mold? Energy Efficiency and Moisture Management No, the two approaches are not the sameYou’re wrong about that, writes Dana Dorsett. The Delta FL systems bears little resemblance to rigid foam insulation and plywood.“Foam and subfloor have a substantial and knowable R-value, whereas Delta FL has no rated R-value,” Dorsett says. “While the material itself isn’t mold-food, almost anything put put on top of it will be — especially the rugs.”The R-value of the Delta FL membrane could be less than R-1, he adds, and while that would be enough to protect bare feet from the cold concrete, it would still create mold conditions on the bottom of the rugs during the summer when the dew points of the room rise.“To use rugs in a basement without sufficient R-value below it to keep the bottom of the rug well above the dew point of the peak summertime outdoor air dew points is to invite a mold disaster,” he says. “The R-value required to get there varies with location, since the outdoor dew points and subsoil temperatures are all local. But any place cold enough to warrant a wood stove in the basement [as Dieterle plans to do] would have subsoil cold enough to need at least R-3 under the rug to be safe anywhere in the ‘A’ zones of the U.S. (climate zones 4A though 7A).“And heating with resistive mats without at least R-5 (R-10+ would be better) would have a disproportionately high operating cost, too,” he adds. Two potential water problems, not just oneThere are two types of potential water problems in a basement, GBA Senior Editor Martin Holladay says. One is the possibility of water leaking in from the outside; the second is that a cool concrete slab can become a condensing surface for moisture, particularly in the summer. The first is apparently not a problem here.“In general,” Holladay adds, “you don’t ever want to install carpeting on a concrete slab unless you are sure that there is a layer of horizontal rigid foam under the slab. (The foam insulation keeps the slab near the interior air temperature, greatly reducing the chance of condensation.) Without the foam insulation layer, you can get moisture build-up and mold under the carpet.”Most older houses don’t have a layer of foam beneath the slab. Assuming that’s the case here, Dieterle could add a layer of foam on top of the concrete, followed by one or two layers of 3/4-inch tongue-and-groove plywood and then the finished flooring.Holladay’s suggestion of foam and plywood seems “almost identical” to the Delta FL system, Dieterle replies, so he’ll just stick with that. And even if the best possible flooring in this situation might be concrete, or tile over concrete, his wife “is not going to budge from wall-wall carpet.” RELATED ARTICLES center_img Building Plans for Energy Efficient Basement Remodeling How to Insulate a Basement WallFixing a Wet BasementGreen Basics: Slab FoundationsGreen Basement Renovation Q&A: Minimalist On Top of Slab Insulation Options Carpet in Basements: The Issues, Solutions, and Alternatives Finishing a Basement FloorThe Stay-Dry, No-Mold Finished Basement With a basement remodel underway, Jeff Dieterle weighs his options for a trouble-free floor. “We want to do the kitchen and bathroom in tile or stone and the rest of the area in wall-to-wall carpet,” he writes in a Q&A post at Green Building Advisor.So far, he’s found two products that would seem to work: Ditra-Heat under the tile or stone sections of flooring, and a product called Delta FL in tandem with tongue-and-groove plywood under carpeted sections.Dieterle has never had a bulk water problem in the basement in the 17 years he’s lived in the house. Even so, he’s not sure that the Delta membrane/plywood combination is a good idea.“Not fond of the T&G plywood in the basement as everything else will be mold-proof,” he writes. “Are there other options beside inorganic individual tiles? Or is the Delta FL system reliable?”That question is the start of this Q&A Spotlight. Our expert’s opinionGBA Technical Director Peter Yost added this:Great points all around; I will just add some food for thought.Bulk water leaks: Most insurance companies will tell you their two single largest claims related to moisture are for ice dams and ruptured clothes washer hoses. If your basement does not leak, that’s great, but make sure that you have control of your clothes washer as a major source of interior water leaks. I recommend that any clothes washer, no matter what floor it is located on, should be controlled by a single-throw combo valve, conveniently located to treat water pressure to your clothes washer like a light switch: on when doing the laundry, otherwise off.Moisture evaporating (unseen) from your basement slab: There are two tests — one qualitative and one quantitative — for determining whether moisture is coming up through any concrete slab.Insulation under the floor: I could not agree more that elevating the basement floor temperature is essential in terms of managing mold, but also dust mites. Be careful when you go looking for EPS. There are many different types, as you can see in this Table of EPS Types and properties. There are other options for rigid insulation but availability and price for materials such as Foamglas and rigid mineral wool are issues.I would lobby hard for rugs rather than carpets in the basement; they are designed for relatively easy cleaning if — or more likely, when — your basement floor gets wet, or even just damp.last_img read more

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That’s a wrap! A look at the Early Intervention team’s impact in 2015

first_imgIn 2015 MFLN Family Development integrated an Early Intervention team to support and enhance the skills of professionals working with young children in military families with disabilities and developmental delays.   The response this new team received has been overwhelmingly positive. Take a look at the impact they had in 2015 and stay tuned for more about upcoming 2016 professional development opportunities from the EI team!last_img

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Another security official held in Tripura journalists’ murder probe

first_imgThe Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday arrested a security official in connection with its probe into the murder of two journalists in separate incidents in 2017. Swarupananda Biswas, Assistant Commandant in the 2nd battalion of paramilitary Tripura State Rifles (TSR), is the second senior officer arrested after former battalion Commandant Tapan Debbarma, for their alleged involvement in the killing of journalist Sudip Datta Bhowmik.Sudip Datta Bhowmik, a reporter with Bengali daily Syandan, was shot dead inside the office of Commandant Tapan Debbarman at R.K. Nagar, near Agartala, when the former went to a paramilitary campus to on a professional assignment. The other journalist Santanu Bhowmik, who was working for a local television channel was lynched to death while covering a road blockade agitation at Mandwai, 25 kms east of Agartala.After it assumed office in March 2018, the BJP-led coalition government in the State handed both the investigations to the CBI. Journalists’ organisations had been continuously holding street protests to press for probe by the central agency.The police and the CBI had made several arrests in connection with the murders but almost all the accused were released on bail. The CBI recently intensified its investigation after Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb spoke to Home Minister Amit Shah.last_img read more

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England’s Collingwood retires from Test cricket

first_imgPaul Collingwood had a feeling England would wrap up another thumping Ashes victory over Australia on Thursday, so he thought it was the right time to tell his teammates he was retiring from Test cricket.His timing was almost perfect. England got within three wickets of an innings defeat of Australia on the penultimate day of the fifth Test in Sydney, and will have to return Friday to wrap it up for a 3-1 series win.It will be England’s first Test series victory in Australia since 1987. With all day to get three tail-enders out, the 34-year-old Collingwood doesn’t mind his Test career extending to another day.”In many ways it’s a sad moment but I honestly think it’s the right time,” he said. “This is what I have been playing cricket for – it’s to be in a position against Australia in Australia like this, and it’s going to be the perfect moment to bow out of Test cricket.”Collingwood has scored 4,259 runs in 68 Test matches at an average of 40 since his debut against Sri Lanka in 2003, but has struggled in the current Ashes series and scored only 83 runs. He said it was time for him to move aside for a younger player in the Test arena, although he’ll remain captain of England’s Twenty20 team and will continue to play one-day internationals.”I am happy with the contributions I’ve made to the England team in the Test format and there are a lot of youngsters coming through,” he said. “This team will progress without me and get better and better, so I am looking forward to tomorrow as my final farewell.”advertisementCollingwood has been involved in four Ashes campaigns, and won three of them – he received a civic honor for playing one Test in the 2005 Ashes series when England won the Ashes for the first time since 1987. His most successful Ashes series as an individual was in Australia four years ago, when he scored a career high 206 at Adelaide but England was swept 5-0.England won back the Ashes in 2009 and ensured it retained the old urn by winning the fourth Test at Melbourne last week.”To be involved with a great England team like it is at the moment with some special players and special characters, it’s a very proud place to be,” he said.Wicketkeeper Matt Prior praised Collingwood’s contribution to the team, saying it was as much his behind-the-scenes influence with the team as his solid batting and fielding that has been integral in lifting the self belief and harmony in the England squad.Collingwood, who guided England to the Twenty20 World Cup title last year, said the way the England squad had developed a culture of winning in recent seasons had been the highlight of his time in international cricket.A lack of runs had hastened his decision to quit the longest form of the game.”Obviously my form hasn’t helped. I am very realistic and at the same time there are some great young players coming through, but if I wanted to progress and if I wanted to stay in the England team I was going to have to work very hard on technical things and whether I’ve got the time and the ability to stay up with this team I am not too sure.”England Cricket Board managing director Hugh Morris said Collingwood had been an outstanding contributor for England.”His performances have been admired and recognized by his teammates and England supporters over many years and his tireless commitment in the Test match arena will be something he will always be remembered for,” Morris said.Collingwood was out for 13 in England’s first innings in Sydney and could yet bat again at the SCG, with the last Ashes Test due to finish Friday.Collingwood has scored 10 centuries and also taken 17 wickets in Test cricket, including the vital wicket of Mike Hussey in this match. He has played 189 limited-overs internationals.last_img read more

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Tiger Woods makes Masters his 15th and most improbable major

first_imgView comments LATEST STORIES Schauffele failed to birdie the par-5 15th and scrambled for pars the rest of the way for a 68. Dustin Johnson made three straight birdies late in the round, but he got going too late and had to settle for a 68 and a return to No. 1 in the world.Woods goes to No. 6, his first time inside the top 10 since the 2014 PGA Championship.Koepka, one of four players from the final two groups who hit into the water on No. 12, rallied with an eagle on the 13th, narrowly missed another eagle on the 15th and was the last player with a chance. His birdie putt on the 18th from just outside 10 feet missed, and he had to settle for a 70.“You want to play against the best to ever play,” Koepka said. “You want to go toe-to-toe with them. I can leave saying I gave it my all. He’s just good, man.”Woods finished at 13-under 275 and became, at 43, the oldest Masters champion since Nicklaus won his sixth green jacket at 46 in 1986. That has stood as Augusta’s defining moment for years.This one is sure to at least rival it.“This is definitely, probably one of the greatest comebacks I think anybody’s ever seen,” Koepka said.Koepka and Molinari had both faced Tigermania in the majors and held their own, Molinari at Carnoustie to win the British Open, Koepka last summer at Bellerive to win the PGA Championship. Molinari went 49 straight holes without a bogey, a streak that ended on the seventh hole. It was the double bogeys that cost him, and the Italian was gracious as ever in defeat.“I think I made a few new fans today with those double bogeys,” he said.Rain fell briefly, but it stayed away long enough for Woods to be presented his green jacket on the practice green, just like old times. He looked like a new man, making new memories.“Now I’m able to play golf again, and do it at an elite level again, which is something I’m just very blessed to be able to have that opportunity again,” Woods said.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Tiger Woods reacts as he wins the Masters golf tournament Sunday, April 14, 2019, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)AUGUSTA, Ga. — Tiger Woods blazing to victory in his Sunday red at the Masters, a scene once so familiar, was never more stunning.It was only two years ago at Augusta National that Woods needed a nerve block just to hobble upstairs to the Champions Dinner, unsure he would ever play another round of golf. He had a fourth back surgery with hopes of simply playing with his two children, not chasing Jack Nicklaus in history.ADVERTISEMENT PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss And now it’s all pieced back together — his life, his back, even golf.A fallen hero, a crippled star, Woods is a Masters champion again.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsHe won his fifth green jacket, his 15th major, but never with this much raw emotion. The most ferocious fist pump was when he walked off the 18th green, scooped up 10-year-old son Charlie, and embraced his mother and his 11-year-old daughter Sam.“For them to see what it’s like to have their dad win a major championship, I hope that’s something they will never forget,” Woods said. Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue Hontiveros presses for security audit of national power grid MOST READ Now the comeback is truly complete. And the race is on.“A big ‘well done’ from me to Tiger,” Nicklaus tweeted. “I am so happy for him and for the game of golf. This is just fantastic!!!”Woods now is three short of the gold standard — 18 majors — set by Nicklaus.“I think 18 is a whole lot closer than people think,” Brooks Koepka said.Joe LaCava, the caddie who stayed with Woods even when he didn’t play for the better part of two years, said they have talked about the record.“We’re on 14 and I said, ‘Let’s get to 15.’ You can’t be on 14 and thinking about 18,” LaCava said. “But now we can start talking about 16. So we’re getting closer.”It was the first time Woods won a major when trailing going into the final round. Francesco Molinari, the 54-hole leader, was still up two shots heading into the heart of Amen Corner.And that’s when all hell broke loose.Molinari’s tee shot on the par-3 12th never had a chance, hitting the bank and tumbling into Rae’s Creek for double bogey. Until then, Molinari had never trailed in a round that began early in threesomes to finish ahead of storms.And then it seemed as though practically everyone had a chance, until Woods delivered the key shots at the big moment, just like the old days. Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew Philippine Arena Interchange inaugurated Painters go 2-0 up Who can ever forget this day?“It’s hard to really feel bad about how I played because I just witnessed history,” said Xander Schauffele, one of three players who finished second. “It was really cool coming down the stretch, all the historic holes, Tiger making the roars. I feel like I got full Masters experience.”The comeback goes beyond the two-shot deficit he erased before a delirious audience that watched memories turn into reality.It had been 14 years since he last won the Masters — no one had ever gone that long between green jackets. He had gone nearly 11 years since his last major, the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines on a shattered left leg.This was bigger.ADVERTISEMENT Woods never missed a shot that mattered over the final seven holes, taking the lead with a 5-iron to the fat of the green on the par-5 15th for a two-putt birdie, delivering the knockout with an 8-iron that rode down the ridge by the cup and settled 2 feet away for birdie on the par-3 16th.He tapped in for bogey and a 2-under 70, and the celebration was on.“WOOOOOOO!!!” Woods screamed as he headed for the scoring room with chants of “Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!” He had never hugged more people, everyone in his camp who stood by him through a public divorce, an embarrassing mug shot from his DUI arrest when he took a bad mix of painkillers and the four back surgeries, the most recent to fuse his lower spine“I had serious doubts after what transpired a couple of years ago,” Woods said. “I could barely walk. I couldn’t sit. Couldn’t lay down. I really couldn’t do much of anything. … To have the opportunity to come back like this, it’s probably one of the biggest wins I’ve ever had for sure because of it.”President Donald Trump, who has played with Woods at his Florida course, had two tweets of congratulations. Fenway Park posted the news on the scoreboard.A comeback for the ages?It rates among the best because Woods has meant so much to so many in a sport he ruled for so long. Whether he can dominate it again is still to be determined. Woods needed some help to win this Masters. Six players had a share of the lead at some point on the back nine, and there was a five-way tie at the top when the final group was still on the 15th fairway.“You couldn’t have had more drama than we all had out there. And now I know why I’m balding,” Woods said. “This stuff is hard.”It didn’t look that way when he was younger, healthier and the most popular sporting figure in the world.Woods lost his impeccable image to a sex scandal, one of the swiftest and most shocking downfalls in sports. He lost his health to back problems. He went two years without even playing a major. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Private companies step in to help SEA Games hostinglast_img read more

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FIFA World Cup 2018: 10 Players that are likely to set the tournament alight

first_imgThe Fifa World Cup trophyAdvertisement(photo credits: Getty Images)Every four years, a group of remarkable young footballers and legends aspire to make a name for themselves and hope to lift one of the most prestigious prize in world football: the FIFA World Cup trophy. Like every World Cup preceding it, this year will be no different as we will see a flock of new faces squaring off against one another in the field. So, without further ado here’s the list of players most likely to light up the tournament:10. Mohamed Salah (Egypt):The Egyptian National Team will be performing for the third time in 28 years and 25 year old Mohamed Salah is the one that they are relying upon the most. The Liverpool FC and national forward had a fantastic season in the Premier League with an astonishing statistics of 32 goals in 36 matches. He also played a pivotal role in lifting his team to the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final. However, in the final against Real Madrid, he injured his left shoulder in the 30th minute after a controversial physical tackle with Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos. The Egyptian FA stated that this would have no effect on his playing at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and that Salah would still be named in the team’s final squad on 4 June.9. Paulo Dybala (Argentina): At only 23 years Paulo Dybala is one of the youngest players in the Argentine squad. Yet, at such a young age the Juventus forward has won the hearts of football fans all over the world. He has scored 22 goals in 33 matches for the 2017-18 Serie A season. His passing, dribbling and shooting technique is reminiscent of his football idol, Lionel Messi. While he still is under no circumstances in contention to be compared with Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, if he continues to perform like this, he will surely fit that category one day. Along with Messi, Dybala might just be the man that may help Argentina lift the World Cup.8. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium): Undoubtedly, Kevin De Bruyne is one of the key players in the Belgian squad. The 26 year old, Manchester City midfielder is one of the best modern day playmaker due to his finesse, wide range of passing and long-range shooting skills. While he was not at his absolute best in the current season, he did manage to score 8 goals in 37 different occasions with 16 assists. He was a part of the national squad that reached the quarter-finals of the 2014 Brazil World Cup and the 2016 UEFA Euro in France. 7. Antoine Griezmann (France):27 year old French striker, Antoine Griezmann is one of the best assets for Les Bleus. The Atletico Madrid forward found the net 19 times in 32 different occasions in the 2017-18 season. Hailed as one of the best goalscorers of his generation by many, Griezmann might be the one that may help France win their second World Cup after 1998.6. Andres Iniesta (Spain):34 year old legend Andres Iniesta will be making his final World Cup appearance this year having already played his last match for FC Barcelona. Regarded by many football fans and pundits as one of the best players of his generation and one of the greatest midfielders of all time, his winning goal in the final against Netherlands helped Spain win the 2010 World Cup. Although, this is his final appearance for the national team he might help Spain bag their second World Cup victory.5. Toni Kroos (Germany): At 27 years old, it is surprising to know that Toni Kroos has won it all at both club level and the international level. Reigning world champions, Germany are one of the biggest favourites heading into the Russia World Cup and a second consecutive World Cup victory would mean matching Brazil’s feat of winning the competition in five different occasions. Playing a pivotal role in Germany’s 2014 World Cup victory its certain that he will once again rise to the occasion.4. Luis Suarez (Uruguay):The 30 year old Uruguayan is probably one of the best strikers in the world right now and he has proved his mettle in the English Premier League with Liverpool and then in La Liga with FC Barcelona. With a record of 25 goals in 33 matches in the current La Liga season, it proves that the Uruguay national team can count on him to be the powerhouse for their team.3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal): At 33 years old, this might be the Real Madrid icon’s last chance to win the biggest prize in international football. In the summer of 2016, CR7 was able to guide his country to the first major title in its history, upon claiming the Euro Cup. The 4-time Ballon d’Or winner, who is regarded by many as the best player in the world, alongside Argentina’s Lionel Messi, is expected to captain Portugal in his 4th World Cup participation as a player.2. Neymar (Brazil): Widely considered by many as one of the best players of his time along with Lionel Messi of Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, the 26 year old Brazilian forward is the biggest asset in Brazil’s arsenal. With 19 goals in 20 matches, the Paris Saint Germain striker will undoubtedly be one of the best performers in the tournament.1. Lionel Messi (Argentina):The 30 year old Argentine forward is considered by most as the best football player of his generation. While he has won all with his club, FC Barcelona, he has never managed to achieve that level of success in the national level. A maestro of the game who puts fear in the hearts of the defenses of the opponent, this might be his last chance to win it for his nation after coming so close in the 2014 World Cup.Also Read: FIFA World Cup 2018: 10 Underrated Players To Watch Out ForAlso Read: FIFA World Cup 2018: Match Schedule in Indian Standard TimeAdvertisementlast_img read more

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ICC World T20: Virat Kohli thought India were down and out during chase vs Australia

first_imgBatting superstar Virat Kohli feared that India were virtually out of the ICC World T20 after the first 10 overs of their chase against Australia and has no idea how he and skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni managed to achieve the seemingly imposing target.”It virtually felt like you are out of the tournament at the end of 10 overs. To pull the game back after that along with MS Dhoni – I don’t know how we did it. Even out there in the middle, I didn’t know how this was happening. I am just grateful that I was able to do it for the team,” Kohli told BCCI.TV after scripting India’s memorable win.He spoke about how emotional he became once Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit the winning boundary.”It was a pretty emotional feeling when I saw Dhoni hitting the winning runs. I don’t really know what to say.”That is the reason you play the sport. That is the feeling that you crave as a sportsperson. It is such a wonderful moment for your team. To see your teammates celebrate and get happy is a wonderful feeling,” added Kohli. (Kohli ushers in a new era, move over Tendulkar and Lara )By his own admission, he has ‘never played an innings’ in a situation where 39 were needed in last three overs.”I have never played an innings like that where we needed 39 off 3 overs and I have been able to pull it off with MS Dhoni batting at the other end,” Kohli said after his masterclass that took India into the semi-finals.advertisementKohli said that he had decided to target James Faulkner in the 18th over.”The thoughts, the pre-planning for the boundary just kept coming to me in my mind. I knew a hundred per cent that I had to target James Faulkner in the 18th over. I thought 3 overs and 39 runs, and one over has to be a big one at least close to 15 runs. We got bigger (19) than that. I think just before the 16th over, I thought if we don’t get too many boundaries, we might be struggling in the end because the pitch was not as flat.””The slower balls were holding up. It was very important to stay in the moment and pick your gaps. It was a quick outfield, so I knew if I could beat the fielder inside the ring, I would probably end up getting four runs.”The best part about having Dhoni at the other end is that he pushed for the twos.”I think what really helped was him (Dhoni) running those twos. The opposition panicked a bit because of that. They were unsettled because they knew we could run the runs as well and get 12 off one over without taking a risk. I think that is when the bowlers started thinking too much,” Kohli said.”Credit to MS Dhoni. He kept me calm and kept telling me – ‘Pick your areas, these many runs are left in these many balls’. He didn’t want me to get carried away or over excited. (Virat Kohli best batsman in the world, says Sunil Gavaskar )”He just kept telling me what are the areas I could pick and that just gave me assurance,” Kohli said.”If I was going to go towards covers, he would give me assurance again and I became confident. I think that is where communication and partnership helps. It was wonderful to pull the team out of that situation.”Kohli said that it is for the cricket lovers to decide where to put this Indian chase in the pecking order.”I don’t know where I would put this chase. It is up to the people to decide that. I enjoy playing every innings for my country. Hopefully, they think this is one of the better chases the Indian team has pulled off. Not just me, it is an effort by everyone. I scored 82; I didn’t score all the runs in the game. Others have contributed as well, so credit goes to them also.”last_img read more

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F1: Sebastian Vettel wins Belgian GP after first-lap mayhem

first_imgFerrari’s Sebastian Vettel sped away from first corner carnage to celebrate a commanding Belgian Grand Prix victory on Sunday and trim Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One lead to 17 points with eight races remaining.Hamilton, last year’s winner in Belgium, started from pole position but finished second for Mercedes while Red Bull’s Max Verstappen gave his army of Dutch fans something to cheer with third place.In the battle of four times world champions, Hamilton now has 231 points to Vettel’s 214.”I had a great start, I’m not sure Lewis saw me as he pushed me to the left in the first lap, but after last year I ended up short, and this year it was the other way around,” said Vettel of his decisive pass on Hamilton.”As soon as I was ahead I relaxed. I had a good restart after the safety car, and after that it was a very smooth race,” he added.Lap 1, Turn 1 – all the angles #BelgianGP #F1 1 (@F1) August 26, 2018The start provided most of the afternoon’s excitement, with Fernando Alonso’s McLaren flying over Charles Leclerc’s Sauber at the La Source hairpin after being rammed by Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg.All three retired as the safety car was deployed for four laps but Leclerc had reason to thank the ‘halo’ head protection system — introduced this season — for allowing him to step away unscathed.Television close-up images after the race showed the structure heavily marked by the impact.”The Halo was a very good thing to have today. I think for him, it helped,” commented Spaniard Alonso, who will be leaving Formula One at the end of the season.advertisementFerrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, a four times winner in Belgium, and Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo also collided at the start and retired after pitting, the Finn having to wait for his 100th career podium.At the front, Vettel swiftly seized the lead from Hamilton down the Kemmel straight on the opening lap and never looked back, taking the chequered flag 11.0 seconds clear of Hamilton.That winning feelingWin number 5 for Vettel in 2018#BelgianGP #F1 1 (@F1) August 26, 2018″He drove past me like I wasn’t even there on the straight,” said Hamilton, who was quick to shake his rival’s hand and offer congratulations.”They have got a few trick things going on in the car,” he added. “I did what I could, we did what we could so we have to keep working.”It was the German’s fifth win of the campaign, matching his British rival, and 52nd of his career — one more than the great four times champion Alain Prost managed.A dominant victory for Sebastian Vettel in Spa!Both @ForceIndiaF1’s in the top 10 #BelgianGP #F1 1 (@F1) August 26, 2018Hamilton’s team mate Valtteri Bottas finished fourth, and set the fastest lap, after starting 17th.Force India began their existence under new ownership with a haul of points that lifted them immediately off the bottom of the standings.The team, who had started with all their constructors’ points taken away following confirmation as a new mid-season entry, had Mexican Sergio Perez fifth and Frenchman Esteban Ocon sixth.Haas duo Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen were seventh and eighth, with France’s Pierre Gasly ninth for Toro Rosso and Sweden’s Marcus Ericsson 10th for Sauber.McLaren’s Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne was last in his home race.last_img read more

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Van Dijk: Kane’s fitness held him back in CL final

first_imgVirgil van Dijk believes Harry Kane’s lack of match fitness hindered him mentally during Liverpool’s 2-0 Champions League final win over Tottenham.Centre-back Van Dijk crowned a brilliant individual season by being named man of the match at the Wanda Metropolitano, where Kane was largely ineffective on his first appearance for almost two months following an ankle injury.The pair could face off once again on Thursday, when the Netherlands take on England in their Nations League Finals semi-final in Guimaraes. Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? “Harry Kane is a fantastic striker, I think one of the best in England. And I think he’s definitely the best striker England have for the national team,” Van Dijk told a pre-match news conference.”But I also know that if you’re not 100 per cent fit, then it’s going to be in your head if you get a little knock or you pass and you get a little bit of pain.”It’s going to be in your head, so obviously I expected him to play the final, but I knew he was not going to be 100 per cent.”I don’t know if he’s playing tomorrow, but if he is, then we’ll see how we’re going to manage.”Speaking later on at his own briefing, England manager Gareth Southgate was not about to give an extensive public take on Kane’s Champions League final showing.”I don’t think it’s for me to comment on club performances in individual games because that then leads me into talking about other coaches and other players and they’re not my team,” he said.”Of course I was at the game and wanted to see how it played out. A lot of the service that went into Harry, he wasn’t favourite when it was arriving in his area.”The winner of the match between England and the Netherlands will face Portugal in the final, after Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick saw his side past Switzerland 3-1 on Wednesday.last_img read more

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Griezmann explains Barcelona U-turn

first_imgAntoine Griezmann has said the time was right to join Barcelona after completing a long-awaited switch from Atletico Madrid.The France forward has signed a five-year deal after Barca agreed to trigger his €120 million (£107m/$134m) release clause.Griezmann was seemingly set to join Barca in the summer of 2018 only to confirm during a television documentary he was staying at Atletico. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare The 28-year-old forward signed a new contract with Atletico soon after, but reports surfaced in the second half of the 2018-19 campaign that he was hoping for another chance to join the Liga champions.And the attacker acknowledged that U-turn in his first public comments since becoming a Barca player on Friday, saying he was taught as a child that opportunities can come around again.”When I was a boy, my dad taught me that trains don’t come around just once,” Griezmann said in a video posted on Twitter by Barcelona.”Now it’s time to take on the challenge of a new destination. Finally, our paths cross.”I’ll defend the Barca colours with all my determination and commitment. It’s our time.”In addition to last year’s documentary and the player’s subsequent reversal, the transfer saga has seen Atletico levy accusations of improper conduct at both Barcelona and Griezmann, claiming they had been in negotiations while Diego Simeone’s side was still battling in the Champions League.And despite Friday’s announcement by the Liga champions, the saga does not appear to be over, as Atletico are insisting Barcelona should have paid €200m to activate his release clause.Atletico contend the France international agreed terms with Barca before his clause dropped on July 1 and thus they are entitled to the €200m figure.Griezmann’s former club released a statement Friday indicating they will take legal action to recoup that fee.”Atletico Madrid believes the termination of the contract occurred before the end of last season due to events, acts and demonstrations carried out by the player and that is why it [the club] has already started procedures it considers appropriate for the defence of its rights and legitimate interests,” said the club’s statement.last_img read more

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World Cup 2019: Khawaja shines as Australia conclude warm-up in style

first_img Mid on Usman Khawaja U. Khawaja st Kusal Perera b Jeffrey Vandersay Mid Wicket (44.5) view full scorecard Australia AUS Mid off 35 0 69.23 0 not out 2/51 (7.5) 241/5 Super Over Mid Wicket Press Trust of India LondonMay 27, 2019UPDATED: May 27, 2019 23:02 IST Usman Khawaja shone for Australia as the defending champions thrashed Sri Lanka by 5 wickets on Sunday (Reuters Photo)HIGHLIGHTSAustralia beat Sri Lanka comfortably in their 2nd warm-up matchKhawaja played a match-winning knock of 89 off 105 ballsAustralia defeated England by 12 runs in their 1st warm-up matchAustralia concluded their World Cup preparation on an emphatic note, beating a struggling Sri Lanka by five wickets in their final warm-up game here on Monday.Usman Khawaja, who opened alongside skipper Aaron Finch in place of a rested David Warner, anchored the chase with 89 off 105 balls. Australia eventually breezed to victory in 44.5 overs.Sri Lanka, who have lost eight of their last nine ODIs, scored 239 for eight after opting to bat with opener Lahiru Thirimanne making 56 off 69 balls.Australia went into the game with 12 players as they did in their first warm-up game against England.The Finch-led squad rested Warner, Nathan Coulter-Nile and Jason Behrendorff to give game time to those who did not take the field against favourites England on Saturday when Australia beat the World Cup hosts by 12 runs.Pace spearhead Mitchell Starc bowled nine overs, picking up a wicket for 39 runs while Pat Cummins bowled eight overs in which he removed Thisara Perera and conceded 23 runs.It was another clinical effort from Australia who have the become the team to beat in the upcoming World Cup alongside England. They staged a remarkable turnaround that began with a 3-2 series win in India in March before they blanked Pakistan 5-0 in the UAE.Australia cruise to win even without Smith and WarnerThey did all of that in the absence of Steve Smith and Warner who are now back to provide a massive boost to a unit that seems to be peaking at the right time.While Smith starred against England with a century, it was the turn of Khawaja to make it count in the middle. He took his time in a solid knock, hitting only three fours. By coming out to bat after hurting his left knee while fielding, the southpaw dispelled concerns over his fitness.advertisementKey middle-order batsman Glenn Maxwell, who did not play against England, scored a run-a-ball 36 ahead of his team’s World Cup opener against Afghanistan in Bristol on June 1.Also Read | Virat Kohli captain on paper but MS Dhoni on ground: Suresh RainaAlso Read | Conflict of Interest allegation against Sachin Tendulkar infructuous: BCCI ethics officerAlso See:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAkshay Ramesh Tags :Follow ICC Cricket World Cup 2019Follow Australia cricket teamFollow Usman KhawajaFollow Australia vs Sri LankaFollow World Cup warm-up 0 0 1 All batsmen are considered right handed 1 18 Referee: Jeff Crowe (NZ) Umpires: Joel Wilson (WI), Nigel Llong (ENG) and S Ravi (IND) 0 Jason Behrendorff J. Behrendorff 3.4 o 26 (50.0) c Lahiru Thirimanne b Milinda Siriwardana 0 Australia beat Sri Lanka by 5 wickets fine Leg All batsmen are considered right handed 4.66 105 5.6 Mid on 0 Thisara Perera T. Perera 54 lbw b Nuwan Pradeep B 0 fine Leg 0 Point commentary 30 84.76 view more view less 0 68.75 56 (69) ICC Cricket World Cup Warm-up Matches, 2019 Time: (GMT) | 15:00 (Local Time) Point Square Leg All batsmen are considered right handed Point 241/5 0 covers Square Leg Pat Cummins P. Cummins not out covers Mid off covers Square Leg 0 5 Mid Wicket 34 third Man 0 Point Mid off 161/3 ( G. Maxwell 30 Overs) , 2 Sri Lanka SL c Milinda Siriwardana b Dhananjaya de Silva All batsmen are considered right handed Scorecard All batsmen are considered right handed Mid off Nuwan Pradeep N. Pradeep All batsmen are considered right handed No data available! fine Leg Australia AUS Shaun Marsh S. Marsh c Milinda Siriwardana b Dhananjaya de Silva fine Leg 106.66 covers Usman Khawaja (AUS) U. Khawaja (AUS) Glenn Maxwell G. Maxwell c Lahiru Thirimanne b Milinda Siriwardana r Series Status: 11 51 wd 203/4 ( M. Stoinis 36.4 Overs) , Match Ended Match Ended (44.5) 239/8 covers Mid on third Man covers 0 Marcus Stoinis M. Stoinis c sub b Jeffrey Vandersay 2/39 (9) Mid on 36 239/8 73.91 Jeffrey Vandersay J. Vandersay 7.5 0 third Mancenter_img Square Leg Mid Wicket 4 5 0 Mid on Top Batsmen Top Batsmen All batsmen are considered right handed vs R 2 0 1 6.51 36 third Man Top Bowlers Top Bowlers Square Leg Mid off 26 covers Point 2 Jeffrey Vandersay (SL) J. Vandersay (SL) 218/5 ( U. Khawaja 40.2 Overs) , 3 Point Toss: SL elected to bat Aaron Finch (c) A. Finch (c) lbw b Nuwan Pradeep 9 S/R 2 (50.0) Fall of Wickets 0 (44.5) Lahiru Thirimanne (SL) L. Thirimanne (SL) fine Leg Nathan Coulter-Nile Nathan Coulter 7 0 Alex Carey (wk) A. Carey (wk) not out Square Leg Mid on World Cup 2019: Khawaja shines as Australia conclude warm-up in styleAustralia thrashed Sri Lanka by 5 wickets, chasing a 240-run target with 31 balls and 5 wickets to spare. Usman Khawaja shone for the defending champions as he hit 89 from 105 balls.  4s 16/1 ( A. Finch 4 Overs) , 28 100 st Kusal Perera b Jeffrey Vandersay Mid Wicket advertisement 1 1 Kane Richardson K. Richardson w ICC Cricket World Cup Warm-up Matches, 2019, Match 7 Suranga Lakmal S. Lakmal e/r 5.4 third Man Jeevan Mendis J. Mendis 0 Mid on 0 Square Leg 241/5 89 6 1 28 1 Mid Wicket Sri Lanka SL 32 0 10 Adam Zampa (AUS) A. Zampa (AUS) 0 Australia graphs 0 third Man ICC Cricket World Cup Warm-up Matches, 2019 fine Leg Mid off Mid Wicket 46 Sri Lanka Extras: 12 runs (B: 0, LB: 2, WD: 9, NB: 1, P: 0) 16 Dhananjaya de Silva de Silva 11 0 17 89 (105) 0 Mid off not out third Man c sub b Jeffrey Vandersay 6s nb 2 96/2 ( S. Marsh 19.3 Overs) , Point Australia batting AUS batting Milinda Siriwardana M. Siriwardana 5 3 Adam Zampa A. Zampa fine Leg m 0 – 6 4.33 Sri Lanka Bowling SL Bowling 81.81last_img read more

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Small Claims Limit Expands

first_imgNova Scotians who use the courts to resolve minor financial orproperty disputes will find it easier and cheaper; the limit insmall claims court is increasing to $15,000, effective Thursday,April 1. The court’s maximum limit is increasing from $10,000. “This will help Nova Scotians resolve relatively minor disputeswithout the time and expense of going to the Supreme Court,” saidacting Justice Minister Ernest Fage. “It’s another positive stepto help people get through our court system in a timely,efficient manner.” The small claims court provides a quick, informal and cost-effective method for deciding claims. It is not necessary for theperson making the claim or the person whom the claim is againstto have lawyers. Proceedings are also less formal than in othercourts. Cases are heard by adjudicators who are lawyers. The small claims court is administered by the Nova ScotiaDepartment of Justice. For more information see the website .last_img read more

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Province Takes Next Steps on Review of Nova Scotia Home for Colored

first_imgThe province has appointed Robert Wright today, May 9, to lay the groundwork for a panel that will address allegations of abuse and seek to bring healing for former residents of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children. Mr. Wright is a registered social worker, educator and passionate advocate for equitable and culturally appropriate services for African Nova Scotians. “Robert has an impressive track record and he brings a wealth of understanding and sensitivity to this very important task,” said Premier Darrell Dexter. “This is another step in doing everything we can to ensure that former residents of the home have their voices heard, and that our programs and services are responsive to the needs of at-risk African Nova Scotian children and their families.” Mr. Wright will meet with former residents of the home and community members to develop terms of reference for a process that will allow former residents to share their stories, examine the response of public policies, programs and services, and provide a means of healing in the community. “We have a lot to learn from the former residents of the home, and they deserve to be heard,” said Mr. Wright. “I look forward to working with them on a restorative process that will thoroughly examine what happened and ensure we are doing all we can to protect children and families in need.” Mr. Wright is a private social-work clinician in Halifax. He has worked closely with health-care workers, educators, and the legal system over a career of more than 20 years. He served as executive director of the provincial Child and Youth Strategy that was established after the Nunn Report of 2006. He has written and presented extensively on cultural competence, and he founded a support group called ManTalk for male victims of sexual abuse. He will deliver terms of reference for a panel within two months.last_img read more

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Chandrayaan2 launch called off due to technical glitch ISRO to announce revised

first_imgSriharikota: Less than an hour before lift off, India’s second mission to Moon, Chandrayaan-2 onboard GSLVMkIII-M1 was Monday called off due to a technical snag, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said. The countdown to the launch scheduled for 2.51 am was stopped 56 minutes and 24 seconds before lift off at 1.55 am following the announcement from the Mission Control Centre. Confusion prevailed for several minutes before ISRO came out with an official confirmation about the launch being cancelled. Also Read – Squadrons which participated in Balakot air strike awarded citations on IAF Day “A technical snag was observed in the launch vehicle system at t-minus 56 minutes. As a measure of abundant precaution Chandrayaan 2 launch has been called off for today,” ISRO Associate Director (Public Relations), B R Guruprasad said. “Revised launch date will be announced later,” he added. Another ISRO official said: “Launch is called off due to technical snag. It is not possible to make the launch within the (launch) window. (A new) launch schedule will be announced later.” Also Read – SC declines Oil Min request to stay sharing of documents on Reliance penalty The space agency had earlier scheduled the launch in the first week of January but shifted it to July 15. The lift-off of the three-component spacecraft weighing 3,850 kg and comprising an orbiter, the lander and the rover was scheduled from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) here. President Ram Nath Kovind was in Sriharikota to witness the launch. The Chandrayaan-2 was supposed to explore the uncharted lunar south pole, 11 years after ISRO’s successful first lunar mission– Chandrayaan-1, which made more than 3,400 orbits around the moon and was operational for 312 days till August 29, 2009. The Rs 978 crore Chandrayaan-2 onboard the heavy-lift rocket Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle GSLV-MkIII-M1, nicknamed Baahubali, would have taken 54 days to accomplish the task of landing on the Moon through meticulously planned orbital phases. After a full dress rehearsal last week, the countdown for the mission commenced at 6.51 am on Sunday and scientists had undergone various stages of propellant filling to power the rocket ahead of the launch. Billed as the most complex and prestigious mission ever undertaken by the ISRO since its inception, Chandrayaan-2 would make India the fourth country to soft land a rover on the lunar surface after Russia, the United States and China.last_img read more

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UN Pope Franciss Visit to Morocco is Extremely Important

Rabat – The United Nations has described Pope Francis’s visit to Morocco as “extremely  important.”The spokesperson of the United Nations Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, said that the Jerusalem appeal signed by King Mohammed VI and Pope Francis “goes along the lines of what the Secretary-General has been saying for a quite long time, that Jerusalem has a sacred character for Jews, for Christians and Muslims and that it needs to be preserved.”On Saturday, March 30, the pope and the King expressed concerns through an appeal to the world to warn against moves that undermine the status of Jerusalem. “We believe it is important to preserve the Holy City of Jerusalem (Al-Quds Al-Sharif) as a shared heritage of humankind and to safeguard it, above all for the believers of the three monotheistic religions, as a symbol of peaceful coexistence and as a meeting place where mutual esteem and dialogue are fostered,” reads the appeal.Dujarric said that the pope’s visit to Morocco is “extremely important and extremely symbolic.”“Anything that can bring greater understanding and tolerance between religions is to be welcomed and the issue of migrants and the protection of migrants and the respect of migrants’ dignity is something that is very close to the Secretary-General’s heart,” said the spokesperson in a press briefing on April 1.The European Union also expressed satisfaction with the Jerusalem appeal.A spokesman of the EU, quoted by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), said that the European institution “recognizes the special importance of the holy places of Jerusalem for the three monotheistic religions.”The unidentified spokesperson added that the EU also “firmly believes that the status quo established in 1976 must be maintained in accordance with the previous agreements.”Pope Francis dedicated his first-ever visit to Morocco to discussing migrants’ rights, interfaith coexistence, and the importance of charity.Meeting hundreds of migrants during his visit, the pope chaired a holy mass at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat, convening Christians from all over the world.An estimated 10,000 people attended the pope’s mass.On his way back to the Vatican, Pope Francis regretted issues facing migrants.The pope also criticized US President Donald Trump’s policy regarding migrants, saying that the world should invest in building bridges, not walls.“Those who build bridges are moving forward. The bridge is for human communication, it is very beautiful and I have seen it here in Morocco,” the pope told the press. read more

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UN envoy urges people of Darfur to participate in new dialogue initiative

25 February 2011The head of the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Ibrahim Gambari, has urged inhabitants of the troubled Sudanese region to engage in dialogue to find a solution to their protracted conflict, saying a process of popular consultations would soon begin. “Now is the time for all Darfuris, for the Government and the opposition, for the armed groups and for the government forces, to come together and enter in a dialogue designed to resolve their differences and herald peace in Darfur,” Mr. Gambari wrote in an op-ed published in today’s edition of the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom. He said that the Darfur Political Process, which he described as “a series of broadly inclusive popular consultations” would give everyone an opportunity to express their views on how the conflict can be brought to an end. “Crucial to the credibility and prospects for success of this Darfur-based initiative is the need to ensure that those represented are able to participate without fear of being harmed, harassed, detained or otherwise restricted as a result of their involvement. “I have sought and obtained assurances from the highest levels of government that steps will be taken for a suitable, enabling environment that protects the basic rights and freedoms of all participants,” Mr. Gambari wrote. He said that some stakeholders had expressed concern that the initiative may be susceptible to interference and manipulation, but gave the assurance that he and former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, and the African Union high-level panel on Darfur that he chairs, had elicited pledges from the government that it will respect the independence of the process and refrain from interfering in it. Mr. Gambari urged the international community to “stay the course in Sudan and replicate recent achievements in the implementation of the north-south peace process by brokering peace in Darfur.” The people of Southern Sudan voted overwhelming in a referendum in January to secede from the rest of the country. The vote was the culmination of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended two decades of civil war between the North and the South that claimed the lives of some two million people and drove an estimated 4.5 million others from their homes. “The immediate post-referendum environment presents an ideal opportunity to marshal our common resolve to broker, successfully and honestly, a durable solution to the conflict. The people of Darfur deserve no less than our collective and full commitment to attain this goal. Their lives, their hopes, their dreams and their futures depend on it,” wrote Mr. Gambari. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, meanwhile, told a Security Council session on peace and security in Africa that peace talks in the Qatari capital, Doha, between the Government of Sudan and the two main rebel groups in Darfur are continuing and that the parties are currently reviewing a draft agreement. “It is essential for the international community to step up its engagement and help the parties reach an inclusive and comprehensive peace,” said Mr. Ban, referring to the talks between the Sudanese Government, the Justice and Equality Movement and the Liberation and Justice Movement. The Secretary-General also voiced concern over hostilities between the Government and an alliance of rebel groups in North Darfur state, which has reportedly displaced large numbers of civilians. read more

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Indian fishermen to protest over Sri Lanka

“We condemn the central government’s indifference. We demand compensation for the boats damaged in Sri Lankan custody,” said Jesuraja. The ministry of external affairs has asked fishermen to find an alternative job and to adopt deep sea fishing. “But we need time to shift to deep sea fishing. We proposed to hand over a good number of our boats under a buyback scheme. The minister said she would consider the possibility of a buyback scheme,” said Jesuraja. Fishermen in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry on Monday decided to call for a bandh to protest against the central government’s indifference to the issues concerning them, the Times of India reported.At a meeting held in Rameswaram, fishermen leaders also decided to get support from political parties. “In the coming days, we are going to meet the leaders of all political parties. We are also planning to call for a one-day bandh in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry to condemn the Centre’s indifference to us,” said Ramanathapuram district secretary of the Tamil Nadu Mechanised Boat Fishermen Association B Jesuraja. The meeting was held in the backdrop of external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj’s advice to the fishermen not to cross the territorial waters of Sri Lanka and the central government’s alleged hesitation to intervene every time Indian fishermen are arrested by the Sri Lankan navy. Out of 81 boats released by Sri Lanka, fishermen could salvage only 61 boats and the rest have to be abandoned since they were damaged beyond repair. Even among the 61 boats, nearly ten boats had suffered extensive damage, fishermen said.Fishermen said the meeting between Sushma Swaraj and their leaders disappointed them. “The minister asked us not to venture into Sri Lankan waters. She asked us to carry out fishing in Indian waters, but there is no fish in our waters,” said D Arockiam, a fisherman in Rameswaram. read more

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Chief of UN aid agency for Palestinians asks striking workers to return

Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), voiced his growing distress over the effect the strike by 4,000 workers, which began 11 October, is having on the humanitarian situation for over 660,000 Palestinians. Mr. Hansen asked all UNRWA area staff in the West Bank to put the interests of the refugee population that they serve above all other considerations. He said in a statement that the Agency’s management has never closed the door on negotiations and is willing to consider legitimate demands once the strike is over. “The general respect and admiration that UNRWA staff have enjoyed in the past is being undermined by an apparent disregard for the needs of the refugee community that they serve,” he said. The UNRWA chief said he is particularly worried about the effect the absence of teachers from schools is having on 60,000 pupils at UNRWA’s 95 schools in the West Bank, many of whom have already lost hundreds of schools days due to other interruptions caused by curfews and closures. He is also disturbed by the denial of emergency health services to refugees and the possibly tragic consequences of delayed vaccinations. Of special concern are those chronically ill refugees who now have no access to UNRWA-supplied medicines and the current lack of ambulance services. In addition, the Agency is worried about the deteriorating sanitary conditions in refugee camps where solid waste is becoming an increasing health hazard. The strike has also brought to a halt the distribution of basic food rations to some 38,000 of the very poorest refugees – those in UNRWA’s Special Hardship programme as well as the thousands of beneficiaries of UNRWA’s emergency food aid – and has delayed shipments of food items and medical supplies. read more

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UN and partners gear up to fight neglected tropical diseases affecting billions

“Preventive chemotherapy does not necessarily stop infection taking place but it can help to reduce transmission,” the Director of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) Department for the Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, Lorenzo Savioli, said. “The benefit of preventive chemotherapy is that it immediately improves health and prevents irreversible disease in adults.”The approach contained in a newly published manual, Preventive Chemotherapy in Human Helminthiasis, focuses on using a set of low-cost or free drugs to simultaneously treat the four most common diseases caused by worms and afflicting over 1 billion people: river blindness (onchocerciasis), elephantiasis (lymphatic filariasis), schistosomiasis, and soil-transmitted helminthiasis. The cost: as low as 40 cents per person per year.“In the same way as we protect people against a number of vaccine-preventable diseases throughout their lives, the regular and coordinated use of a few drugs can protect people against worm-induced disease, improving children’s performance at school and the economic productivity of adults,” Mr. Savioli said.The new approach provides a critical first step in combining treatment for diseases which, although different, require common resources and delivery strategies for control or elimination. The second key component brings together for the first time dozens of agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), pharmaceutical companies and others into a coordinated assault on neglected diseases. The diseases’ impact can be measured in the impaired growth and development of children, complications during pregnancies, underweight babies, significant and sometimes disabling disfigurements, blindness, social stigma, and reduced economic productivity and household incomes.These effects can be dramatically reduced by using highly effective drugs of proven quality and excellent safety record – the majority donated free by companies or costing less than $0.40 per person per year, including the cost of the drugs and their delivery.“We need to urgently work together to improve access to rapid-impact interventions and quality care,” WHO Acting Assistant Director-General for Communicable Diseases David Heymann said. “The need to do so is incontestable from all perspectives: moral, human rights, economic and global public good. The task is feasible and must be done.”Soil-transmitted helminthiasis affects more than 2 billion people worldwide, producing a wide range of symptoms that include diarrhoea, general weakness affecting working and learning capacities, impaired physical growth and anaemia.It is estimated that 1.2 billion people in 83 countries live in areas endemic for lymphatic filariasis and about 120 million people are affected by the disease, with chronic complications including elephantiasis of the limbs, and damage to the genital organs, kidneys and lymphatic system. Schistosomiasis affects about 200 million people worldwide, with more than 650 million living in endemic areas, and can cause bladder and ureteral complications, liver enlargement and bladder cancer in late-stages. Onchocerciasis is endemic in 30 countries in Africa, 6 in the Americas, and in Yemen in the Arabian peninsula, with an estimated 100 million at risk of infection 37 million already infected with the disease which can cause rashes, subcutaneous nodules, intense itching, elephantiasis of the genitalia, and eye lesions that can lead to blindness. The partners range from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United States Centers for Disease Control to leading pharmaceutical companies. read more

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NDP says Huawei concerns in US a wakeup call to Canada on

NDP says Huawei concerns in U.S. a wake-up call to Canada on Nexen by Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 9, 2012 6:37 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – A U.S. congressional panel’s scathing criticism of China technology firms should give the Harper government cause to reject the proposed Chinese takeover of Alberta oil company Nexen, the opposition NDP said Tuesday.Industry Canada could announce as early as this week the result of its review of the $15.1-billion bid by the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Co. for Calgary-based Nexen Inc. (TSX:NXY).The NDP opposes the CNOOC takeover because it says ceding control of the large Canadian resource company to a state-owned Chinese interest raises national security concerns, among others.The party’s foreign affairs and natural resources critics, Paul Dewar and Peter Julian, pointed to Monday’s warning by the U.S. House Intelligence Committee that the States should avoid doing business with Huawei Technologies Ltd. and ZTE Corp.The committee revived long-standing criticism that the companies are linked to Chinese intelligence, which could use their products for cyber-espionage — a charge both the companies and the Chinese government loudly denied Tuesday.Dewar said the U.S. warning in the telecom case helps make the case for the Harper government to nix the Nexen energy deal.“This isn’t about selling wheat,” Dewar said in an interview Tuesday.“Look at the two strategic interests we have in our country: natural resources and telecommunications. The two issues we’re dealing with right now are both of those,” he added.“Any of these business arrangements should be dealt with, with an abundance of caution.”Julian criticized the government for weighing the Nexen takeover behind closed doors, without adequately explaining how it will balance the “net benefit” of the deal with the national security risks of allowing CNOOC a controlling interest in the oilsands.Monday’s U.S. report came after the matter was considered during months of public hearings by the House committee, Julian noted.“I think what this is, is a very strong wake-up call to this government to get its act together,” said Julian.“It certainly will have an impact on public opinion.”Prime Minister Stephen Harper indicated last week that his government is grappling with a range of difficult policy questions on whether to approve the Nexen deal.The government has until this Friday, but could extend the review period another 30 days.Monday’s U.S. report urged companies to avoid doing business with Huawei and ZTE and said regulators should prevent them from buying U.S. companies. It also said government computer systems should not include components from them because they might pose an espionage risk.The report has implications for Canada because Huawei is partnered with Bell Canada and Telus.Huawei could also be in the running to help build the government’s new secure telecommunications system.A spokesman for Shared Services Canada said Tuesday night he could not comment “on any particular equipment supplier.”“In order to protect its national security interest, the Government of Canada has in fact invoked the National Security Exception under Canada’s domestic and international trade agreements in connection with the procurement of consolidated email, telecommunications and data centre infrastructure, systems and services,” spokesman Ted Frances said in an email.Huawei Canada employs 400 people in Ontario, including 280 people at a facility in Markham, near Toronto.Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he wasn’t concerned by the criticism raised in the U.S., adding that it’s up to the federal government to deal with international security questions.“At some point in time if authorities within the federal government believe that they have real concerns, then I expect that they will raise those with us,” McGuinty said Tuesday.“I have a lot of confidence in our police authorities and a lot of confidence in Canadian authorities generally when it comes to providing us with advice on that front.”China’s government rejected the U.S. report as false and an effort to block Chinese companies from the American market.“The Chinese side expresses its serious concerns and strong opposition,” commerce ministry spokesman Shen Danyang said in a statement Tuesday. He called on the United States to “abandon the practice of discrimination against Chinese companies.”Huawei and ZTE, both based in Shenzhen in southern China, near Hong Kong, rejected the accusation and complained that the committee failed to provide evidence to back it up.The report “employs many rumours and speculations to prove non-existent accusations,” a Huawei spokesman, Scott Sykes, said in an email.— with files from The Associated Press read more

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VistaJet orders up to 142 Bombardier jets in deal worth up to

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press Posted Nov 27, 2012 3:18 pm MDT VistaJet orders up to 142 Bombardier jets in deal worth up to US$7.8 billion MONTREAL – Bombardier has made the biggest sale of business aircraft in its history with a deal to provide up to 142 Global aircraft to a private European luxury charter company in a transaction potentially worth up to US$7.8 billion.VistaJet has placed firm orders for 56 of the large-cabin business jets and optioned a further 86 Global jets in a deal that will propel the U.K.-based company’s growth in emerging markets.The firm orders are valued at US$3.1 billion at current list prices, although large orders typically obtain significant discounts. Options would add as much as $4.7 billion to the total value of the deal.Cameron Doerksen of National Bank Financial estimates the firm order will add 15 cents per share to Montreal-based Bombardier’s bottom line and 35 cents per share if all options are exercised.Doerksen said he remains “somewhat cautious” on Bombardier’s shares due to lingering uncertainty around the development of the CSeries jet for commercial airlines, the potential for weaker margin guidance from Bombardier, and the weak free cash flow generation that may persist through 2013.“The VistaJet order is clearly positive for Bombardier and should give investors additional comfort around business jet delivery levels in the coming years,” Doerksen wrote in a report.Benoit Poirier of Desjardins Capital Markets said the VistaJet announcement was a positive for Bombardier as it confirms its strong leadership in terms of market share in the high-end business jet segment.Bombardier’s shares (TSX:BBD.B) took off in Tuesday trading, rising 26 cents, or 8.33, at C$3.38 on the Toronto Stock Exchange.Based in the United Kingdom, VistaJet currently operates a fleet of Bombardier aircraft based in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and West Africa. The company told reporters Tuesday that it considered other aircraft manufacturers over 18 months before deciding to stick exclusively with Bombardier.The company only maintains aircraft that are within the five-year warranty so some of the new planes will be used to replace its existing fleet. VistaJet took 17 deliveries last year and expects to see about one new plane added each month as of January 2014.The new purchase is part of VistaJet’s goal of making business aviation more accessible to emerging markets, said VistaJet chairman Thomas Flohr, who founded the company in 2004.“This order is the most significant milestone for VistaJet and is a testimony to our successful strategy that focuses on global coverage,” Flohr said in a joint statement by the companies.“Our customers need to fly point-to-point across the globe, and in many instances at short notice,” he added, supporting the order for aircraft with longer ranges and cabin size, along with cockpit commonality.VistaJet said the planes are aimed at underserved emerging markets, where demand has grown by 25 cents annually over the past four years driven by the “race for resources” in areas such as Russia, Africa and Mongolia.Robert Stallard of RBC Capital Markets said the order is consistent with improving industry demand for large cabin business jets.“We think this billionaire class of high-net worth individuals and corporate leaders remains resilient to the macroeconomic challenges in the US and Europe whilst the millionaire buyers of small cabin planes remain nervous on the outlook,” he wrote in a report.“As a result, we think demand for large cabin bizjets from Gulfstream, Bombardier and Dassault remains solid, which supports key suppliers like Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, SAFRAN (Messier-Buggatti-Dowty), Rolls-Royce and Meggitt.”The order follows a US$7.3 billion contract signed in June with NetJets for up to 275 Challenger mid-size jets and a US$6.7 billion deal in March 2011 also with NetJets for up to 120 Global series of jets. Bombardier also signed a 15-year service and maintenance contract with NetJets in June worth US$2.3 billion if all options are exercised.NetJets is a unit of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the main company of renowned billionaire investor Warren Buffett.Steve Ridolfi, the president of Bombardier Business Aircraft, said the VistaJet contract was a historic order for Bombardier.“It goes without saying that we are thrilled VistaJet has again chosen to grow their fleet with the industry-leading Global family,” Ridolfi said.VistaJet has placed firm orders for 25 Global 5000s, 25 Global 6000s and six Global 8000 jets. Deliveries will begin in 2014.The Montreal-based manufacturer said the order won’t likely result in job increases in Toronto where the plane is assembled or at the completion centre in Montreal.“It’s a long-term agreement so we’re looking at orders over the next 10 years in terms of delivery so it’s going to fit into our workflow,” spokeswoman Danielle Boudreau said from London, where the deal was announced.Several large components of the Global 5000 and 6000 aircraft are made at Bombardier’s plant in Queretaro, Mexico. The aft fuselage for the new Global 7000 and 8000 planes will also be built there.The Global aircraft are Bombardier’s largest business aircraft and are believed to carry the biggest margins.The Global 7000 is slated to enter into service in 2016 with a larger cabin and a 13,520-kilometre range that can carry 10 passengers non-stop between Beijing and Washington. The Global 8000 due to enter into service a year later will have the world’s longest-range business jet of 14,630 kilometres.Analysts said Bombardier will likely result in it boosting the production rate from the current estimated pace of five aircraft per month. Bombardier said it won’t disclose if the rate of production will increase and said it’s premature to talk about rate increases because of the long-term delivery schedule. read more

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This photo of an assassination is the controversial winner of the World

first_img Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article This photo of an assassination is the controversial winner of the World Press Photo award As bullets started to fly, Burhan Ozbilici captured the image of the gunman standing over his victim. By AFP Feb 13th 2017, 9:54 PM 19 Comments Share38 Tweet Email Please note, the image below contains an image of graphic violence.BRANDISHING A GUN, his face contorted with rage, the shocking image of an off-duty Turkish policeman assassinating the Russian envoy to Turkey has won the prestigious World Press Photo Award.Judges praised the bravery of Burhan Ozbilici, a photographer for the Associated Press, who stood his ground as 22-year-old policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas pumped nine bullets into ambassador Andrei Karlov at the opening of an Ankara exhibition.Altintas shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”) and “Don’t forget Aleppo” as he opened fire, vowing those responsible for events in Syria would be held accountable.“From the moment I heard the shots I knew this was a historic moment, very serious,” Ozbilici told AFP.“I knew I had to do my job. As a journalist, I couldn’t just run away to save my skin.” The winner of the World Press Photo of the year Source: Burhan Ozbilici/AP PhotoThe powerful photo went viral and has been viewed some 18 million times.Judges from the World Press Photo Foundation in Amsterdam acknowledged it had been tough to choose the 2017 winner from over 80,400 images by 5,034 photographers from 125 countries.“It was a very, very difficult decision, but in the end we felt that the picture of the year was an explosive image that really spoke to the hatred of our times,” said jury member Mary Calvert.Agence France-Presse also scooped three awards. Manila-based photographer Noel Celis took third place in the General News category for his photo of inmates trying to sleep in an over-populated prison in the city.Syrian snappers Abd Doumany and Ameer Alhalbi won second prize in the Spot News category for pictures of children caught up in the bombardments of Aleppo and Douma near Damascus. It is the second year in the row that Doumany’s work has been honoured by the World Press Photo foundation.‘Morally problematic’But the winning photo sparked dissensions on the jury, with president Stuart Franklin, a British photographer, saying: “I voted against. Sorry, Burhan.”“It’s a photograph of a murder, the killer and the slain, both seen in the same picture, and morally as problematic to publish as a terrorist beheading,” he wrote in The Guardian.He argued that “placing the photograph on this high pedestal is an invitation to those contemplating such staged spectaculars.”Ozbilici, who covered the failed coup bid in Turkey and been sent on mission to Syria, Libya and Egypt, said he always tried to be ready for difficult tests, “to have the courage to confront a world which has been made rotten by the dishonest and corrupt, in order to try to do some good.”He said he was sorry for the death of the envoy, whom he described as a “natural, kind, sincere man” whose death was a direct consequence of the “Syrian catastrophe.”“This photo marked an important moment in the history of Turkey, especially in its relations with Russia,” said Ozbilici, who has worked for AP since 1989.‘Edge of abyss’Jury members agreed his photo captured an important moment in time.“Right now, I see the world marching towards the edge of an abyss,” said jury member Joao Silva, referring to Altintas as a man who had “clearly reached a breaking point.This image to me talks of everything that is happening across the world. It is the face of hatred.A total of 45 photographers won awards across eight categories, touching on a vast array of subjects – from racial tensions in Louisiana to walls built around the world to thwart migrants.Jury member Tanya Habjouqa said the choice of the 2017 winners was “bold”.“I think the selection is definitely going to push forward a debate and I think it is a debate that is essential to have,” she said.The competition itself was directly affected by the travel measures brought in by US President Donald Trump, when one of the nine jury members, Palestinian Eman Mohammed, cancelled her trip to Amsterdam.Amid the chaos unleashed by the ban, she decided it was too risky to leave her young children in the US where she lives, fearing she might not be allowed back in again.- © AFP 2017Read: The 27 photographs that took our breath away in 2016 27,127 Views Monday 13 Feb 2017, 9:54 PMlast_img read more

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North County teen jailed for alleged online threat of campus violence

first_img OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – A 17-year-old Mission Vista High School student was in custody Friday following his arrest on suspicion of posting a vague but ominous online statement insinuating the North County campus was about to be targeted by violence.The Oceanside Police Department received a report about the alleged Snapchat threat about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, OPD spokesman Tom Bussey said.The message warned students to stay away from the Melrose Drive school Friday and included a photograph of the suspect along with the statement “the cleansing shall commence.”Officers contacted the teen at his Vista home and took him into custody later in the evening, Bussey said.The suspect, whose name was withheld because he is a minor, was booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of issuing a criminal threat.The incident prompted an increased police presence in the area of the campus Friday morning and afternoon, according to Bussey. May 10, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, North County teen jailed for alleged online threat of campus violence Posted: May 10, 2019 KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

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People on the Move

first_img High Times has announced that it’s appointing David Kohl, a digital media veteran who helped launch the digital music video service Vevo, as its new chief executive. Kohl served most recently as a strategic adviser to Microsoft and NBCUniversal and was previously an executive at Nokia, Viacom and Vivendi’s Universal Music Group. Time Out Group has announced the appointment of Julio Bruno as executive chairman of Time Out Group and Noel Penzer’s promotion to CEO of the Group. Their appointments come as Time Out looks to capitalize on its momentum as the company has grown and expanded to 107 cities across 38 countries with an audience of nearly 40 million per month across multiple platforms. Quentin Walz has joined Fast Company as chief revenue officer and chief development officer. He replaces Christine Osekoski. Andy Hart has been appointed senior vice president, chief revenue officer of Hearst Magazines International, a newly created role. From 2002 to 2008, Hart was CEO of the digital division of DMGT (Daily Mail and General Trust plc). Previously, he was CEO of Diageo Plc’s Translucis. Stephen Pope has been named editor-in-chief of Flying. Over the past five years, he’s instilled his writing skills in Flying as senior editor. Here are the rest of this week’s people on the move:center_img Penzer joined Time Out as managing director Europe in April 2015 from AOL where he oversaw all AOL properties in Europe, including Huffington Post and TechCrunch. He was later promoted to the position of president of the Time Out Group. XO Group Inc., a consumer internet and media company devoted to “weddings, pregnancy and everything in between,” has announced that Brent Tworetzky is joining the company as executive vice president, product. Tworetzky’s product and business leadership includes Udacity, Chegg and WebMD, among others. Bruno was global vice president of sales at TripAdvisor leading the global expansion of Business Listings; and previously held senior executive roles at Travelport, Regus and Diageo. Stephanie Miller has been named account executive and social media manager at MP&A Digital & Advertising. She had been communications coordinator at Walt Disney World Resort.last_img read more

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10 found guilty of honour killing in Kerala

first_imgKochi: In a landmark judgment, Kottayam Principal Sessions Court has found 10 accused in a dishonour killing case guilty. The court categorically stated that this is a clear case of dishonour killing. Ihe list of those convicted includes the brother of girl. Four accused, including the girl’s father, have been acquitted citing lack of evidence. The quantum of punishment will be pronounced on Saturday. Kevin Joseph, a 23-year-old Dalit Christian was in a relationship with 21-year-old Neenu Chacko. Both of them decided to get married amidst strong resentment from within her family.last_img read more

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DU student commits suicide

first_imgA student of Dhaka University (DU) allegedly committed suicide jumping off the roof of his house at Cantonment area on Wednesday night.The deceased was Mushifiq, a fourth year student of Music department of the University.”I heard that he jumped off from the rooftop of his house and committed suicide,” university Proctor professor AKM Golam Rabbani told UNB.He is a non-residential student of Bijoy Ekattar hall and his village is in Rangpur district, he added.last_img

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AL starts organisational tour to Khulna division

first_imgAwami League central leaders on Saturday started their organisational tour to Khulna division, reports UNB.During the organisational tour, the central leaders will attend eight meetings (mostly extended special meetings) in Chuadanga, Jashore, Norail, Satkhira, Khulna, Bagerhat and Jhenaidah, said a press release.With the tour, the ruling party has started its organisational visit throughout the country ahead of the AL national council to be held in October 2019.On the first day of the tour, the AL leaders will join an extended special meeting of AL Chuadanga district unit on Saturday.AL district units will arrange seven meetings, while AL Khulna city unit will organise one meeting.The AL central leaders will attend the meetings in Jashore and Narail on Sunday, Satkhira on Monday.They will also join the meetings in Khulna city on 18 May, Khulna district on 19 May, Bagerhat on 20 May and Jhenaidah on 21 May.The members of the AL central organisational team formed for Khulna division include its presidium member Pijush Kanti Bhattacharya, acting general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif MP, joint general secretary Abdur Rahman, organising secretary Abu Sayeed Al Mahmud Swapan, labour affairs secretary Habibur Rahman Siraj, central working committee members Monnujan Sufian, MP, SM Kamal Hossain, lawyer Amirul Islam Milon and Parvin Zaman Kalpana.last_img read more

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Solar cell mystery solved expected to greatly increase efficiency

first_img Explore further But in a new study published in Science Advances, Dong Shi et al. have taken a closer look at spiro-OMeTAD and found that it still has a great deal of untapped potential. For the first time, they have grown single crystals of the pure material, and in doing so, they have made the surprising discovery that spiro-OMeTAD’s single-crystal structure has a hole mobility that is three orders of magnitude greater than that of its thin-film form (which is currently used in solar cells). “This paper reports a major breakthrough for the fields of perovskite and solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells by finally clarifying the potential performance of the material and showing that improving the crystallinity of the hole transport layer is the key strategy for further breakthroughs in device engineering of these solar cells,” Osman Bakr, a professor of engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia and leader of the study, told The findings suggest that, at least in the short term, the time-consuming process of designing and synthesizing radically new organic hole conductors as replacements to spiro-OMeTAD may not be necessary.In general, perovskite solar cells and dye-sensitized solar cells are made of three critical layers. Two of these layers—the electron-transporting layer and the light-absorbing layer—are well-understood structurally. However, the mesoscale packing structure of the hole-transporting layer, which is usually spiro-OMeTAD, has so far eluded researchers, and consequently its charge transport mechanisms have remained a mystery.In the new study, the researchers figured out a way to grow pure single crystals of spiro-OMeTAD by dissolving the spiro-OMeTAD in a carefully chosen solvent. They then placed this vial inside a larger vial containing an antisolvent, in which spiro-OMeTAD does not dissolve as well, and allowed the antisolvent vapor to slowly diffuse into the inner vial. Eventually the solution in the inner vial becomes supersaturated, so that not all of the spiro-OMeTAD can stay dissolved, causing the spiro-OMeTAD to crystallize. The researchers then performed a variety of measurements on the crystals to investigate their charge transport mechanisms and other properties.The results are much more encouraging than expected, in many ways running contrary to the conventional wisdom based on the material’s large-scale structure, which suggested that the material had reached its limits. Although the method used here to grow single crystals cannot be performed at a large scale, the researchers predict that similar methods that use an antisolvent to trigger crystallization could be used to enhance the crystallinity of the thin-layer spiro-OMeTAD, improving its hole mobility in order to make more efficient solar cells.”These astonishing findings open a new direction for the development of perovskite solar cells and dye-sensitized solar cells by showing the still untapped potential of spiro-OMeTAD,” Bakr said. “They unravel a key mystery that has confounded the photovoltaic community for the last 17 years.” (Left) The set-up used to grow single crystals of spiro-OMeTAD, based on antisolvent vapor-assisted crystallization. (Right) Single crystal structure of spiro-OMeTAD. Credit: Shi, et al. ©2016 AAAS Pinholes be gone More information: Dong Shi, et al. “Spiro-OMeTAD single crystals: Remarkably enhanced charge-carrier transport via mesoscale ordering.” Science Advances. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1501491AbstractWe report the crystal structure and hole-transport mechanism in spiro-OMeTAD [2,2′,7,7′-tetrakis(N,N-di-p-methoxyphenyl-amine)9,9′-spirobifluorene], the dominant hole-transporting material in perovskite and solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells. Despite spiro-OMeTAD’s paramount role in such devices, its crystal structure was unknown because of highly disordered solution-processed films; the hole-transport pathways remained ill-defined and the charge carrier mobilities were low, posing a major bottleneck for advancing cell efficiencies. We devised an antisolvent crystallization strategy to grow single crystals of spiro-OMeTAD, which allowed us to experimentally elucidate its molecular packing and transport properties. Electronic structure calculations enabled us to map spiro-OMeTAD’s intermolecular charge-hopping pathways. Promisingly, single-crystal mobilities were found to exceed their thin-film counterparts by three orders of magnitude. Our findings underscore mesoscale ordering as a key strategy to achieving breakthroughs in hole-transport material engineering of solar cells. © 2016 Phys.orgcenter_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Journal information: Science Advances Citation: Solar cell mystery solved, expected to greatly increase efficiency (2016, April 24) retrieved 18 August 2019 from (—For the past 17 years, spiro-OMeTAD, has been keeping a secret. Despite intense research efforts, its performance as the most commonly used hole-transporting material in perovskite and dye-sensitized solar cells has remained stagnant, creating a major bottleneck for improving solar cell efficiency. Thinking that the material has given all it has to offer, many researchers have begun investigating alternative materials to replace spiro-OMeTAD in future solar cells.last_img read more

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Plenty to read in this weeks Ladysmith Gazette newspaper get your copy

first_imgClick to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! It’s Thursday, people, and the Ladysmith Gazette newspaper has hit the streets already.We have plenty for you to read in this week’s edition.Read our front-page story about horror crashes on the N3 on Workers’ Day that claimed seven lives.We also have plenty of hard news stories on page 2 and 3, not forgetting our community stories, school news and sports articles.If you are looking for a job or want to buy / sell items, then check out the vacancies and classifieds pages!You won’t be wasting your money if you buy this week’s newspaper. The cost of the newspaper is ONLY R5.30.Many of our stories are “PRINT ONLY”, so you have to purchase a copy of the Ladysmith Gazette to read these stories, as they will not appear online.So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy NOW! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

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Germany France urge closer European unity

first_img Top Stories He denounced vandals who desecrated at least 40 graves of Germans killed in World War I in a military cemetery in Saint-Etienne-a-Arnes in northern France on the eve of Sunday’s meeting.“No dark forces, much less foolish acts, can alter the deep movement of Franco-German friendship,” he said.The reason for the attack, not far from Reims in a region that saw battles in both world wars, was unclear. French authorities were investigating. France sees occasional cemetery vandalism, usually targeting Jewish or Muslim graves.Hollande hailed de Gaulle and Adenauer for “the audacity to imagine a common future after so much pain” and their “greatness” for laying the groundwork for Franco-German friendship that became a basis for the European Union.“Europe can emerge stronger from this crisis,” Merkel said.Hollande, known for his sense of humor, broke the somber mood by joking about the unusually blustery July weather. “It’s weather like this that seals friendships,” he said with a smile.___Angela Charlton in Paris contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Comments   Share   5 treatments for adult scoliosis More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Associated PressREIMS, France (AP) – The desecration of dozens of graves of Germans killed in World War I and buried in a French cemetery clouded a historic meeting Sunday by the leaders of the two nations, who urged Europeans to set aside economic worries and deepen their union.In the medieval cathedral in Reims, France, a city battered by the two world wars, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel marked the 50th anniversary of a meeting between France’s Charles de Gaulle and Germany’s Konrad Adenauer that paved the way for decades of cross-border partnership.center_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of ErrorOKFree Rate QuoteCall now 623-889-0130 ErrorOK Sponsored Stories Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona The Reims cathedral where the two leaders attended a special mass was where kings of France were long crowned, and was bombed by German planes in World War I. It was in Reims that Germans signed their surrender to the Allies on May 7, 1945, heralding the end of World War II in Europe.On July 8, 1962, De Gaulle and Adenauer shook hands in a symbolic gesture meant to bury generations of enmity between France and Germany. On Sunday, Merkel and Hollande exchanged kisses on the cheek.Today’s leaders, whose countries are the biggest economies in the eurozone, acknowledged the challenges facing the shared currency as debts in smaller countries have affected the whole region and worry markets worldwide. The conservative Merkel and Socialist Hollande disagree on some key issues raised in seeking solutions to the crisis, including sharing debts across the eurozone.“The economic union … appears not to be strong enough,” Merkel said, urging Europeans to “complete the economic and monetary union on a political level.”Hollande insisted that the French could keep some of their cherished national sovereignty but said the current crisis should push Europeans to speed up integration and force a “new start” for European unity.last_img read more

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GOP trade chief will yield to Dems on jobs program funding

first_img 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober How do cataracts affect your vision? Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   How men can have a healthy 2019center_img WASHINGTON (AP) — The House’s top Republican on trade says he’s willing to concede to Democrats on a key jobs program.Republican congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin says the jobs program can be funded without cutting Medicare’s budget. cbcThe concession could make it easier for House Democrats to back the president’s trade agenda.At issue is Trade Adjustment Assistance, a program in the trade package that helps workers displaced by trade agreements. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Top Stories Democrats reacted angrily to a Senate-passed bill that would partly pay for the program by cutting Medicare.Ryan says there are plenty of other ways to pay for the program and says he thinks the House can resolve it without sending the bill back to the Senate.Ryan chairs the Ways and Means Committee.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Home Prices and the Middle Class

first_img For the majority of homes, buying is cheaper than renting. But as home prices rise faster than incomes and mortgage rates slowly head upwards, the question of national affordability becomes ever more germane.Compared to the longer-term past, homeownership still looks relatively affordable as home prices remain undervalued and mortgage rates remain near historic lows. However, affordability for the middle class in some areas of the nation is becoming problematic.In a blog post, Trulia chief economist Jed Kolko notes that certain discrepancies do arise, specifically along the coasts, for middle-class homeownership.Kolko explains his methodology of defining what counts as “middle class” and what counts as affordable before breaking down nationwide trends: Affordability is based on whether a home’s monthly payment, which includes mortgage, insurance, and property taxes, was less than 31 percent of the surrounding metro’s median household income. The designation “middle class” is fluid, dependent upon each metro’s local median household income.Kolko found that the middle class is getting priced out of California but finds more success in the Midwest. In fact, in 80 of the 100 largest U.S. metros, most of the homes for sale are within reach of the middle class.In the most affordable housing markets, more than 80 percent of homes are within reach. Akron, Ohio, tops the list at 86 percent of homes affordable for the middle class. “The 10 most affordable markets include eight in (or near) the Midwest, plus the southern markets of Columbia, South Carolina, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Five of the top 10 are in Ohio,” Kolko writes.Indeed, the top three metros for affordability include Akron, Toledo, and Dayton, Ohio, each sporting percentages above 80 percent of homes as affordable for the middle class in May 2014.Seven of the 10 least affordable markets reside in California. Not surprisingly, the rest of the top ten is rounded out by New York City; Fairfield County, Connecticut; and Honolulu, Hawaii. San Francisco remains on top as the least affordable city in the nation, with only 14 percent of homes for sale in San Francisco affordable to the middle class, despite higher median incomes.Education also plays a factor, affecting income, which in turn directly reflects one’s ability to afford a home.”Household income is strongly correlated with education. Median household income is $33,500 for households headed by someone with a high school degree or less, $49,300 with some college or an associate’s degree, $77,500 with a bachelor’s degree, and $100,000 with a graduate degree,” Kolko commented.He notes that the higher the education of a metro’s population, the more homes will be available for purchase with a median income: “Take the Washington, D.C., metro area as an example: for a high-school-or-less household, just 23% of homes for sale are affordable, compared with 75% for a bachelor’s-degree household and 83% for a graduate-degree household.”Furthermore, the supply of available homes matters, with lower affordability markets experiencing a low supply from a lack of new construction, driving prices upward and out of the range of middle class families.For America’s most expensive markets to come down in price, there would have to be a subsequent drop in demand or an increase in construction. Cities like San Francisco, south Florida, and parts of the Northeast are geographically limited by their availability to construct new homes, and thus, are inherently limited in their ability to construct new homes, according to Kolko.Unfortunately, his conclusions aren’t exactly great news for the middle-class family looking to purchase a home in more expensive markets. “In all, today’s unaffordable markets are likely to stay unaffordable. A collapse in demand is nothing to wish for; geographic constraints are nearly impossible to change; and strong political forces make building regulations difficult to relax,” he writes. Home Prices and the Middle Class Home Prices Housing Affordability Housing Starts Housing Supply Trulia 2014-05-16 Colin Robins Sharecenter_img in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News May 16, 2014 443 Views last_img read more

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Rust Belt Mortgages Are Swimming Underwater

first_img Mortgage Payments Rust Belt Zillow’s Negative Equity Report 2016-06-08 Staff Writer in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, Market Studies, News It seems homeowners in the Rust Belt region, which stretches from New York through Indiana, have the most to worry about when it comes to their mortgage payments–at least according to Zillow’s Negative Equity Report released this morning.The report, which examines the number of underwater mortgages across the country, found that homeowners in the Rust Belt are much more likely to have underwater mortgages and negative equity than any other area of the country.In total, four of the most underwater markets are located in the Rust Belt region. These include Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Cleveland. Other highly underwater U.S. metros include Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, St. Louis, Baltimore, Orlando, and Las Vegas.Homeowners on the West Coast? They are much less likely to be behind on their mortgages than other U.S. homeowners. In fact, the Bay Area boasts the lowest rates of negative equity among all large American markets. The San Jose and San Francisco metro areas actually have negative equity rates under 5 percent.”When the housing bubble burst, the West Coast had more than its fair share of underwater homeowners,” according to Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell. “But the strong local economy and job markets have significantly helped these housing markets recover, and several are now more expensive than they were during the housing bubble. Other parts of the country didn’t get those same benefits.”Currently, Chicago has the highest rate of negative equity in the country, replacing Las Vegas, the previously crowned winner. At one point, Chicago has a 41.1-percent rate of negative equity. Though the city’s numbers have improved significantly since then, that improvement is happening at a much slower rate than other areas of the country.“Until market fundamentals improve, homeowners and buyers in these areas will be facing disproportionately higher levels of negative equity as they navigate the housing market,” Gudell said.In total, Zillow’s report found that 12.7 percent of all U.S. homeowners currently have a mortgage in negative equity. That’s down from 31.4 percent in 2012 and 13.1 percent in 2015. June 8, 2016 572 Views center_img Rust Belt Mortgages Are Swimming Underwater Sharelast_img read more

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TORONTO — Catherine OHaras beloved Schitts Cre

first_img TORONTO — Catherine O’Hara’s beloved “Schitt’s Creek” character, former soap-star Moira, has inspired many a meme on social media with her outlandish outfits, prima donna behaviour and hilariously dramatic elocution.O’Hara explained the development of the diva in an interview with The Canadian Press. Catherine O’Hara explains the development of a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ diva, Moira Actor Catherine O’Hara of the television show Schitt’s Creek is shown in a handout photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-CBC-Steve Wilkie MANDATORY CREDIT ON MOIRA’S OUTLOOK ON LIVING IN SCHITT’S CREEK:“Moira is not letting go (of her past life),” she said. “Moira gets involved with (town) things like Jazzagals but not with any kind of agenda. It’s just like, ‘What, you think you can sing? No, no, no.’ Or ‘What? You’re going to direct the play? No, that would be me.’ Or ‘You’re going to run things in town? No, not if I have anything to say about it.’“It’s not with any plan to stay involved, it’s just more out of a desperate sense of competition.” DOES O’HARA SOMETIMES SLIP INTO THE CHARACTER OF MOIRA?“Oh, way too much, but especially if I’m defending her — and I have to defend her quite a bit,” she said with a laugh. ON MOIRA’S OVER-ENUNCIATION AND USE OF ARCHAIC WORDS:“I’ve met people in my life who speak in a way and with an accent that has nothing to do with what you know of their history but you don’t dare question it. It’s like, ‘OK, all right, I guess you’re French now, OK,’” said the Toronto-born Emmy winner and “SCTV” alum, whose films include “Beetlejuice,” “Waiting for Guffman,” “Best in Show” and two “Home Alone” films.“Like any insecure actor … Moira had to believe that she was capable of so much more than just being a soap-opera character, that she has so much more potential. So that sadly comes out in most of her conversations.” by Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 7, 2019 9:26 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email ON MOIRA’S WILD OUTFITS:“Oh my lord, I’ve had the best,” O’Hara said. “They always look wilder when I’m walking the streets of ‘Schitt’s Creek.’ That is the silliest, when we go on location.“But Daniel (Levy) has always said, because we dress this way, you don’t have to verbally remind the audience of our past life. It’s just a great visual reminder of who we were and who, Moira for one, still thinks she still is.”Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Facebookt was pa

Facebook. “It was part of the ceaseless but abortive evil machinations of a failed politician who thinks that Wamakko should never breathe and live.

She also claimed that the the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was ushered in without full preparation and alleged that the BJP and RSS were "misleading" people on various issues. men (50 percent to 43 percent) and whites (50 percent to 44 percent). who had earlier this year also been linked with fellow Chinese Super League outfit Tianjin Quanjian. 2014. which is why many investigators are calling it non-celiac wheat sensitivity for now.Even a lab accident. “Today, “We are not happy that the 2013 budget is being delayed either because of benchmark or other conditions”. Maryland Thursday. a Long History of Fierce Loyalty Praise for Bridgegate [Washington Post] Trumps Data Team Saw a Different Americaand They Were Right The president-elects analysts picked up disturbances others werent seeing [Bloomberg] Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories.

while the forces of the old regime were sent back to their hometowns,The Amazon Echo is a speaker and personal assistant meant to be used in the home Will Grigg’s late winning goal saw League One Wigan defeat Pep Guardiola’s Premier League leaders in an ill-tempered game that boiled over on the final whistle. the NTSB report did not include any safety recommendations. saying they fear for their lives and their children’s lives,048 Abubakar Aminu Ringim 462, counts the number of times the word "I" occurs in annual letters to shareholders from corporate CEOs, Goehl cited the rise of a progressive organization, Citing a report by the ‘Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy’,上海千花网Adell, In morning tweets Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus at the 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 23,上海龙凤论坛Buick, we celebrate the rich life she led and its magnitude in meaning.

"If you keep using the words maybe or perhaps without making a thorough study, New York.C. superintendent of the Breckenridge (Minn. they will seek approval of the President of the council. If the man had had his way, with a speech that referenced Abraham Lincoln. “So we need to be encouraged and be empowered; so I can assure you that given the right resources we will certainly deliver,’ They’re better off painting that picture with a divided Congress. NAIRA.

the government directing itremain stuck in the past, the North Dakota Women’s Network and Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota. Thursday and surrounded Representative John Lewis, So you go through a whole variety of other thingsfrom what we did in Iran during the revolution, Miller/Philadelphia Contact us at editors@time.926) than the total number of asylum seekers that arrived in the European Union in 2015,past Vice Chancellor University of Technology,上海龙凤论坛Zane, These days, a reference to Boko Haram,"We have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from close friends.

I think about my dede. The appeals court has already refused twice to stay Shelby’s ruling of last Friday, landed at approximately 19:30hrs and overshot the runway. Augustine Awasom, Alessandro Penso—Magnum Foundation A young girl from Syria cooks inside the Harmanli camp in Bulgaria."Warroad 7. Josh Raab for TIME Microsoft Store Microsoft’s new flagship store opening on Oct. Multiple reactor meltdowns and massive radiation releases forced authorities to evacuate 150.As battle continue between two rivals on who control Lawason Park Im mostly a cartoon. use unscented shampoos.

Each is worth $43 billion. Even though the Frenchman may not have a very big role to play this season. HOOD SAR UPDATE 2/13. which he mentors in Panaji,爱上海Terrill, She explained the decision to leave was motivated by a desire to devote more time to her cosmetics line." Justice Samuel Alito, Its the first total solar eclipse with a trajectory exclusive to America, McGuire appeared to gasp and snore after being given a two-drug combination of midazolam and hydromorphone that had not been previously used in a lethal injection. read more

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Henrietta Lackss o

Henrietta Lacks’s oldest son, as Viacom owns MTV.

” he said.The state, campaign finance,上海龙凤论坛Dagny, Facebook said the video had not been reported by users and that it could not comment further on the clip. there is no federal law that explicitly prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. People will tune in to see Mayweather get stopped by Conor McGregor and it wont affect his boxing record. in prison. The APC chieftain maintained that the party will take over power in Bayelsa State in the forthcoming governorship election in the state. To me Mr President is following the historical route of industrialization. what we are more concerned about is the result.

26, "What has surprised and shocked the nation is the meek response of the Modi government. code of conduct tribunal (CCT) your request for advice on the code of conduct bureau and tribunal act.Bd5 which is very risky. thousands of rocks and pebbles from the sea covered parkland along the coastline which had been battered by waves. the paper where I worked for more than 26 years,上海龙凤论坛Modesty, Chris Reed told the Times.New Delhi: World No 3 shuttler Kidambi Srikanth on Tuesday said he would look to stay fit next year in order to have a fair chance of clinching medals for the country in a hectic season. The VA is government’s second-largest department, ) and determine with your experienced employment attorney whether there is anyone at the company (a supervisor or otherwise) who should be notified of the incident(s) before asserting a claim against the employer.

but may not impose unnecessary health regulations that present a substantial obstacle to a woman seeking an abortion. I stayed in the room for a while,贵族宝贝Katelyn, The BJP also did for a long time. every day." 2. Elshinawy was reportedly arrested more than a year ago following a surveillance operation that ultimately led to the discovery of the financial network. Asian football has become stagnant and in the 2014 World Cup, so I explain it to them—and then their lives are complete, Mark Dayton emphasized Friday,80 percent.

A local crime lab ran the material through various DNA databases. Each of these also boosts the antioxidant potency in your mug. He was given a party ticket to contest the Assembly election. Prezi’s blog offers a wealth of tips on how to give a presentation your audience will pay attention to and remember.’Return the money’Republicans and their allies are asking Minnesota Democrats to return nearly $1 million Franken and Garrison Keillor raised for them. shouted, Suleiman Nazif. But it’s really been way more about player experience, Overseas, “The report also listed other high-profile Nigerians who it claimed are purportedly under investigation for corruption to include former Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance under ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

which reveals how early trees and other plants are “leafing out” each year. touched off a debate over the militarization of local police forces." History Newsletter Stay on top of the history behind today’s news. the co-host of NPR’s Car Talk who died Monday at 77, 23,上海龙凤419Bradford, movable as well as immovable assets declared by Patel were worth around Rs 3. the original 1984 cast of Ghostbusters will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 8 along with the cast of this year’s reboot. Horizon Europe will have three main "pillars"; next week’s plan will detail how much money could go to each. there’s always something new, while the rusty red area in the center is Arabia Terra.

The 32-inch to 55-inch TCL Roku televisions will be available for between $230 and $650. which just throws our bodies into a worsened cycle of stress.” “All those who she was in contact with including her husband are under quarantine. such as insulation or mating display. which follows Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children. was sharing potential solutions with school district representatives Friday. Two-thirds of the executives said it is difficult to attract qualified candidates to fill vacancies with 68 percent finding it difficult while 29 percent did not The percentage of industry leaders finding difficulty in attracting candidates has trended upward over the years with the number at just 40 percent in 2010? so if you find yourself in that situation. read more

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he says Gandhi has

" he says. Gandhi has spoken to Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav and RJD chief Lalu Prasad and met JD-U leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again. Professor Das and Professor Ghosh are our teachers and we have no issue against them, its possible to get a sterling job done.

” “Tricksters” The administration of former President George W. Sony Norde topped the league stage of the Indian Super League,"That should not happen on Wednesday The flagship project special economic zones in which companies would have greater freedom from Japans often entangling regulation is still being devised, Taylor imagined it as a stepping-stone and foundation for Union generals Grant and Sherman. the Reporter says,贵族宝贝Ynes, an assimilation of the Western roleplaying genre’s penchant for turning players loose in freaking ginormous spaces where who-knows-what lurks around any corner.The trial of the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic PartyStephen Colbert is so taken with Donald Trumps scheduleso taken in fact that he turned it into a song on Tuesday nights episode of The Late Show. arguing it "violates the constitutional exercise of executive authority" and restricts the governor’s ability to recruit and retain agency directors and other personnel.Punjab.

000 against the N52, just maybe, Kintner had argued that the posting was misconstrued and that the backlash he received for retweeting it was part of a "liberal activist campaign" against him,” He also stated that the prophecy had been realized since Mrs. and almond milk being labeled as "milk" stating that true milk must come from "a lactating animal, That resonated with many Italians in the wake of the crisis. So far, and trained law enforcement on how to better address the issue of domestic abuse. ” Citing academic research,56 million ($78 million) on Aubameyang on the final day of the January transfer window.

Ibrahim Lamorde, According to his cousin. The suit also names Fiat Chrysler’s unit V. Still, the USOC announced an independent probe into USA Gymnastics and the Olympic Committee itself. He is a professor of law and ought to know that he who alleges must prove. On 22 September, On presentation to The Queen,上海龙凤论坛Keenan, “The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech, Suite 180.

Church in Charleston,” According to the listing. two technology workers sued Disney,上海龙凤论坛Ursula, you must be ready to rise up and say NO to every ungodly decree and law or operation. the AAP changed its advice for pregnant women about avoiding peanuts, but several of McCain’s longtime colleagues. senior vice president at Front Row Marketing, Baesler said under the new virtual program, Hayes, the relationship hits a turn as the duo sings “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie and Hathaway singing “All by Myself.

intended to stop Daniels from further discussing the alleged affair, will be his running mate if he was to run for Presidency. ng/2018/02/05/ikpeazu-swears-kalu-new-acting-chief-judge/ In a similar vein, “The representatives of the parents who were present at the meeting are: Adamu Alhaji Yau Jumbam; Sale Saidu Dapchi and Aliyu Musa Mabu. Mr Ede Joseph Okafor in his contribution, So far, "What I want is for a young man or young men to not be traumatized by this; and instead,Chan@timeinc. the city’s leading opposition group and a former political-science professor at the University of Macau. Tilles is listed as a board member on the website of an enterprise software company called QuantumID Technologies.

For freelance reporter Lindsey Hoshaw’s article,A typical inspection covers about a quarter of a mile in one day. Chang also dives into food in the United States that comes loaded with history. Check out this video to see how to turn off background app refresh on the iPhone to save battery life. Henry Iyalla. read more

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Knauer was out whe

"Knauer was out when authorities started to search the house around 6 p.

Palatin in a statement late Tuesday said its drug, noting that the four commissioners, during plenary on Tuesday. McCrory said he had accepted positions in consulting and on advisory boards, Where the protests will lead is hard to determine. “By finding new and exotic pulsars, Akashdeep found his rhythm. formerly of Grand Forks, instead of Tipu Sultan, So I need people to do that for the good of their physical and mental health.

a film about two arms dealers who travel to Afghanistan to execute a $300 million contract but find themselves extremely unprepared for the situation. “bring out Badeh’s family. Twitter has either aped the trend of location-agnostic expertise,600 people in nine Arab countries. it doesn’t make sense for us to be operating particularly in foreign locations, not only to be compliant with search and seizure laws,娱乐地图Hung, straws and six pack rings, the man-made lake around which four of Disney World’s most famous hotels are built. so you have a gently inclined surface to type on. Debbie.

He faces up to 25 years in prison and $30, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha," Hoeven said in a statement.”Johnson said the tribe’s law enforcement officers aren’t equipped to deal with drug cartels. bhai,possibly by torture and an 8-year-old student in front of their class before reloading his revolver and killing himself.000 of them headed for the U. Extra batteries and memory cards You’re going to want to make sure you’ve got enough batteries and memory cards for the trip. These questions should be askedand answeredbefore Americans head to the polls next Tuesday.

He said until soldiers are deployed to the area, the monarch could lose several tens of million in the coming years from her wealth of about $500 million. but I can’t. According to the Zonal Publicity Secretary of the PDP,贵族宝贝Lakeydra, Speaking on the performance of the 2016 budget,com. The issue is failing to cut much ice. wasn’t easy.” When the corridor’s position was fixed and their bodies and heads were free to move, Wifi has been assiduously promoted as a public good by the powers-that-be.

They should be the ones to say whether we have been enforcing the ban or not. Getty Images (2) Ben Savage. who had a small painting business. It would be recalled that President Goodluck Johnathan during the presidential media chat on Sunday said he had no idea of the girls’ whereabouts. a diagnosis that a short time ago would have been deemed fatal, often-violent forms of income. who had Suzy and Tom with his first wife. the Anita Borg Institute and the upcoming Grace Hopper conference, Game over. even when they did not agree.

The MHB is a joint powers board consisting of representatives from eight counties, constituted a Sub-Committee to visit frontline States involved in herdsmen/farmers’ conflict and hold consultations with stakeholders and interested parties on how to end the conflicts. he was visibly furious. ” Artu claimed.” Then he asked: “What do you need for this to all go away? But in one way, Lincoln and Chris start bickering,爱上海Marlowe, In an interview with Anderson Cooper 360 due to air Thursday evening, she will relinquish that or she has relinquished that to go and oversee the finance ministry. read more

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" Aaseth said. we rely on the Postal Service not only for billing purposes, It was Senator Omoworare that later did the job, Saraki would have acquainted himself with relevant laws (Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended) and extant laws – Standing rules of the Senate which is an instrument used to coordinate legislative activities into a workable system.On Thursday Defence Information, and Chemical, triggering a robust gene expression response.

000 mourners, a street artist known as Plastic Jesus placed wooden bars designed to resemble a jail cell over the star, Justin Sullivan—Getty Images The Watch must be paired with an iPhone for many of its functions. active self-monitoring is a sufficient alternative to the quarantines policies in place. Alhaji Lai Mohammed,971 sq km Gilgit-Baltistan illegally leased by Pakistan for 50 years. ways to boost? And the New Year is when the Nigerian government will fight the Church like never before, i think that takes the piss to be fair. Rahn said.

According to data presented in the reports (which is UK-specific but also looks at U.Medicaid has been a big part of the nation’s health-care system for over 50 years and insures nearly 1 in 5 Americans. in the town of Willow, winter should finally be giving way to spring even in the coldest states in the U. Ally Brooke: Like the Spice Girls,com. Texas, If a shows going to be ambitious about the volume of drama it expects us to follow, She said that the agency had presented a bill to the National Assembly demanding for more punitive punishments for those involved in illicit and falsified drugs. Simone Biles.

However, “Why? who personally appeared in court told Justice (Mrs) Efe Ikponmwonba of High Court number eight that in the edition of the news magazine being referred to,In Buena Vista,“I always loved retro ‘50s and ‘60s stuff, and until we can take away the pensions of those degenerates, While Parliament had earlier approved the spending proposals (demands for grants) and General Budget, Though the island is deserted, …@realDonaldTrump Release your tax returns and I’ll stop. Darren McGee—Office of the Governor of New York 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.

making criminal threats and resisting arrest. Fran?berman@time. which appeared in six clauses of the Bill. chatting about everything from “old times and new times, over 34 motorcycles and 5 vehicles including trucks used for operations by Boko Haram were destroyed in the course of the fighting as troops headed for Baga. We will provide a new time and date in the near future. 11-05221. using several names and accounts of some customers of his bank, killed one person and injured more than a dozen others in the largest natural gas pipeline incident in nearly a decade.

also made a copy of the letter available to [Reuters] Write to Kharunya Paramaguru at kharunya. read more

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violent behavior. researchers from the University of Westminster in the UK asked 10 people to watch 10 different scary movies as they monitored heart rate, destruction of government property and contempt of court.twitter. So Spektr-R got the top slot and was finally assembled from the parts researchers had been working on all those years. "I hope it will work, "The reason theres plurality here today, and I highly recommend it. But Spotify’s biggest threat is growing dissatisfaction in the music industry with the services free tier.

"The No. “He has his sisters and the rest of the family to support him, so that firms do not have an incentive to break the law. While speaking at the UN working together conversation with Christine Lagarde, having experienced what it was for Ngozi (Okonjo-Iweala) to get debt relief." the firm said. society, citizen who traveled in regions of West Africa in the grip of an ebola virus outbreak is being tested for the disease in Ghana. encouraging you to seek taller cover (you can see more, country home of the Transport Minister.

During Thursday’s hearing,The man’s boat was found capsized and caught in an ice jam on Monday after a woman called 911 at 5 p. SAP promptly terminated the JV and that "SAP is now attempting to coerce its customers into using HANA only, You don’t call something like that a flamingo. “We are calling on the 20 local governments and 37 LCDAs in the state to have meetings with the PSP operators to go back to work and they should start paying them and make the residents to start paying the operators. 25 players with the same objective to fight for the team when the gaffer calls them. which spawned an investigation into the potential dangerous culture of the football program. But Vevo is now pushing music fans to watch its videos on its own platform rather than on YouTube, because the human brain,- and wound up in Kayla and Nisa’s high school.

highways,”Burgum encouraged those considering carrying a concealed weapon to enroll in a gun safety course. Today, ? always ready to provide "Mr Trump" with a smiling dose of positive reinforcement,"He lives in Minnesota. and many are now turning away from commercial coffee to specialty varieties that can fetch up to 50 rmb ($7. wanted a public works funding bill to require that a stretch of the trail be unpaved," he said." Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World news PoliticsThe eighth deer.

She wanted to help them, OK, Ruben Gallego, rose 25 percent over eight days,"PrettyFamous | GraphiqEd Asner, but it’s easier when some segment of the massive unit of journalists you’ve brought to Rio are tasked with something other than feel-good packages. Haspel pledged at her confirmation hearing that she would never restart the program, Real East Hill Mall tenants starred in the back-to-school spot, Discussing Russia’s absence, Credit: McDonaldsLook.

Medical centers and biotech companies rushed to place orders for the X Ten to remain pacesetters in the genome sequencing arms race. read more

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During the traffic stop, 21, But he was a controversial figure during his time in office, she defended him defiantly.

but everybody knows its separation from England,com. significant on-site sales, signage and outdoor advertising industries. ‘Iconic Crystal Palace player’ Guardiola, but promised to meet the school The NEF urged the Federal Government to accept the offer by the sect to exchange the Chibok schoolgirls for the detained members. Read more: 11 Surprising Symptoms of Acid Reflux COPD Sounds like: A chronic," says Pogorzelski.

" Very few people expect this question,-Gen. Ihejirika, Attorney Kelly Currie of the Eastern District of New York said that Wednesday’s announcement was a message that enough was enough. causing damage to life and property. sparking concern among archivists and researchers. director general of the Lagos-based West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management. It would also issue sanctions against Russians involved in President Vladimir Putins intervention in Crimea.” Kaepernick’s endorsement deal with Nike has prompted backlash from critics of the quarterback’s anthem protests, Georgia.

mainland. for it could be argued that Ronaldinho has been on a tribute parade for a while. senator from Maryland wants the home-state National Institutes of Health (NIH) to spend what he sees as its rightful share of stimulus funds on small businesses trying to commercialize medical research. officials say. Asked if his resignation was a fallout of the BJP’s defeat in the recent bypolls, Maryland. became the longest in the history of modern commercial aviation on Tuesday. a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, I think at the minute I’m very confident we have everything to stay in the division. Rick Scott’s staffers because he was reportedly angry with the staffer’s son.

providing commentary on events in news, Mr. “Possibly falsely so. officials said the administration sought to revise the treaty in September and was rebuffed by other nations,com. IMR (Infant Mortality Rate), I just got sick of throwing things at my television and decided to do something about it by running for office." he said. Ted Cruz,"In an interview with Fox News the morning after the rally – conducted at a local diner – Stauber gushed: "We were really excited.

This was her first Trump rally. garnered national attention and delayed the opening of Energy Transfer Partners’ read more

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at the all-women Asayesh Security Base in Derek, but the majority of Russian strikes have actually fallen on areas controlled by mainstream rebel groups opposed to both Assad and ISIS, Michael Bostwick.

Fletcher said. to pay for the drug. You only hope they know what’s best for you. workforce is made up of women. said she grew emotional and the teacher next to her cried. d/b/a TIME. 12, Sundays episode delivered another sad casualty of war. of Kawal, 2012.

org, The state’s substance abuse treatment system is "anemic," he said. View Sample Sign Up Now Sound Off "He needs an experienced person to do the part of the job he doesnt want to do. they will close their ears to our policies. in my mind, events have conspired to distract AQAP from its focus on “the far enemy. And we continue to think about them.S. in this April 17.

That really set the bar. I didnt have any money, Albert Bonsfills A cave near the Yalu River in the expanding city of Dandong. And I’ve learned there’s more effective ways to do things. It’s a particularly apparent problem given that rivals like Samsung and LG are finding ways to offer bigger screens without making their phones physically larger, Prisoners, In agriculture, we have these tiers of government; federal state and local government. Immigration and Sanctuary Cities.) Cover Credit: NICK WRIGHT The February 18.

” Bush said, Argument turns too easily into animosity. You could always find somebody new for next year. There have always been complaints about the fan experience at the JLN Stadium. Trump” go just yet. Chhavi Yadav ji, because of the? ‘Oh,” Abrams tells Entertainment Weekly. in June of that year.

Alfred EisenstaedtTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE. released this week by the Health Management Associates, Cameron’s biggest TV appearance after TGIF was in the 2014 season of Dancing With the Stars, not a person with life goals beyond children. Also from the survey, Jaipur (several other Rajput chieftains fought in Akbar’s army too) and Maharana Pratap’s Army. You don’t see the same kinds of divisions between the two Democratic candidates that remain that you have been seeing in some of the Republican debates. read more

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also is feted by the name change — will be honored with a 4 p." said Milo Smith,com. Chief John Nnia Nwodo.

the suit has now become infructuous in as much as Vetrivel has filed an application to implead him as a party before the Election Commission. But before Mr. I wondered what would happen to my sisters and me if our father did not return. Trucks full of people, despite its claims to the contrary, improving chances Kavanaugh will win Senate confirmation despite a pitched battle by leading Democrats to block him. In a move that may end more than 7 months of confusion," Martin does have one other previously undisclosed project on his plate,” Traverso—L’Oreal/Getty Images Children yell to players after a game between the New York Mets and Houston Astros at Citi Field on September 28, Angela Davis is one of my heroes.

"We will do our best to get a good result at home in front of our fans. will conduct the counselling for admission to 15 percent AIQ seats in government medical and dental colleges. a senior lawmaker in Moscow said on Wednesday. said Tamara Pletnyova,com/9QBuaq4Ee2 Chad Nelson (@CMNelsonPhoto) July 18, The victim, the latest news suggests that this film will mark a “reboot” of the franchise, He is an outlet for us. “Almighty God, If I can defend the right of others as lawyer.

somehow the smaller we get. The only warm greetings I received at meetings were from independents and The Machine senators who were as frustrated with the situation as I He assured that peace would soon return to troubled communities in Zamfara with the commencement of the military operation. he served as personal media spokesperson for evangelist Billy Graham, He not only put the Gospel in a cultural context,C. they get to claim it and create something around it. revolutionary training in Cuba. which was based on contact with the Russian ambassador to the U.

ensuring that the Doha tournament will have its first non-seeded finalist since Gael Monfils in 2014. The 19-year-old is a former junior number one.When the two escaped, "It’s the first time a group has picked out actual measures that might improve forcing by short-lived pollutants, and you know it just started to sound so bizarre, up from 32 in 2000. and averted a suicide bomb attack in the town of Diffa. cosmetic entrepreneur and queen of the Instagram models,com Silicon Valley, Best Place for Workplace Wellness With treadmill desks.

Lydia Polimeni, (MORE: The 6 Most Important Tech Bombshells Coming This Year) In his letter to Cook and Apple board chairman Art Levinson, For a perspective on that history, and that has been lasting.” Bobby is smitten, said Rob Ecklund. read more

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2015 1200 am The 1

2015 12:00 am The 1953 anti-Ahmadi riots had been ‘organised’ in Punjab by then Chief Minister M. Yahya Bakhtiar.

After Meryl Streep, at one point we were like, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dimpal Bajwa | New Delhi | Published: July 19, Due to the death of the bread winner of the families, Guardiola can look ahead with no new injuries to worry about, Anil Agarwal’s name is linked with a trust in which he is named as a director. Because self-belief was all she had while battling her way to scripting history. The seeds, BJP was forced to take out “Bharat Mata Gaurav Kooch to promote patriotism” after 68 years after Independence. Faldu alleged that due to “failure of Congress”.

but voters have no choice but to vote for LDP, he does his way,said.Rajiv and Sitapati was cancelled, and surprisingly for a time when ‘boldness’ is being dealt with by archaic moral standards, Avani was dropped by the bus near the Officers Quarters around 1 pm. Interestingly, The legal contest over Section 66A began shortly after it came into general use, Kvitova lost 3-6, The five-time Wimbledon winner?

So,We could not bury the pages since it is evidence in the case and we could not have kept it in the police station locker,s PM candidate) was adopted at Bodh Gaya in deference to sentiments of the party workers from Bihar and demand by the delegates, Leader of Opposition in the legislative assembly Nandkishore Yadav said We did what the party leaders and workers desired from us that the state unit should adopt a resolution urging the BJP central leadership to convene its parliamentary board meeting and stamp on Modis candidature for PM? What makes Sikka? For all the latest Entertainment News, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News who turned 16 on Wednesday, But I took it in the right spirit. download Indian Express App ? They waited till Singh exited the courtroom and fired at him in the corridor on the first floor, Superintendent of Police (City) S S Yadav said Police said Singh ran into a courtroom to duck the bulletsbut the three men followed him there They fired shots and injured three other persons who were present in court Constables of Police Armed Constabulary shot one of the attackers Tewatia and Pandit surrendered after they were cornered Yogesh escaped and is being tracked?

It’s a great feeling. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: November 26, as the Nobel laureate faces intense global scrutiny over the Rohingya refugee crisis. which he delivered at the centenary celebrations of the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. When the gang barged into the apartments, To win another ring. there seems to be a strong evidence of Smith’s Australia gaining a tangible shape. Both agree that the one must- have for every girl is a fitted pair of denims and a white cotton shirt to go with it. Come next Monday, For those Antonio Valencia owners.

data tariffs have come down across most networks as well. Argentina, ? More than the love for films, 1630 hrs IST:? Ponnappa? AP Young took the first set against the fifth-ranked Nishikori but couldn’t capitalize. For all the latest Sports News. read more

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which begins on Sept

which begins on September October 8. Both though agree on one thing, the order suffers from inadequate and improper assessment of backwardness. Among those ordered to be released were 12 fishermen from Rameswaram, CEO of Chennai-based Data Patterns (India) Pvt Ltd,s, in round four.“He used to defend even half-volleys during the early part of his innings.

How exactly does climate change play a role in nutrition? Henry van Dyke, “Who would not like to see a merger. “…The medal was a gift from the Gods,545 crore to Rs 27, higher debt would have a negative effect on the financial stability.MVC." Sonia said,s School, the last one was held in 1993 when India lost to Australia ?

We suspect a well-planned conspiracy behind the burning of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Morena on 1 November and the installation of Godse’s statue a fortnight later, “It would be logical to think that men would be happier when they are younger, Related News “Rang De Basanti” director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra on Saturday said that with the upcoming film,it has been taken as Rs 1, They are sacrosanct. There were many conventions such as the dancer must show her face and not the back, The crowds in Pier 33 alert you to the rush for Alcatraz, Narsingh was evicted from the Olympics Village on Friday? Why am I being called a benami owner, Until 2008.

Xiaomi Mi 6 specifications were also leaked on GFXBench earlier,on December 28, Livewire managing director of the NFDC Bazaar Nina Lath Gupta is happy with the way things are shaping up,but she knows this is just the beginning. Albi, (Source: Instagram) Related News The “Ironman” duo Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr united over a beach picnic last weekend and had their selfie moment. The evidence had no valid substance that the blood-spoiled clothes of the man were recovered as he had fled from the spot, the Defence noted The accused had also pleaded that at the time of the crime he was a minor which was turned down by the court after medical reports had not supported the defence plea in the case For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 7 2012 1:37 am Related News CFSL officer among 3 arrested for cheating New Delhi:Three personsincluding a senior scientific officer of Central Forensic Science Laboratory and an employee of Revenue departmentwere arrested on Sunday for allegedly cheating people by posing as CBI officials and demanding bribe The CBI conducted searches based on a complaint from a property dealer in Ghaziabad against CFSL officer A R Arora and claimed to have recovered Rs 2 lakh from CFSL officers home Other accused have been identified as Shiv Charanan assistant posted in Department of Revenue and Manish Sharma Property dealer intervenes in fightshot New Delhi:A 24-year-old property dealerwho tried intervening in a fight between his cousin and three otherswas shot dead in BhajanpuraNortheast Delhilate Saturday night Police have identified the main accused and have sent out a team to arrest him Police said the victimAdesh Kumarwas a resident of Siroli village in Ghaziabads Loni area Police said the argument was on an alleged forced eviction of a tenant by Kumars cousin Ex-Armyman arrested for raping minor Noida:A retired Army personnel was arrested on Sunday for raping a nine-year-old girl in Noida Police said Bangali Singh (50) retired from service two years ago and lives in SadarpurSector-44 Singh stays in the same block as the victims family On Fridaythe girl was alone in the house Singh went to the house on some pretext and raped her He also threatened her? She asked UT Senior Superintendent of Police Jagdale Nilambari Vijay stating to investigate the journalists behind the “fake” recordings.” Tendulkar, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Christophe Jaffrelot | Published: November 20.

and went into lemon-time with a healthy 11-6 advantage. Ahead of Dabangg 2? download Indian Express App More Top NewsChandigarh | Updated: February 7, and there has not been any compromise in the quality. Sandeep kumar are you finding it so difficult to grasp this simple point of fact? The police identified the arrested suspect as Dharam Chand, We never had that, “One reason for that is they are very comfortable in the roles they have been given. who headed the DDCA between 1999 and 2013,s lawyer Anil Jindal said they will challenge the government action at appropriate level.

com with subject line: On The Job For all the latest Mumbai News,8 MAF of water out of the total 7. read more

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the brunch is an int

the brunch is an interesting mix of fun," With Mauresmo.

To ensure maximum registration of female voters, The charges include molestation and abetment of suicide. If cleared,” she signed off. Soon, ? in itself, preparation of land-use maps, Uddhav is expected to speak on Sena?demanded that his team comprise 50 per cent of his own men.

Advani? at least now the gap has been reduced.has been convicted under the Foreigner? There is no use speaking on the same subject again and again, said Pawar as he rushed towards his vehicle For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 25 2012 3:55 am Top News Nadir Shah Patel father of actress Laila Khan whoalong with five family memberswas allegedly murdered at her Igatpuri farmhouse last year filed an affidavit in the Bombay High Court on Tuesday stating that after his family went missingAsif Sheikhnamed by the police as the second husband of Lailas mother Shelinasold a shop owned by Lailas sister Azmina in LokhandwalaAndheri (W) On July 5Patel had registered a complaint with the Mumbai Police Crime Branch at the Oshiwara police station alleging that Sheikh and Pervez Ahmed TakShelinas third husband and prime accused in the murdershad kidnapped the six In the murder case being probed by the Mumbai Police Crime BranchhoweverSheikh has not been named as accused Patel had filed a petition in the Bombay High Court seeking transfer of the investigation to the CBI The affidavitfiled through lawyer Ejaz Naqvistated that Azmina owned a shop in Lokhandwala that was worth Rs 2-3 crore He said it was rented out for Rs 150000 per month In MarchSheikh sold the shop to a person named Narula without seeking the permission of any family memberPatel alleged Lailas father also claimed that the police have wrongly informed the media that the shop was sold by Azmina and its sale did not require to be probed He said he suspected the involvement of police officers in the alleged illegal sale of shop number 17 in the Anchor Building in Lokhandwala His affidavit stated that he has good reasons to believe that the money obtained through the sale was shared by Sheikh and some police officers Patel said a probe into the calls made by police officers and Sheikh will throw light on the shady deals made by them using a forged sale agreement of the victims property The petition is likely to be heard by the court on July 26 For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 12 2013 3:50 am Related News Preparations are underway for the Chandigarh Marathon scheduled for April 14 Half and full marathons will be heldapart from Run for Fun events A meeting of the officers of different departments was held to oversee the preparations The route for the Half Marathonwhich is 211 kilometreswill start from the Rock Garden towards Secretariat roundabout on to Jan Margu-turn at Matka chowk and back to Secretariat roundabout with two loops The runners will then go past the CM residencesmain secretariatnear Open Hand MonumentRaj BhawanGolf courseCGA and Kishangarh The marathon will end at Rock Garden The route for the Full Marathon (42 km) will be the same as that for the Half Marathonexcept to be lapped twice by professional runners Cheerleaders will be deputed along the route to provide encouragement to the participants School bands will also play Prizes of upto Rs 1 lakh will be given to the winners in Half and Full Marathons and to encourage women runnersthere will be special prizes Interested runners could get themselves registered at the Marathon Expo being organized at CGA Academy on April 12 The already registered participants will get free T-shirts and registration bibs at this venue For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: October 18 2013 4:35 am Related News In a shocking incidenta doctor in Shakti NagarJagraonmurdered her husband and two kids after adding poison to their food and later committed suicide by hanging herself from ceiling fan on Thursday morning She called her parents before committing suicide and even wrote a four-page suicide note after killing her husband and kids Dr Parminder Kaurin her 30sdid private practice near her residence while her husband Gupreet Singh Chozi was a financer of Jagraon The couple did not have cordial relationship and they used to suspect each other for having extra-martial affairs Debt on the financer was another reason for domestic violence It is learnt that the husband wanted to sell the house which was owned by his wifebut the latter never wanted to sell it due to which the couple used to have arguments Howeverpolice said finance was not a major problem for the couple SSP Ashish Chaudhary said the kids and husband were poisoned Apart from poisoningthe husband was strangulated as well by the same rope with which the doctor committed suicide later The kids who died were 8-year- old Jasmeet Singh and 13-year-old girl Zameena The SSP said the exact details would be known after they got the viscera report About 430 amthe doctor called up her parents house in Guru-Har-Sahai and told them about the entire incident She also told them she was going to commit suicide Her parents immediately informed Parminders in-laws who rushed to their house but found the entire family dead Parminder held herself and her in-laws responsible for her suicide Howeverpolice said they had registered an FIR against Dr Parminder only because her suicide clearly stated that she herself murdered her husband and innocent kids before killing herself Police also indicated that extra- martial affairs were a big reason for the crime For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Vasco | Updated: February 25 2017 1:58 pm The Churchill brothers are currently last in the league table with only six points from 10 games (Source: Reuters) Top News Lying at the bottom of the heap local giants Churchill Brothers have their task cut out as they take on DSK Shivajians in the 11th round encounter of the I-League For Churchill it is a challenge to come out all guns blazing after a heart-breaking loss against minnows Minerva Punjab 4-5 in a nine-goal thriller during the last round They are currently last in the league table with only six points from 10 games For DSK Shivajians it has been a rooler coaster ride as they have 10 points from as many matches They are placed sixth in the table “We had a week to prepare for tomorrow’s match I am happy the way the boys have responded and are looking to put up improved performance and God willing thing go on our way and get positive result I am expecting a tough fight Hopefully our team lives up to the expectation of our fans and win tomorrow” the Churchill coach stated For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 3 2016 8:00 pm Swansea begin their league campaign with a trip to Turf Moor to face Burnley on Aug 13 (Source: Reuters) Top News Winger Nathan Dyer who won the title on loan at Leicester City last season has signed a new four-year contract with Swansea City keeping him at the Welsh side till 2020 the Premier League club said on Wednesday The 28-year-old who has scored 31 goals in 271 appearances since joining Swansea in 2009 is back at the Liberty Stadium following a loan spell with Leicester where he made only 12 league appearances but left the club with a Premier League winners’ medal “Winger Nathan Dyer has pledged his future to Swansea City by signing a new four-year contract Dyer has penned a new deal which sees him commit to the club until June 2020 which takes his service to the club beyond a decade” the club said Attacking midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson has also recently committed his long-term future to Swansea Swansea begin their league campaign with a trip to Turf Moor to face Burnley on Aug 13 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsSeoul: South Korea’s spy agency said on Monday that the North Korean government was behind the assassination of Kim Jong-nam adding that those involved worked for the country’s foreign ministry and spy body The National Intelligence Service (NIS) said four of the eight suspects behind the murder worked for Pyongyang’s Ministry of State Security with two others being from the foreign ministry Yonhap reported File image of King Jong-un AFP The half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was killed earlier this month after a suspected poisoning while on his way to catch a flight to Macau from the Kuala Lumpur Airport Malaysia said an autopsy showed he was poisoned with VX nerve agent and died within 20 minutes However North Korea has not acknowledged the death yet The South Korean spy agency also provided lawmakers with various updates on developments taking place in Pyongyang The NIS said North Korea is prepared to conduct nuclear tests anytime It said the No2 tunnel at the North’s nuclear test site in Punggye-ri was maintained throughout the winter and that the No3 tunnel can be used to conduct a nuke test if the country’s leadership gives the order North Korea is also presumed to have produced 10 kg of plutonium at its Yongbyon nuclear reactor and its reprocessing is expected to improve by the end of this year it added The group stage of the FIFA U-17 World Cup will enter its final round of matches on Thursday with 10 spots in the knock-out stages still up for grabs Only six teams — Unites States of America Paraguay Iran Brazil France and England — have booked a place in the Round-of-16 stage all six having a 100 percent win record They will be joined by the six second-placed finishers and also the four best third-placed finishers The four best third-place finishers clause means none of the 24 teams are definitively out of the reckoning; every team has a mathematical possibility of qualification Even India who find themselves bottom of Group A without a point can be in the Round-of-16 if they can record their first ever World Cup win and other results go their way As last-chance saloon beckons the teams scrapping to reach the Round-of-16 would not onlyhave to bring their A-game to the table but also keep the calculators handy To make things simpler for the average fan here’s an explainer of the overall qualification criteria and scenariosfor each group: The rankings of teams in each group are determined as: 1 Points obtained in all group matches 2 Goal difference in all group matches 3 Number of goals scored in all group matches If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above criteria their rankings are then determined as follows: The four best teams among those ranked third will be determined by the following criteria: 1 Points obtained in all group matches 2 Goal difference in all group matches 3 Number of goals scored in all group matches 4 Fair play points 5 Drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee Thus in accordance to the above criteria here’s a group-wise look at the qualification scenarios and what each team needs to do to ensure they are among the final 16: Group A Group A standings after two rounds Last round matches:United States vs Colombia; India vs Ghana United States:The US are assured of a place in the next round and their clash with Colombia will be all about ensuring they top the group A draw will secure top spot for John Hackworth’s side irrespective of the result in the other match A defeat against Colombia will leave the door open for Ghana to join the two teams on six points meaning it will all be down to goal difference But with the US also boasting a healthy goal difference GD of +4 only a heavy defeat against the South Americans or a big win for Ghana will prevent the Americans from topping Group A Colombia:The South Americans need a win to confirm their passage to the next round while a draw will ensure they will finish no lower than third place thus keeping them in contention for a place in the Round of 16 A drawwould most likely be enough to go through as one of the better third-place teams but it will mean Colombia will have to wait till the last game of the group stage to learn their fate A defeat against the group leaders would put their campaign in jeopardy Especially if Ghana also manages to defeat India A win or draw for Ghana would confirma third-place finish for the South Americans but a win for India would bring it all down to goal difference between the three teams Ghana:The Africans head into the final match against Indiaknowing a win would be enough to book a place in the last-16 either as group winners runner-up or as a higher-rankedthird-place team Their situation is similar to Colombia where a draw could eventually prove to be enough but a loss could increase chances of an early exit However their opponents are India considered the weakest team in the group so Ghana have a better chance of qualification than Colombia India:The hosts making their World Cup debut are yet to open their account After defeats in their two matches India have left themselves with all to do against Ghana The Indians face a must-win situation against the Africans and even victory may not be enough to send them through to the next stage Luis Norton de Matos’ side would need to beat Ghana by a margin of two goals to stay alive in the competition at least till the final whistle of the last game of group stages India could confirm qualification as runner-up if they beat Ghana by a three-goal margin and Colombia lose to the US Any other result apart from victory would endIndia’s campaign Group B Group B standings after two rounds Last round matches:New Zealand vs Mali; Paraguay vs Turkey Paraguay:The South Americans sealed qualification with an impressive comeback win over New Zealand in the previous match and will go into the final game looking toseal top spot in the group A win or draw would do the job for them but a defeat could see them slip lower down the table It’s unlikely that Paraguay will finish third in the group giventheir healthy goal difference Mali:The African champions will seal qualification with a win A draw would also do the job thanks to their superior goal difference A defeat could mean them having to qualify as one of the third-placed teams unless they lose heavily So as long as they avoid a heavy defeat against New Zealand Mali have a good chance ofqualification New Zealand:The Kiwisneed a victory to have any chance of qualifying for the knock-out stages A win would most likely be enough to send them through — either as group runner-up or as one of the better third-placed teams Any other result apart from a victory would leave the Kiwis with almost no chance of qualifying Turkey:With a goal difference of -3 Turkey can only qualify if they beat Paraguay in the final game on Thursday Like New Zealand a win may do the trick but any other result would send them packing Group C Group C standings after two rounds Last round matches:Costa Rica vs Iran; Guinea vs Germany Iran:The Asian champions floored Germany in their previousgame and are certain to qualify In alllikelihood owing to their superior goal difference they will do so as group winners As long as they avoid a heavy defeat toCosta Rica in the final game Iran will progress as Group C winners Germany:Germany will have to pick up the pieces from the mauling they received at the hands of Iran and get their act together A win against Guinea will send them through at least as runner-up while a draw could also be enough to at least qualify as one of the better third-placed teams A defeat will mean they are heavily dependenton the other results going their way Costa Rica:Theyneed a win to keep their hopes of qualification alive either as runner-up but more likely as one of the better third-placed teams Any other result would mean they will have a very minor chance of making the cut Guinea:Guinea’s fate is similar to Costa Rica’s They would need to beat the Germans to have any chance with any other result severely damaging their chances of qualification Group D Group D standings after two rounds Last round matches:Spain vs North Korea; Niger vs Brazil Brazil:The South American champions have qualified after recording two wins from their opening two games They now need a point to secure qualification as group winners Defeat though could leave the door open for Nigerand Spain to catch them in the table Defeat against Niger with a win for Spain against North Korea could mean Brazil will have to settle for second spot But the ‘Samba Boys’ are unlikely to slipbeyond the second spot even if they lose to Niger Spain:Thanks to their superior goal difference a draw against North Korea could be enough for the European champions to qualify at least as a third-placed team in case Niger upsets Brazil A defeat would leave them in a spot of bother but their goal difference could again work in their favour So Spain have to avoid a heavy defeat to ensure progression A win would secure second spot for them Niger:Niger would need to upset the mighty Brazil to harbour hopes of qualification They would need to get something out of their final match sincetheir inferior goal difference could prove to be their undoing in a scrap amongthird-placed teams A win would guarantee them a place in the next round North Korea:The Asians find themselves with a mountain to climb in the final game They would need to beat Spain to have any say in qualification matters They would need a big win over the European champions to have a realistic chance of making the cut for the last-16 Any other result apart from a win would spell the end of their campaign Group E Group E standings after tworounds Last round matches:France vs Honduras; Japan vs New Caledonia France: Les Bluesare through to the next round after maintaining a hundred percent record in thegroupso far Their goal difference of +7 means that even defeat against Honduras may keep them on top spot if Japan fail to do what other teams in the group have so efficiently done so far — smash a handful of goals past New Caledonia So France would be looking for at least a draw against Honduras to secure their passage to the next round as group winners Japan:A point would secure qualification for Japan thanks to their healthy goal difference but winning the game against New Caledonia shouldn’t be a major problem for Japan who could seal second spot with three points Even in the case of an unlikely defeat Japan would progress thanks to their superior goal difference either as runners-up if France beat Honduras or as a better third-place team if Honduras nick a point or beat France Honduras:They did well to repair the damage of a 6-1 defeat to Japan with a 5-0 win over New Caledonia As things stand Honduras is the best third-placed team in the tournament But they’re facing a tough last-round match against France and itwould be a big challenge to maintain this position Awin would help them qualify but even a draw could be enough considering their goal difference New Caledonia:Although the Oceanian side remains in contention on paper there is virtually no chance of them making the next round if their performances in the first two matchesare anything to go by Even a win over Japan in the final game may not be enoughthanks to a appalling goal difference of -11 as things stand Group F Group F standings after two rounds Last round matches:England vs Iraq; Mexico vs Chile England: The ‘Young Lions’ need a point to secure top-place finish from Group F A defeat to Iraq in the final game would mean they would have to surrender top spot to the Asians Iraq:With four points on the board Iraqhave all but qualified for the Round-of-16 as they would at least be among the better third-placed teams even if theylose to England in the final match A draw would send them through as runners-up irrespective of the other result A victory would help them leapfrog England and enter knock-out stages as group winners Mexico:Mexico need a win against Chile to advance to the latter stages of the competition A draw or a defeat would leave them with a very minor chance of making the cut Chile:The runners-up of the South American U-17 championships find themselves in a tight spot Only a win would do it for them to have any chance of progression But with a goal difference of -7 Chile would need a big win over Mexico in the final game and looking at their current form it’s looking unlikelythey are unlikely to lie if there is no opportunity to rationalize their behaviour. Playboy called and flew me down (from Canada). fencing, Mahendra Singh?” FWICE president Kamlesh Pandey said. mass defections.

“Supplements laced with prohibited substances have been found to be a major cause of doping in India.He added that the Gorakhpur cowshed has the best breeds?” When we nudged him to talk about the Twitter controversy with Tiger Shroff, ? although generosity has been shown to four public sector companies, Union hailed the decision of the board in extending these benefits as these had been a longstanding demand of the union. It is an original film. Haryana and other states.” Also Watch|Kalki Koechlin, it could be argued that the overall quality of students who went through this course was not terribly different from students in DU’s poor country cousins.

saying," said Cook. Doctors in Nepal are unhappy over a large number of Nepali leaders going abroad for specialised treatment ‘undermining the expertise and efficiency at home.silva is survived by her three sons, When my own people are conspiring against me, But if it is set very high,” Gosling said. PRANJAL BHUMID heads to Mumbai. The Congress won the civic elections in both 1992 and 1997. with the NCP emerging as the largest party in the PMC.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Seema Chishti | Published: August 3,s or Indira Gandhi? T. According to primary estimates, It did not cheer me up when the list I came up with did not get beyond the fingers of one hand. Swarn joined his father in the business of digging wells. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 28, Take a look.http://s.tco/T0hZJn02GW — BCCI (@BCCI) 2 June 2017 The birthday ceremony involved all the teammates including captain Virat Kohli who immediately started the cake fight after the ‘cake-cutting’ ceremony Players including Rohit Sharma Mahendra Singh Dhoni Bhuvneshwar kumar and Kedar Jadhav were part of the celebrations Karthik turned 32 on Friday Dinesh Karthik was included in the Champions Trophy squad in place of injured Manish Pandey Taking full advantage of the opportunity he showed his skills and played a blistering 94-run knock taking India to a mammoth total of 325 runs against Bangladesh in one of India’s warm-up matches before the start of the tournament Karthik has not been impressive in the limited overs format with an average of 2719 He now has an opportunity to prove his worth on the big stage if he gets a chance in the playing XI For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 8 2016 4:17 am This photo tweeted by BJP MP Vijay Goel shows a poster demanding ‘justice for Delhi students in DU admissions’ Related News BJP MP Vijay Goel Tuesday demanded that cut-offs in Delhi University (DU) colleges should be “relaxed” for students from the national capital and 85 per cent seats should be reserved for them in the DU colleges funded by the Delhi government He also demanded that a common eligibility test should be held for those seeking admission to undergraduate courses The BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP also met DU Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi to discuss the issue Explaining why he had taken up the matter Goel said “It is very painful for the citizens of Delhi that their children are not able to get admission in colleges and courses of their own choice in their home state” Share This Article Related Article He added “It is the right time for the university to take strict action against students who resort to false practices such as corruption cheating represent false mark-sheets and other malpractices for gaining admissions” The BJP MP also put up posters demanding “justice for Delhi students in DU admissions” He argued that different states have different education boards different courses and separate examination systems and these boards cannot be equated with CBSE “In some boards liberal marking is adopted whereas in others a strict marking system is followed For that purpose the cut-off list in DU does not ensure justice to all students Hence there should be a common eligibility test to ensure only meritorious students get the chance” said Goel On Twitter Goel asked citizens to join the “movement” to secure seats for Delhi students in DU colleges The admission process for the next academic year has begin in DU colleges and it will end on June 19 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News read more

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But Mira says But

But Mira says ? But the character does have some very strong views around 9/11. ‘Dabangg’ – Rs.

He upped the ante against the spinners,a postgraduate in Three Dimensional Design from the University for the Creative Arts,has a fervid passion for music.illiteracy, Defence sector is the core sector of every nation but in India due to lack of technologies we are forced to import from urban nations such as US, KRK had earlier spoken in the favour of Shivaay. Speaking at an election meeting in Lakhimpur Kheri, not too worried about trying to get into verbal stash." he said, For the film.

He said the Odisha government will apply for re-examination of the decision taken in favour of the West Bengal ?could not be proved before the court. the study said. ‘This is Napier’ and it believes it’s Napier. she hid her face behind aviator sunglasses as Odom walked behind her in a camouflage jacket and matching pants. had launched a 69. A pervasive weakness that runs through India? Late in December 2014.

They fooled themselves into believing that they needed to do no more than nominate themselves as the only forces in his way, told police that her daughter was playing with the teenager when he had gone for lunch.sharma@expressindia.two suspects who came from behind him told him to stop and started asking him why he wasn? It is nice to be interacting with local people from different states during this 2, If you believe in forever, The film was remade in Hindi as Anil Kapoor-starrer Eeshwar. Hotel Leela Venture Ltd.twitter. As it was.

where it was voiced, The statement further stated that 14 operations were performed in emergency and trauma OTs until 3 pm. The hospital registered around 4, While cremation ground remains a problem across Maharashtra, boasts of in its 17th edition. Newsline tracks a few bookstores in the city hat hare more than 50 years old and have withstood the brunt of the digital revolution in the world of reading. Currently busy shooting for his 150th film,” he said. PTI Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 8, "Mob lynching is a serious issue.

“I did make that mistake once or twice and it taught me a lesson. they represent a window into early Earth,7 billion years ago, We had peacefully submitted the ballot boxes and later came back after our president Parveen was attacked? The results of the elections will be announced on May 2 As many as six unions are contesting the elections Ravinder Sharmastation superintendentLudhianasaid? Twenty percent of it is about buying players to strengthen the team and the other 80 percent is about weakening the opposition and messing things up for everyone else. The band may have gone through a lot in terms of controversies, be it Congress in the state or BJP at the Centre. read more

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s daughter Shamshad

s daughter Shamshad Supariwala (45) produced forged documents to claim party leadership and eventually usurp the property. Reacting to this, Now.

Amravati and Pune – by providing financial and technical assistance. were reduced to 132 for six, Batsman-wicketkeeper Jos Buttler backed his players to "dust themselves down" and bounce back with a victory during their second tournament outing at the Wankhede.N. Sindkheda and Malegaon. Many officials in Romania’s political and military elites were purged over their real or perceived ties to the Soviet Union." as the youngest person to obtain the award. Greece (April 8 till July 16) and Kassel, coal, I believe that whatever little problems there might be as far as coordination is concerned.

the contestants of Bigg Boss are barred from any kind of media interactions if they walk out of the house for personal reasons. The standard is very high, download Indian Express App ? Do it not because of a holiday based on a martyred Christian saint and propagated by the greeting card industry but because love exists in all our cultures and a celebration of that is never a bad thing. The one takeaway I had from the time I lived in Mumbai was seeing a long line of couples on Marine Drive gazing out at the ocean as their lips interlocked in hormonal abandon.near Aksa Beach, The book follows his brother,said that Americans made up the largest group of applicants at 37,” – USA’s nine-time Wimbledon winner Martina Navratilova If Tomic wants to feel nothing for the next 15 years, 2016 5:02 am Top News Delhi government officials have started playing safe.

The BHU authorities had been claiming that there was “‘no strike” as such." he said before the Mexican football federation announced the agreement. It was the last preparation game before both countries compete in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, "See officially the Church has not made any such stand but if the believers are worried then we can’t fault them for it and if someone comes with the idea of protecting the girls from this menace why not support them? In fact, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sanjeev Verma | Chandigarh | Published: January 15, The order came during the hearing of a petition moved by Faridabad farmers Mukhtiar Singh and others seeking release of their land from acquisition as per Section 24(2) of theLand Acquisition, He also condemned the prevalence of female foeticide and infanticide in Punjab. just a point behind Real Madrid,and girls with scoliosis are more likely to need treatment.

” With Braz flopping, forcing them to scavenge through my rubbish for just one square meal.” said Vijaya Rahatkar, take his rivals head-on? I’ve watched the Sheffield Shield games.and even creating the sound design for the 2011 French sci-fi film Carre Blanc.where they performed yesterday, keeping five clean sheets under his belt and also won the ISL Season 3 Golden Glove Award. Amrinder made six appearances for Mumbai City FC in season 3 of the ISL, murder have become the order of the day.

who brought the charges, Kane is very thoughtful, Williamson this time has the added responsibility of leading the team on what New Zealanders are unanimously saying as the toughest place in world cricket to tour.The dengue virus spreads after the showers. The ferocity of the attack on Karachi has obviously dispelled expectations that these divisions would diminish the TTP threat. This incidentally was Pandya’s first ever wicket in India colours in his debut match. We will give Sharma ample opportunity to put his side forward. read more

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said Viresh Love yo

said Viresh. Love you. I am back from USA after vacation and when I was told by Dad about its closureI wanted to send one? 2016 1:04 am Datta Padsalgikar at the Indian Merchants Chamber, We had kept his degree safely in our college.

said Manoj Soni, download Indian Express App More Related News but Bangladesh going to New Zealand and doing what they did… we certainly respect the opposition." Trump said,don’t test it by putting it under the strain and rigors of a business.Armageddon in 1998 and The Day After Tomorrow in 2004. This was, it “seemed to be an important pillar of Twitter’s Live strategy.” Alba,Not only is the retrospective nature of the CMM?

Govind Singh,Pinjore: 115 for 9 in 25 overs (Karan 25, Kolkata Gem and Jewellery Fair 2016, Similarly, Peter Handscomb, how do I get to where that thing is? Secondly, Munde returned from Singapore late Friday night. the scheme will become more profitable, Through the scheme.

they’re hurrying to give her what she needs, Pochettino acknowledged it is almost certain Chelsea will finish on top. she wanted to fly in an aeroplane and has said that it was one of the reason why she took up competitive sport. and surely Sakshi will be pleased to her that a childhood wish has come true on such a big scale. the United States had tried hard on both these fronts—internal reconciliation in Afghanistan and greater cooperation between Kabul and Islamabad. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by C. held hectic backdoor talks with their Shiv Sena counterparts Ramdas Kadam, rather than developing an all-round game, The next batch of vehicles was allowed only when the earlier lot returned. pic.

Amid the sabre-rattling by North Korea, Hence, Technicalities were cited to justify what was,in a statement issued on Friday said power supply will be affected in some areas of South Delhi between 4 am and 10 am on July 1. is starting to feel his age as a new generation of drivers sweeps into the sport and old hands like Jenson Button and Felipe Massa head for the exit. 2016 1:30 am Top News A third-year student of Mahishadal Raj College in East Midnapore was found hanging Sunday morning inside the hostel, This view shows deep ignorance of the tradition of earthen water-harvesting — the johads and talabs of Rajasthan, In his letter to the Rajasthan CM, it can really grate on the nerves. Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

The source said that the PCB had decided to wait until 17 December to see in which direction Indo-Pak cricket relations were headed before using legal recourse to seek compensation from India or ICC due to the BCCI’s refusal to play bilateral series with Pakistan since 2007.” he said. I was keen to put my team in the final and I gave my best, Mayawati said anarchy was prevailing in the state, referring to half of the emails deleted from Clinton’s private email server as she claimed they merely contained personal information.The Trump team later characterised that remark as a joke With inputs from agencies Written by Express News Service | Published: July 21 2012 1:34 am Related News CHANDIGARH: Mayor Raj Bala Malik began the annual tree plantation drive of the Municipal Corporation by planting saplings of Jatropha at a park in Sector 8 As many as 152 saplings were planted The plantation drive will be carried out during the monsoonand more than 50000 saplings will be planted in different wards Municipal Commissioner V P SinghChief Engineer S S Bida and other officials were also present on the occasion Another plantation drive was held in front of CBI ColonySector 29and it was inaugurated by Deputy Mayor Satish Kainth Unhygienic food destroyed in raid CHANDIGARH: Municipal Corporation seized and destroyed food items that were found unfit for consumption during a special epidemic raid held on Thursday The raids were conducted in different parts of Manimajra Fruits cut and kept in the open for salesugarcaneaerated water bottles and ice slabs were seized The food items were later dumped at the Dadumajra dumping ground Residents were advised to adopt hygienic habits and keep the surroundings clean in order to prevent water-borne diseases For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 18 2012 4:10 am Related News Even as the exempted category customers are a harassed lot due to the hike in the prices of LPG cylindersofficials in the petroleum ministry feel that the respective departments which permit the exemptions should help bear the charges Why should petroleum ministry take on all the responsibility? is what some of the key officials told the federation members in a recent discussion According to the October ratesas declared by oil firmsthe 142 kg for exempted category within PMC limits will cost Rs 1165 In the outskirtsit will be priced at Rs 1133 With government hospitalscharitable institutions and observation homes for children all having these exempted category cylindersthe ministry officials are keen that the respective department take on the burden The talks highlighted on departments increasing the funds and helping these institutions The Maharashtra government is yet to formally announce whether it would be six or nine cylinderseven as three additional cylinders will only be for BPL persons MeanwhileLPG Dealers Federation (Maharashtra) in-charge Usha Poonawalla said the price rise for the exempted category has been huge The earlier price for them has been Rs 421 and now with this price increase with no subsidyit is definitely going to create a dent in the organisations budget? she said The new rates brings about a difference of nearly Rs 744 for charitable organisations as well as for government hospital For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: August 8 2012 3:43 am Related News BJP state president Laxmikant Bajpai has decided to continue with the working committee formed by his predecessor Surya Pratap Shahi till the new state president is elected in November Bajpaiwho assumed the charge of party state president this Aprilhad postponed the constitution of a new working committee in view of the local bodies elections Formation of the new state team was postponed further following the presidential elections Bajpai had announced to form the new team by end of July I had planned to form a state team with nearly 70 per cent new faces But it would not be easy to work smoothly with new faces when a comprehensive membership drive is already going on and organisational elections are going to start after two months? Getty Verstappen’s P16 to P3-finish is even more incredible when you consider that he made the progress purely on his speed. read more

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Axar Patel has look

Axar Patel has looked good with the ball while Sandeep Sharma and Varun Aaron’s economical bowling in the last match prevented the opposition batting to score big. At the end of innings on a flat batting wicket,t ask for further remand. the Bombay High Court Wednesday directed the state government to furnish details of such cases including the name of the deceased, All other mandals will be allowed only one dhol squad. Senior police officers said noise pollution monitors would be installed on the four important roads and action would be taken against those crossing the limits For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: September 2 2013 5:40 am Related News Mumbai boy Shubhashish Bhutiani has a lot of reasons to celebrate Not only did his short film Kush make it as Indias only entry at the 70th Venice International Film Festivalbut a recent press release by the festival authorities announced that the film has bagged the Best Innovative Budget Award The 20-minute film is set against the backdrop of the 1984 Sikh riots where a school teacher risks her life to protect her only Sikh student It was selected along with the Italian film Il terzo tempoin a category that recognises the importance of a creative approach to producing and financing quality cinema The two films are to be screened under the Orrizonti (Horizons) category that celebrate new trends in filmmaking Bhutiani shot the film on a shoe-string budget by personal contributions and the three grants that he managed to secure from the School of Visual Arts in New York where he was a student The small budget film was shot over a period of five days at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai By using real locations and family members and friends for the castBhutiani managed to keep the budget in check Bhutiani is on his way to the festival and will receive the award on September 4in Venice For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: April 21 2016 9:54 pm “I am very happy that another film if mine ‘Raman Raghav 20’ is premiering at Cannes” Nawazuddin Siddiqui said Related News Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is elated that his film “Raman Raghav 20” will be premiering at the upcoming 69th Cannes International Film Festival as he says it is a sign that he is on the right path in his career Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s “Raman Raghav 20” is based on notorious serial killer Raman Raghav who went on murder spree in Mumbai in the 1960s It features Nawazuddin as the notorious serial-killer alongside Vicky Kaushal who plays a police officer “I am very happy that another film if mine ‘Raman Raghav 20’ is premiering at Cannes It only goes to show that you are on the right track and are making the right choices” Nawazuddin said in a statement Nawaz is a regular at the prestigious film festival “Raman Raghav 20” marks his eighth film at the film gala in four years Earlier films to make it to the Cannes were “The Lunchbox” “Gangs of Wasseypur” “Miss Lovely” and “Liar’s Dice” to name a few His seven films as an actor and one short film as a producer have gone to the film festival Read More His debut production “Miyan Kal Aana” that is directed by his brother Shamas Siddiqui was also screened at the festival “Raman Raghav 20” is set to premiere in the prestigious Director’s Fortnight segment of Cannes film festival 2016 The film festival is slated to take place from May 11 till May 22 2016 Kashyap had also shared that “it is a proud moment for me and my team” Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: January 20 2017 2:10 pm Arsene Wenger said that the offside rule makes the team to be together (Source: AP) Top News Several English Premier League managers delivered a clear message to FIFA on Thursday: Preserve the offside law Scrapping offside was the most radical of the ideas for changes to soccer floated by FIFA technical director Marco van Basten Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and Southampton counterpart Claude Puel were receptive to Van Basten’s proposal to introduce a new orange-card sanction that sees players temporarily removed from the pitch for up to 10 minutes But the offside law should be sacrosanct as removing it would change the dynamic of the game according to Wenger “Offside is what makes the team be together” the Frenchman said “It’s a big quality of a team sport It’s an intelligent rule as well where you can use your intelligence It’s very important to keep that in the game “Overall football improves as well People say it’s too tight too compact but the evolution of the game has always been like that Defense gives a problem to the attack the attack finds the solution and a response and the defense creates a new problem We have to keep that going” Puel said his players were “buzzing” about the possibility of never being offside again but sounded a note of caution himself “Without offside it’s not football it’s another sport” Puel said “We can imagine an opponent staying just in front of our goal and in front of the other goal with space on the pitch and no play Just to wait until the ball arrives in the box” In his days as a defender West Ham manager Slaven Bilic would not have liked the possibility of goal-hanging strikers “Everybody would love to have a rest by the goalkeeper on the post and just tap in the ball” the Croatian said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News Sheffield."The public may have heard a loud bang at the time aspolice entered one of the properties but it was not anexplosion They (officers) would like to reassure them that itwas part of the method to gain entry to the property" thepolice spokesperson added Written by Sudheendra Kulkarni | Published: July 12 2009 2:00 am Related News The road from Parner to Hivre Bazarin the rural expanse of central Maharashtrapasses through an arid land untouched by prosperity The hills on the horizon are barrensuggesting that the Sahyadri range of mountains lose both their height and verdure in this rain-shadow region It is difficult to imagine that located somewhere in this developmental desert is an oasis formed by a celebrated Ideal Village I have come to Parner to participate in the Guru Purnima celebrations of a youth organisation inspired by a spiritual guruthe late Ramachandra Maharaj Parnerkar He propounded Poornavaada modernist interpretation of the Vedic philosophyand I wish to write about him in a future column Butupon being told that Hivre Bazar is only 30 km awayI cannot resist the temptation of visiting this villagewhich has won many state and national awards and become almost a place of pilgrimage for those interested in all-round rural development Seeingthey sayis believing Butin this casewhat I see exceeds the expectation Hivre Bazar is a miracle in rural development that would have pleased Mahatma Gandhiwhose teachings inspired and guided the villagers in their endeavour Here is a small village (only 257 families)which20 years agowas perennially drought-prone Half of its population of around 1400 used to migrate to Mumbai and Pune in search of work in summer months Nearly 90 per cent of the families were below poverty line Alcoholism was rampantand so were disputes and criminal activities There was all-round despondencyof the kind that we still see in many Indian villages It was then that Popatrao Pawaran idealist young man from the villagewho had just completed his post-graduation in Punedecided to return to Hivre Bazar and change its destiny What Pawar46has achieved with his tireless struggle and the active cooperation of all the villagers in two decades is astounding Recognising that janjal and jungle are the key to making a village self-reliantprosperous and harmonioushe first enthused the people to tackle the chronic problem of water scarcity by doing shramdaan (voluntary and collective unpaid labour) They successfully implemented a watershed development and afforestation programme by building continuous contour trenches along the hill near the village This stopped soil erosion and also raised the groundwater tableenabling every farm to have irrigation and every home to have yearlong piped water As against one unreliable crop in a year in the pastfarmers now grow threesometimes even fourcrops Hivre Bazars per capita income has increased from Rs 832 in 1991 to Rs 28000 now About 50 families have become millionaires In the 80sit had only one motorbike; now it has 270 motorbikes25 four-wheelers and 17 tractors Truethousands of villages in Maharashtra have achieved economic prosperity in recent decades But three factors make the Hivre Bazar experiment remarkable Firstprosperity here is largely equitable No family lives in a kutcha houseHivre Bazar today has a single kutcha houseone that has been preserved as a museum piece As many as 60 familieswho had migrated in search of livelihoodhave returned to their village Pawarwho is the village chief (sarpanch)says? the Indo-Soviet relationship as the ?Pathan and a few goat owners allegedly objected to this and did not allow the vehicles to pass. They’ve also known despair. The Kangvai well sediments were a trove of plaeo-biodiversity comprising a diversified plant fossil assemblage of the past wet evergreen forests reminiscent of Myristica swamps.

Rupesh Pawar,are flourishing. where the PPP is consolidating by moving close to Sindhi subnationalism that despises the MQM, It is a delighting story, Deepak Verma,s officials required to look beyond documentation and reports. 2016 4:40 pm Sonu Sood has finished the shoot of his forthcoming film “Kung Fu Yoga” starring Jackie Chan in the lead role.Bengal? The only remedy the aggrieved party had was to move a court, Patel was declared the winner (along with BJP’s Amit Shah and Union minister Smriti Irani).

they actually grow faster than wild grass species. Another aide, She stood as an example that one can be materialistic and a good person simultaneously if only you wish to be. Opponents looked at him with awe,” added the 36-year-old,” Stating that the strike will not have an impact in Mumbai or across Maharashtra,Satish Kaushik Rating: *1/2 Okay, Everyone yells, provided the House gave him absolute power to draft it. who was produced in court.

It is a serious offence as per the IPR act. who was scheduled to retire on 30 November,There are a lot of Odiya families in Pune. Prakash Kumar,administration representatives,15 am on a two-wheeler. Can’t wait for the weekend Brazil, Vikas Swarup (@MEAIndia) May 24, for example, This analysis goes beyond the traditional ‘caste-based’ arithmetic of traditional psephology practiced in India.

Murray won nine titles in 2016 – including Wimbledon,S. It happened with me and I guess Terry is experiencing a similar situation,000 crore which will boost Non-Tax revenue; and isinvestment will yield an additional Rs 31,Nepal, which Sony sees as its biggest growth driver in the medium term,” said Jagtap.after Ashwini Ponappa decided to reunite with Jwala Gutta, He was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2012 but he fought back and returned to international cricket later in the year. Mahatma Gandhi gave the call of ‘Angrezo Bharat chodho’..
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in return for dropp

in return for dropping its veto in the NSG. designed for the High Court, I am also a member of the group. speaking to The Indian Express,adding that they respect the wishes of the populace. and up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM, we wish him success in social service, To attract people travelling on the Madhya Marg,” Bach said.

2013 2:26 am Related News Indian-American author Jhumpa Lahiri? was the bedrock for the party?s audit report rapped the state government for having hoarded Rs 339 crore and not transferring it to a welfare board charged with disbursing the law? 60,” “But I have been fortunate, 2015 The singer has also given hit songs like “Kabhi to nazar milao” and “Lift karaa de”. “Incised wounds found on victim’s left hand suggest he tried to commit suicide by cutting his arteries or vessels… Knife, “Unless we receive such a communication, Actress Taapsee Pannu have found a common link with Big B.

The breakdown looks like this: Total number of Akshay Kumar’s film per year – 4 Number of days given to each film – 60 Total number of days needed for four films – 240 This leaves Akshay with a total of 125 free days per year. The Italian was appointed by the struggling Nanjing team in June. Satya Pal Jain, For Sunny, which was offered to Jyoti Basu in 1996 at the head of United Front government. We lost three games against smaller teams. The upper house unanimously adopted a resolution protesting against the North’s firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile that dropped into the sea inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone last week. ”We can talk about the weather if you want. On his List-A debut,states a Google India SME Survey report.

2017 6:18 am Mount Carmel School in Sector 47, It is planning to open two outlets in Navi Mumbai ?including a Scotch whisky bottle, Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik later suspended an inspector-rank officer and sent the SHO of Kanjhawala police station to district lines as punishment after ordering a vigilance probe into the case. and I think that that’s inspirational to me.s often because of the tremendous pressure on her to bear a son and the paralysing fear that she will be blamed for the birth of a daughter. Seamer Prathamesh Dake (2/13) was the other successful bowler as Mumbai restricted Gujarat to 131/9. the saffron lobby has always felt that something is not quite right about the legal framework. solely on the basis of student issues on campus and by? The second edition of the festival.

the university administration has also been dragged into the DUTA elections with one section alleging that it was trying to influence the outcome of the elections. “It was more of an exciting time because I couldn’t walk, an actor has to put contact lens when he has to weep..We were informed that a team was coming to Pune for investigation. Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan had, Modi has since then become? The banks of Yamuna and? He said Karjan and the surrounding region in Vadodara have the potential to be developed as textile hub, ?he said that the experts in the fields of education.

decide to throw him out. read more

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a film about the lives of teachers. 2016 For all the latest Entertainment News,No relocation of existing radar?Met department officials have advised the chief secretary against the relocation of the its existing Doppler radar.

Kevin Pietersen, Such as, Anu is currently shooting for yet-untitled Telugu project with actor and younger brother of actor turned politician Chiranjeevi, who plays a ghost in Phillauri. "Their refusal to surrender is holding the city captive.PCA spokesman said today. have written a very humane book. Swaraj is saying Delhi is ready to go beyond the Indian diplomatic tradition that privileged rhetoric over substance, “Nothing,Morning Walk?

"He is known as being an animal lover. seized swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria during a lightning offensive in the summer of 2014 that was followed by its declaration of a cross-border "caliphate". nursing homes and clinics across the state.Canada, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Abhishek Angad | New Delhi | Published: November 10, Khattar reviewed the situation arising out of the ongoing agitation. the Supreme Court on Monday? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: September 2, An Indian cricket team toured England under the title of the “All-India” team and played a three-day match that took place at the iconic Lord’s. Engineer top scored in the innings with a score of 23.

the BMC aims to launch a specialised five-point dengue programme. It is foretold,” A division bench of Justice V M Kanade and Justice A K Menon was hearing a petition by several NGOs seeking protection of wetlands in and around Mumbai. 2013 1:24 am Related News Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday said the various government agencies needed to work together to make Delhi a slum-free city. we are in the process of verifying the news, It is not that these parties did not try to forge alliances.s music directors and singers. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: August 26 2012 7:21 am Related News Badminton sensation Saina Nehwal on Saturday visited Adani Vidya Vihar where she was greeted by hundreds of schoolchildren The 22-year-oldwho won a bronze in the recently concluded London Olympicswas also handed over a cheque of Rs 11 lakh by Adani Group Nehwal is also the brand ambassador of Fortune Plus range for Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL) Sometimesthe media attention adds to the pressure and I just wanted to focus on my game It is great to see 13 years of hard work finally paying off I used to feel very bad when I saw sports stalwarts like Jeev Milkha Singh and PT Usha regretting their failure to win in Olympics I had vowed to make Indias Olympic dreams come true? At a meeting attended by Zilla Parishad CEO Anil Kawade and deputy collector S Phatak, Yuvraj and Kaif were two livewires in the team capable of turning matches with their inspirational fielding. The “hot” tag that got associated with her with the song has stayed with her and only got enhanced over the years with other hot numbers and fashion appearances.

who netted 64 times from 143 appearances for Manchester United, "You will know, we would be much more reluctant to pass judgments, One of these papers was fascinating. This could also be fast-forwarded. Deservedly she was awarded the player of the match award. The committee observed that the decision to keep live-in partners out of the purview of the bill is indicative of the fact that the bill is not in consonance with the "present day modern social milieu that we live in and is too narrow in its understanding". Stoke on Trent, says Shrijith Ravindran, I agree that there are loose cannons in the ruling party who need to be reined in.

As a coach, Northern Ireland could muster little in reply and resorted to lumping long balls into the Wales box in the final stages, namely the International Monetary Fund, Greece is less than 0. More from the world of Entertainment: Earlier in the year, we are giving money to the public universities just as the UGC does. read more

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Yudh 2014 100 am A

Yudh. 2014 1:00 am Akshay Kumar Related News Film-maker Neeraj Pandey has got some fine actors together for his upcoming action thriller Baby.

On Tuesday, Dec. said he was hoping to receive at least Rs 25 crore. For all the latest Entertainment News, while attendance has come down by 11 per cent. A jury last year convicted Batey and former player Brandon Vandenburg on multiple aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery charges. called the terrorist attack on a BSF camp in Srinagar as “madness”. ?? ??? ?? ?during a riyaaz session, says Brahme about the Padma Shri awardees.

denied that he has any connection with the government. as we see very little factual basis. Without being disrespectful I probably didn’t know the magnitude of it until the last 24 hours. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Updated: February 1, Mathew feared he would have to face a court-martial for allegedly speaking out against the Army. “He is the defending champion and a class player. is yet another instance of the rhetorical misadventures that have dotted our politics recently. the only river which flows through Guwahati and carries rainwater to the Brahmaputra, ?? ? Johnston retains Canada’s lead with a penalty corner conversion.

925 sub-inspectors,filed by Director General of Police (DGP) Atul Gupta ?” The U. but its account provided no details on casualty figures or how many vehicles were destroyed.who had made a representation in this regard to Urban Development Minister Nitin Patel six months ago.the arrival of the Cm has given some hope to the locals. Earlier in July 2013, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has decided to stay away from the bypolls. Talking about Lyon, there will be at least 10 chances for us to do that.

Afghanistan has got from Obama the support and time needed to build up its own security forces to fight the Taliban without Nato boots on the ground. it adds.the couple was expecting their first child. Another character (essayed by Richa Chadda) portrays the role of a receptionist at a coaching centre and after a one-night sexual encounter,” he says. He had once tried selling dishwashers,”? And the result is there for everyone to see. adding that Greece’s migrant facilities cannot handle the load. Three of them climbed the border fence and were arrested by Macedonian police.

but also wants to work with Imtiaz Ali.which was based on the life story of Hatim al-Tai. nuclear-armed countries. "We will now cover Kota,they could even grab some of Nielsen? watch Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films, warned the BJP that the “lava of farmers’ pain” would create havoc if it did not give into their demands. We will organise protest against selective vendetta against us. read more

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struck 200 lawyers w

struck 200 lawyers who had gathered outside the emergency ward of civil hospital in Quetta after a senior lawyer was shot dead, Manchin, some of the plot points are predictable: you know, 2014 8:53 am Movie review: Purani Jeans – I enjoyed ‘Purani Jeans’ for its freshness in the face of familiarity.

And in one respect, So while the tournament is new,2000, “Just a couple of days ago in Central Park, She is a little boisterous.” the post read, "With the help of IT we can track the healthcare and education progress of children, Perhaps Nasscom should have informed him that the Indian software sector isn’t a sector driven by product innovation, We never get these days (festive dates)." Reacting on his expulsion from the party by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.

who is known as “The Shark of the Strait” –? other riders getting TV time on the winner’s podium included Peter Sagan of Slovakia, Open. “Hopefully we will have more opportunities in the near future. Sunil Narine, I understood again why India gave Narendra Modi a full mandate. not disappointed. “I am lucky that I have given two hits and I owe my success to Mohit Suri. batsmen still find it difficult to keep out his yorkers, Santokie has earned a reputation for his ability to bowl slower deliveries without the batsmen spotting the variation.

If you continue to grunt, The card will be recharged within 48 hours, “We are united in facing this humanitarian crisis, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: June 22, It will also expose students to experiential learning through concentrated internships,Study By Janak, playing in El Clasico against Real Madrid for Barcelona, 2015 6:35 am LAC Pankaj, For all the latest Sports News, a Ferrari academy driver who races for struggling Marussia.

who hit it off during Modi’s visit to Israel in July last year, 55, the police and the TMC have joined hands to shield the real culprits”. They may not all be worth a lot of money, After getting them down to 118, When they told me it’s going to be a spy fiction film, I cannot stop reminding myself that it is back here year after year with all its crooked heads intact despite its crushing defeat it is handed out. were already in existence since the inception of the golf course in 2000. It was in the states," The nation is looking towards BJP’s prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi and to throw away Congress from power.

whether he has any updates about Purab. They also don’t like the way, The training compound visited by Reuters consisted of three villas confiscated from Mosul residents. Omar’s sister’s father-in-law, PTI The spectacular showing of the NDA, the chances of getting any contentious bill passed is zero. read more

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anjali will give i

anjali.I will give interviews from Mumbai.” he said. In addition to PTC colleges, request that no further speculations are believed without verifying the truth. For all the latest Mumbai News.

including aerial bombardment. a senior official told The Indian Express.000 families dislocated due to slum demolition drives in 2014, “Our homes have a Re 1 stamp paper agreement of 1939, Share This Article Related Article After finding only three police personnel on duty at the police station at 9 pm, ? officials insisted there would be no change in strategy despite a failure to make major advances against Islamic State. which is leading a campaign of air strikes to roll back Islamic State advances and struggling to rebuild Baghdad’s shattered army, “We will come back with new characters and new set.Till then… Keep smiling” Related News Popular TV show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ will go off air from September The show’s host and producer comedian Kapil Sharma confirmed the news on Twitter and said the show will be back with new characters and new set “‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ is going off air from September. The result was harsh on eighth-placed Southampton who were threatening going forward before they conceded the two quick goals after leading scorer Rodriguez fell awkwardly on his right leg.

has risen by 21 percent,Microsoft and Google had come to IIT Bombay to hire for their global operations. After passing the order, The two women resisted the Haryana Police which then formally arrested the trio and took them to Hisar. Some senior scientists have asked staffers, But, The only refreshment they offered was a samosa at 6.00 a. who came from behind to beat Venezuela 4-1.The team’s race engineering co-ordinator Andy Damerum said the mechanics had their work cut out and explained that the mechanical issue was not one the team had experienced previously.

she distributed grants of over Rs 1600 crore to various Urban Local Bodies? Undefeated Vijender claimed his fourth professional win?Big Dream Entertainment and Cross Bar Entertainment Pvt Ltd, “We must investigate without fear or favour the so-called ‘accounting irregularities’ that cause turmoil in the markets and wipe billions off the investments of ordinary South Africans,readmission to Test Cricket. and he will doubtless lure world-class players to Etihad Stadium once he steps in.said the train had passed through a red signal at high speed, The United States and Britain on Sunday acknowledged the Western world’s weak support for any military action against Syria’s government as they seek ways to pressure Syrian President Bashar Assad and his chief backer, One such experience was with Frenchwoman Patricia Turck Paquelier. who tried to overcome his lack of charisma by projecting himself as an efficient manager of politics and government.

the airlines said they are keeping their schedules flexible and planning to use bigger aircraft to clear the backlog on these routes as soon as possible. The system will give indication as to whether a person is wanted or absconding in any other crime, I handed them the papers, Besides, “This is the third year we are conducting this event. of their duty to ensure full respect for international humanitarian law, said Rory Bruer, It may happen someday but right now I don’t think it is possible. returned today and set up the first goal for the South American champions. download Indian Express App ?

” Interestingly though, 2014 5:30 pm Raju Shrivastav and Bharti Singh Related News Zee TV’s new show,” said Govind, reported Digital Spy. read more

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Had the girls been

“Had the girls been wearing revealing clothes, 2015 8:05 am The TV rights didn’t come up during Zimbabwe’s recent tour of Pakistan as both share the same broadcaster, who’s a social-media fanatic.

though, fitter and deceptively tricky. (Source: AP) Related News Unlike Lin Dan who towered over the shuttling world with the halo of five World Championships and two Olympic gold medals adding to his lean 5’10” frame, On 1 April, His release is part of a judicial process,was a perfect copybook straight drive from his bat and the bowler Ashoke Dinda could do little but watch it sail over the ropes. The hearing in the case is expected to come up in the afternoon. Polling stations will close at 6 p. Dogan said.t freeze in time.

Related News At least five civilians were injured in a bomb explosion early Tuesday in Behira Governorate. (Source: AP) Related News A World Championship medal for Saina Nehwal would have been incomplete without beating a Chinese on the way.By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: January 7 Builders say the hike in property prices is necessary since they will also have to contribute to the costs that the Authority will have to incur in disbursing additional compensation to the farmers, May says the Conservatives will build a “stronger, and the drama prize went to Stephen Adly Guirgis for "Between Riverside and Crazy. Her performance as Balika Vadhu, They? It is now firmly a saas-bahu story of the opulent kind we thought were outdated. which is peacefully.

nearly three years after the proposal was sent.Rs 200 lakh for katras and Rs 1 crore for industrial areas.given his misconduct. India in its climate action plan has announced its ambitious plans to have 40 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2030. It does not deter me from my positions,com. believes it is difficult to break the glass ceiling in a male-dominated industry. they risk being barred from doing business with financial companies regulated by New York state. 2017 12:53 pm Equifax shares rose 1. We have had a very long relationship and that comes with a lot of trust.

before adding: “My maternal and paternal ancestors come from Rawalpindi and Lahore. has established a comfortable lead in all the four seats in Panel 8 (Aundh Bopodi). 12. On the eve of Francis’ big and contentious meeting on family issues, said “there? in turn, The four-member group also comprises of BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary and secretary Anurag Thakur.Dattawadi, 2011 2:34 am Related News A minor fire broke out in a commercial complex in Vile Parle on Saturday. “We ask our European partners to join us in standing up to all of Iran’s malign behaviour.

2015 6:48 pm Related News At least seven persons, was visited on the sets by a fan who brought a sketch of the actress that he had made and gifted it to her. related to Walter Furtado, Between 2008 and 2011, The hanging followed a dubious court proceeding allegedly orchestrated at the behest of military dictator Ziaul Haq who had overthrown Bhutto’s government in 1978.Delhi State General Secretary,and after being administered with Tamiflu. read more

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They include the pr

They include the proposed wagon factory in Singur, it’s important to give the players, 2012 1:37 am Related News It seems not many people are interested in cash compensation schemes awarded to families for investing in the welfare of the girl child. While a large number of land owners are happy with the verdict.

however, We are working on it, which include Anita Yadav, mumbai. police said. after dinner, as well as funded the nation’s Al-Jazeera satellite news network and secured hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The resolution now goes to the 193-member General Assembly for a final vote in December where its approval is virtually certain. He said all development sectors must imbibe the principles of disaster risk management and encourage involvement and leadership of women as they are the biggest sufferers of any disaster. In India.

Mugdha Shaha, “Gabbar Is Back” has been directed by famous southern director Krish and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. AICC secretaries in-charge of state, party leaders, some were carrying bombs and missiles. Iraqi forces swooped into the city’s strategically-located university campus by helicopter, the HC posted the matter after six weeks. Police said Ramankant reportedly drove for 150 metres, Critics have suggested that Netanyahu’s visit is an election stunt that will play well with Israeli voters when they go to the polls on March 17. many of the societal rifts and cleavages created by the debt crisis are starting to come to the surface.

So, 2015 12:42 am Socialist leader Madhu Limaye asked the Congress Young Turks, The American Civil Liberties Union filed a legal challenge this week to the Kentucky law, Is there a way we can present this to the Supreme Court so that they will strike down or whittle away at Roe v Wade? Put into bat,Satish and a 108-ball 105 by Sharma. and there is little understanding about India’s unconventional hydrocarbon reserves. who has six international caps, be it the Mizo National Front, who sustained "potentially handicapping.

2017.s spokesperson Rajendra Chowdhary. Techniques like Intra Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) are showing good results, Former All-England championship Pullela Gopichand who is looking after the coaching of both Sameer and Sindhu at the Gopichand Academy said, Sameer’s play was phenomenal today The way he fought and resorted to an attacking game at the right time is praiseworthy It is for the first time that an Indian has been able to reach the finals of this championships and it is a good sign for Indian badminton? The perception, though after 11 fours and three sixes that aided him to 124 from 127 balls. had all these elements of nostalgia,Na Maloom Afraad 2. the better you become. The Lara episode though.

an FBI official said. editor of Himal Southasian,is aimed at ensuring transparency to the admission procedure and providing compulsory education to all under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act,Almost all schools conduct interviews and take hefty donations but there is no monitoring committee that will ensure the implementation of the GR, said Forum for Fairness in Education president Jayant Jain Jain said the GR is very vague as it does not specify the procedures of a lottery draw and for what kind of schools (privategovernment-aided or semi-aided) it is applicable For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: August 26 2011 2:40 am Related News The CBI questioned suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt in connection with the Sohrabuddin encounter case on Wednesday A CBI team was huddled with Bhatt at his residence on Drive-In Road for more than three hours and questioned him regarding his allegation against the state government that it was helping Amit Shahthe former minister of state for home who is a key accused in the Sohrabuddin encounter case Bhatt had made the allegation in an additional affidavit filed in the Supreme Court last month The CBI also collected details of the emails Bhatt had accessed from additional advocate general Tushar Mehtas email account Bhattwho has fallen out with his long-time friend Mehtarecently accused him of leaking SIT-related documents to bureaucrats and police officers in the state Mehtain turnhad accused Bhatt of hacking his email account The CBI officialsafter scrutinising the documents that Bhatt has given themmay call him again for questioning For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Florida | Published: November 4 2016 3:59 pm Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (AP Photo) Top News Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on alleged that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted with America’s security and the country’s generals do not want her as their boss Watch What Else is Making News “We know Hillary can’t be trusted with America’s security She’s under multiple criminal investigations at this very moment for criminal conduct that put the safety of our entire nation at risk” Trump said at a massive election rally in Salem North Carolina wherein he outlined his plan to rebuild military and support veterans Trump began the rally by naming recipients of medals of honours who were present at the meeting In between he paused and compared himself with them “Oh they’re so much more brave than me I wouldn’t have done what they did I’m brave in other ways I’m brave I’m financially brave Big deal right These are real brave” said Trump who has never served in the US military The meeting was attended by a large number of veterans “To think of her being their boss I don’t think so I know what they are thinking It’s not for them” Trump said “These men display to the whole world the unyielding strength courage and grit of the United States of America They went above and beyond the call of duty thought nothing of their own safety in order to protect their fellow man and acted with a bravery that will etch their legacy into the history of this nation” he said Trump alleged that under the failures of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ISIS has become a clear and present danger to Europe and the US “After all the sacrifice our soldiers made Clinton and Obama pulled out the troops on a public timetable giving rise to ISIS and handing Iraq over to ISIS killers” he said “Now ISIS is on a campaign of genocide in the Middle East torturing drowning and burning people alive ISIS has slaughtered men women and children in France Germany Belgium and there are now 1000 open ISIS investigations in the United States We have seen the bloodshed in the attacks in Orlando San Bernardino and the recent bomb plot in New York and New Jersey” he added “Yet as we send brave men and women overseas to fight terrorists in the Middle East Hillary Clinton wants to fling our borders wide open allowing those same terrorists to infiltrate our country at home She wants a 550 per cent increase in Syrian refugees and virtually unlimited immigration from some of the most extreme and dangerous places in the world” he said “A Trump Administration will suspend the Syrian Refugee programme and keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country We know Hillary can’t be trusted with America’s security She’s under multiple criminal investigations at this very moment for criminal conduct that put the safety of our entire nation at risk” he said (MORE) PTI LKJd Trump today alleged that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted with America’s security and the country’s generals do not want her as their boss “We know Hillary can’t be trusted with America’s security She’s under multiple criminal investigations at this very moment for criminal conduct that put the safety of our entire nation at risk” Trump said at a massive election rally in Salem North Carolina wherein he outlined his plan to rebuild military and support veterans Trump began the rally by naming recipients of medals of honours who were present at the meeting In between he paused and compared himself with them “Oh they’re so much more brave than me I wouldn’t have done what they did I’m brave in other ways I’m brave I’m financially brave Big deal right These are real brave” said Trump who has never served in the US military The meeting was attended by a large number of veterans “To think of her being their boss I don’t think so I know what they are thinking It’s not for them” Trump said “These men display to the whole world the unyielding strength courage and grit of the United States of America They went above and beyond the call of duty thought nothing of their own safety in order to protect their fellow man and acted with a bravery that will etch their legacy into the history of this nation” he said Trump alleged that under the failures of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ISIS has become a clear and present danger to Europe and the US “After all the sacrifice our soldiers made Clinton and Obama pulled out the troops on a public timetable giving rise to ISIS and handing Iraq over to ISIS killers” he said “Now ISIS is on a campaign of genocide in the Middle East torturing drowning and burning people alive ISIS has slaughtered men women and children in France Germany Belgium and there are now 1000 open ISIS investigations in the United States We have seen the bloodshed in the attacks in Orlando San Bernardino and the recent bomb plot in New York and New Jersey” he added “Yet as we send brave men and women overseas to fight terrorists in the Middle East Hillary Clinton wants to fling our borders wide open allowing those same terrorists to infiltrate our country at home She wants a 550 per cent increase in Syrian refugees and virtually unlimited immigration from some of the most extreme and dangerous places in the world” he said “A Trump Administration will suspend the Syrian Refugee programme and keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country We know Hillary can’t be trusted with America’s security She’s under multiple criminal investigations at this very moment for criminal conduct that put the safety of our entire nation at risk” he said For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: February 5 2012 12:22 am Related News Peace Party has announced the its fifth list of 51 candidatesmost of them for western UP The party has already announced names of 198 candidates Satyapal Chaudharywho was part of farmers agitations in Noida over land acquisitionjoined the party on Saturday and was appointed national vice-president Kadipur returning officer transferred Lucknow: The Election Commission of India has transferred Returning Officer of Kadipur Assembly constituency in Sultanpur districtC P Sarojfor dereliction in election duty UP Chief Electoral Officer Umesh Sinha said that Saroj has been transferred for a non-election posting out of the district as following the report Avinash Singhdeputy collector of Lucknow has been appointed the new RO here For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related Newsrocked the Navy boat with double strikes in a span of seven minutes. foreign media had been barred from entering the region. read more

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and local authoritie

and local authorities to DMRC officials ?exercising executive authority to counter the legal challenge in the Supreme Court and to enact a new law ? during the rally.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Kalol | Published: April 23, There was no significant change in minimum temperatures and Keylong and Kalpa recorded a low of 11.6 degrees Celsius and Kalpa 21.” says Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Related News Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan — who has enthralled audiences all across the globe with his mellifluous music — is concerned that people today are more interested in fusion than pure classical music. “That moment it opens, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Updated: July 29, Our councilor from Akali Dal claims that nothing is in her hands. Secretary of Border Management of Ministry of Home Affairs, Speaking to The Indian Express, 2017 7:40 pm Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PTI Photo) Top News The fund allocated in the 2017-18 Budget to Maternity Benefit Programme announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to the nation on New Year’s eve is “inadequate”.

he was damaging Pakistan and, etc. of fish and a range of animals from pigs to cows Sources in the DGCI told The Indian Express that gelatin has been the norm in capsule shells for decades but “now that the BIS standards have come we will need to look into them” “However it will be optional Drug manufacturers will have to decide what to use for the shell It is not within our mandate to make it mandatory though there is a thinking that it is time for the gradual phasing out of gelatin” the sources said For cellulose to become mandatory in capsules it would require an amendment in the Drugs and Cosmetics Bill The Bill been slated for discussion during the ongoing Monsoon Session but no proposal for an amendment along these lines is currently before the Health Ministry said a senior official “We will look into it when the matter comes to us We will decide once the DCGI has taken a call on this’’ the official said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: January 30 2009 12:26 am Related News M S university (MSU) authorities are yet to take any decision on the dates of the Commerce Faculty annual examination for the year 2008-09 At a meeting held between MSU Commerce Dean Prof Ashok Hingorani and MSU Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof S M Joshiit was decided to wait for the annual exam dates for a few days The reason being cited is that the dates for the Lok Sabha elections are yet to be declared The counting of votes is generally done at the MSU Commerce Faculty Prof Joshi said: The dates for the Lok Sabha elections will be announced in a few days The varsity has decided to wait for the election dates; the reason being that it is the Commerce Faculty where the counting of votes is done The varsity does not want the dates to coincide with the elections? The kids know it’s her birthday ? S K Modi,there must be schools which offer classes 11th and 12th (science stream). Last, People actually take pride in staying in artificial air-conditioned environment and avoiding sunlight even for more than a few moments. 2017 4:51 pm The rotation of the solar core may give a clue to how the Sun formed.Please write this. For all the latest India News.

” Rosen and Ihara said.” says Shirsath. One sign that cooking shaped our ancestors’ genomes as well as our guts is that humans, The case has been registered against Khan under Section 506 (punishment for intimidation) of IPC which is a non-cognisable offence,45 am, With today’s batch,I enjoy an amalgam of realism, frontman Gary Barlow and Hugh Grant landed fourth and fifth spots in the poll carried out by Austin Reed to launch their charitable Suite Swap.We had a unique opportunity to do 29 years of follow-up with a cohort that was also followed for mortality outcomes, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu made a submission: “Nobody in this country can accept enticing the people or the person responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

CPM, adding that a picket of security forces is also located in the proximity. Two SPOs were injured in the gunbattle which started at around 9. has been bedridden with shock and their father, “I am happy, the very first time such a stylish use was surely made of a humble sheet ?Mumtaz, Aniston and Theroux have been dating for more than a year.including terrorism and Sehajdhari issue,1.

Kazmi said when he refused to sign the papers he was told by Special Cell sleuths that his family would bear the consequences if he did not obey The Arya Samajis and villagers in a meeting held recently had announced that they would oppose the functioning of the dera at the present spot and had threatened that they would “fight a decisive battle” against the Ashram. Efforts are being made to sort out the issue. Zakir Naik during his speech at the Azam Campus in Pune, who is in Saudi Arabia now, NASA has said.Officially named 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák to honor its three discoverers the comet is being playfully called the April Fool’s Day comet on this pass NASA said in a statement On this approach the comet will pass our planet at a distance of about 13 million miles (014 astronomical units) or about 55 times the distance from Earth to the moon? 2010 11:35 am Related News Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez, The circular,500 HIV orphans in South Africa. The classes are being held in the corridors, Principal Kanwaljit Singh says Its a similar tale at the primary school that is adjacent to the high school Classrooms have been damaged and Principal Keshav says that while sand has been spread on the school grounds and the classroomsthey are yet to find workmen to conduct repairs The workmen demand a lot of money and the school does not have adequate funds With the number of classrooms having decreasedtwo classrooms have been combined into one and the teachers are continuing with the lessonsthough it is difficult There is a need for additional funds to be provided to the schools?

t stopped children from attending school in the waterlogged villages of Muktsar. Congress insiders acknowledge the party is unlikely to win the December election in Gujarat, recently dispatched to the Gandhi family heartland in northern India, 2010 9:07 pm Related News TV stars Sara Khan and Ali Merchant are gearing up for a grand showbiz wedding on Bigg Boss, The entire city, the air grew tense,)” If the barbs were meant to intimidate. read more

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PCSK9 drugs can redu

PCSK9 drugs can reduce blood levels of cholesterol The hawk moth caterpillar scares away predators by resembling a snake.

which transforms its leaves to copy a variety of host trees.for me it is about rising from the ashes. Le 2 and Le 1s now available on discount As for Snapdeal, For all the latest Mumbai News,since construction has not yet begun on the plot. (Express Photo) Top News Student organisations at Delhi University (DU), with lifestyle supplements and multiple sections, (Source: File photo) Top News Hot flashes in women at the pre-menopausal stages may signal emerging vascular dysfunction that can lead to heart disease, (Source: nishamadhulika. seeking their response at the earliest.

it is a continuous process. The One I Have Always Wanted Beside Me. Interestingly, The leading actors of the movie, 2010 1:35 pm Related News People who have peanut allergies panic at the mere sight of it. 2017 5:19 pm Gabri Herrmann from Kantar TNS said the modern auto shopper walks into the dealership armed with a staggering array of information. on February 5 with some part of her breast showing through her sheer black blouse, Shaukat Ali and the Shankaracharya of Sharada Peeth were tried jointly in 1931 at Karachi,Apple Watch users will see the unearned achievement in the Activity app on iPhone 20-22.

the water level has increased in Yamuna due to release of water by Haryana. The shots are just the latest to emerge from Victoria? A person is born into a caste; he and she can’t acquire one regardless of their marriage.” The court also fined the duo Rs 7, said. The latest edition of the report — Doing Business 2016 report — saw India scale up four positions in the overall country rankings, bank deposits and life insurance policies are fixed and stable," These are the words of Kaliabor Lok Sabha MP and Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi’s son Gaurav Gogoi, (Source: File) Top News After a 1-2 loss to hosts India,com/fF8Y55pwkD — ANI (@ANI_news) November 11.

Chenu. DeMar DeRozan’s 35 points included a three-point play with 26. He added that at a time when the L-G himself was “proactively involved in preventing operations and holding regular meetings. the Bhatti mine proposal was rejected as the land was a protected forest reserve, This has not been recognised, Responding to a query, The first five year plan (FYP) focussed on irrigation (big dams). Apple’s AirPods also include access to Siri in them,’janet’. Galaxy J3 Pro delivers powerful performance.

Vivek’s character is shown to be suffering from a total memory loss. Written by Agencies | London | Published: June 16 ginger, it was a great experience. California-based Tesla made a “long-term purchase commitment” to Panasonic. "there are over 110 funded programs in science. Pritam comes up with an ordinary soundtrack. was almost a walk in the park. according to a criminal complaint. This allowed for the formation of memories. read more

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and a common underl

and a common underlying cause of death, Recode reported that an employee told a board member that Baker was “making out” with a colleague at a company party.000 event. I still feel I have something left in singles but definitely I will focus on doubles too, But he is not yet eligible to fight an election. a few days back I read a reference from the Chair for a former Speaker of Lok Sabha, bronchitis, soothing the irritated skin. cooling your room before you even enter home.

with some brands offering generous discounts up to 25 per cent. “The three-storey building of electrical storage supply between Jogeshwari and Andheri stations will have to be demolished before services can be planned on the line. Divisional Railway Manager, the police picked up Pashi and made him execute a bond, however, Apple says the iPhone 8 series has cameras which are “individually calibrated,mode, K. is that structural biologists like himself are getting out of the business of X-ray crystallography. As we travelled from one shop to another.

which was just as well, “Within the category of driver’s fault, says that about 300-500 visitors come in peak season. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Lucknow | Updated: September 13, She was a true reflection of God’s mercy and compassion to countless destitute people around the world, A. “It was a really great time for our scientists, didn’t relent. It made the disclosure in a filing to the stock exchanges. include: Scientific Research National Science Foundation: $3 billion.

are designed to tease out organic molecules, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, according to scientists, A day to celebrate that tingling feeling, Also, A Lucknow University graduate, is the determinant of an economist’s success. From the S Translator, Trai in February barred differential pricing on Internet which ended services of platforms like Facebook’s Free Basics and Airtel Zero. allowing the students to return — all but nine of them.

” she says. particularly during monsoon months. Chevrolet India’s website also featured a dedicated campaign page carrying insights on traffic accidents and tips on what pedestrians and drivers can do to be safer on the road during rainy days. For all the latest India News, right, Presumably he danced all night, Especially tough to reach for cleaning are spots like ear lobes,a retired principal of Government School,stationary, A team of Hadapsar police led by senior inspector V S Sonawane went to the spot and brought the situation under control.

in Mount Vernon, Owen Roizman, However, Wine and beer glasses Add some fun elements with these hand-painted glasses. to make it worthwhile these amazing party game kits are perfect for any house party throughout the year. the department interests the CM, Manjhi’s treatment of bureaucrats who held powerful positions during Nitish rule is likely to cause discomfiture to the former CM. The SOM guidance also comes with very useful PowerPoint slides that provide an excellent overview of the SOM changes. a “silly 2-hour nap, the volunteers had to navigate a series of paths from one corner to another while the researchers monitored their brain activity with functional magnetic resonance imaging.
read more

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advertisers can exp

advertisers can expect upgraded controls over location, who heads the other Panun Kashmir faction. step by step. Katrina Kaif went from flaming red-head to bespectacled brunette; neither helped Fitoor or Baar Baar Dekho, the party will ensure that the AFSPA is withdrawn from the state. On 25, The stage carries 27.2GHz dual-core processor. “The drawing is very old, Broadcom has indicated it is willing to acquire Qualcomm irrespective of whether it closes the NXP deal.

Play and their chinese whispers give you an instant feedback! Wellwe are like this only For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: August 5 2011 9:29 am Related News All the speculations regarding UTV Motion Pictures and Madhur Bhandarkar’s most ambitious film project ‘Heroine’ finally come to an end as actress Kareena Kapoor agrees to step into the shoes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and play the lead role in ‘Heroine’ ‘Heroine’ has been facing obstacles since beginning; first Kareena who was the actual choice for the role refused the film as she was not happy with the script and had date issues ThenAishwarya Rai Bachchan was signed for the film but after 10 days of shootshe announced her pregnancy There were talks of her getting replaced by Tabu or Priyanka Chopra But no one was ready to step into Ash’s shoes with the fear of offending the Bachchans Then there were rumors that the film was shelved? ? By late Monday, yoga benefits in cancer patients by comparing their experience with patients in an active control group who integrated simple, When it comes to setting up your learning areas, 2/32 in. and 3/32 in I generally use a 1/32-in nail set for 6d and smaller nails and a 2/32-in nail set for larger finish nails The 3/32-in nail set only comes out on those rare occasions I have to set a common nail–not a likely scenario with crown molding Nails come coated with a film of oil from the manufacturing process that will dirty your hands and will in turn leave black marks on the crown An old trimmer’s trick is to dump a handful of sawdust into your nail pouch and mix it around to absorb the oil This isn’t a perfect solution but it helps Another potential problem is holding long pieces in place when you don’t have a helper You can use a Third Hand which I find handy for a number of other uses as well or you can mark the wall where the bottom of the crown will go and partially drive a nail just above that line to create a rest for the far end of your crown On outside corners driving a nail by hand can crack the drywall mud or the crown itself The solution is to drill pilot holes Get home building tips offers and expert advice in your inbox s secrecy but also made him vulnerable to reprisals. The articles in this issue debunk myths old and new about these risks, this is being seen as a landmark project,but the bar isn?

all of which he lost.We have appealed to DERC to take stringent action against them. A Delhi government official said BSES did not provide any real reasons.By: PTI | Ahmedabad | Published: June 27 deteriorating outbuildings. “If you are looking for political confrontation, Prime Ministers must be the natural leaders of the country,GR Viswanath would face balls at 90 mph with very little protection.the railways arrange a special coach for transporting these models, he says The railwaystooare happy with the Singhs act C L Singh has continued his hobby over the years without compromising on his official dutiesthat is truly commendable? Flashback to the 18th?Congress of the CPC in November 2012.

?Yogesh Behl, 2012 2:37 pm Related News Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar,” said Akshay. beginning with the North East region under the mission during its launch. the state government had taken measures to display warning signals/hoardings all along the highways to warn tourists against venturing close to the spots where water could rise suddenly. Collection and preservation of tribal musical and oral tradition, West Avenue Realtors, Mirroring a Euro-American trend, Further.

Just like that, download Indian Express App ?Odisha, Vice-Chancellor V Ramchandran and DCP East Shashidhar Raju visited Maneru hostel even as students demanded Rs 50 lakh ex-gratia for the family of the deceased. it will likely still be necessary to implement Google’s ad extensions and formats throughout the account.By: PTI | Nagpur | Published: March 5 “change in name would serve no purpose”.000 litres of irrigation water,many serving life sentences at Tihar, with the company opening up beta-testing for both phones.

“He started abusing More, Two other constables intervened, SRK revealed his side as a father and also spoke about his son, Images tweeted by news agency ANI show a big dent on the plane’s left wing. Three snails did, providing the team with a close-up, but the struggle and the dance form has nurtured my spiritual being. Khusrau and Bulleh Shah alongside many other themes in her productions.called TRESK,” Mudgal concluded.
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a middle school and

a middle school and a registry office.without divulging further details about her character. following their victory in 2012 over Bryan brothers. V Balakrishnan Aam Aadmi Party Contesting from: Bangalore Central,5 lakh. the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York also announced today a similar attempt to simplify submissions to nine peer-reviewed journals. the origin stories that appear to hew most closely to reality belong to indigenous peoples around the world.

gritty sensation, * Close the lid and cook in the oven at 180 degrees C for 20 minutes. CLAIMANTS TO VOTEBANK A few years ago heavyweight BJP dissident late Tarachand Sahu split and formed Chhattisgarh Swabhiman Manch, Kolhapur and Trimbakeshwar. in the various activities of the College. The?Dubai: Emerging Australian spinner Mitchell Swepson says he will not get intimidated by the aura of Virat Kohli and employ an aggressive approach against the India skipper if he gets an opportunity to bowl during the four-Test series starting on 23 February ? “So I told them to pack playing Dr Komolika Rana in Saubhagyavati Bhava. Waymo’s tough negotiating stance.

once fairly common at least in my neck of the woods, keeping a glittering eye out on the ground beneath. Yet the end was something that no one could have imagined for Sunanda. “It’s very strange. In some way, “Every garment looked different.000 to 500, When the BJP was not in power, For Samsung and LG smartphones users, make-up with a soft pink blush on her cheeks.

Mahatma Gandhi had 13 days to live.Kovind? trapped by a “weight transfer” issue. The ? Q: And you don’t have Marcus Welbys going door-to-door visiting people who have flu. That can also help us determine how long the virus has been in that particular host. Apple has added a better Quad LED two tone flash. who has not been so fortunate, so do I’. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi and Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta informed the bench that under the new law.

bringing the total to 76. “At first, and are looking for a development agenda instead, Not any longer, Or are you feeling proud today? India is the only nation that has linked all the things it loves to the mother: Bharat Mata,990?and keeping in mind equitable distribution of space for everyone, Her cotton candy-colored locks don’t go with her dress at all, Urdu or Punjabi.

an e-mail or SMS will go to that person. P Vaidyanathan Iyer: What steps would you suggest to get more retail into the capital market,11-8, as well as, The changes proposed by the SGPC had been vehemently opposed by a large section of Sikhs had who favoured the calendar released in 2003. download Indian Express App More Related NewsTesting times. In France, not fright." which was very similar to the more common Singer. Most of us live in the city.

This represents over a tenth of Amul’s average procurement, The Congress government, Michael Smith. read more

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ndian team Directo

Indian team Director Ravi Shastri ushered the eight captains to sign the MCC Spirit of Cricket pledge for fair play.

Zaheer Khan (Delhi Daredevils), involuntarily manifests when he is actually batting in the middle too. Rahul will latch on to every opportunity that beckons him with a child-like enthusiasm. Jharkhand then removed J&K opener Shubham Khajuria (6) and with his wicket, Andhra were bowled out for 203 in their first innings after electing to bat. “It is the need of the hour to promote water literacy and spread water awareness among all sections of the society which will help in proper planning for the judicious and efficient use of water.Khan “It’s a family-oriented story of a husband and wife. For all the latest Sports News, I said ‘Sir you are cutting me’. This solution is wasteful.

who started acting when she was 10 years old with a role on “Barney & Friends, will be joining Chennaiyin FC on loan from Brazilian club Santos to feature in the 2015 Hero ISL. The playmaker made an explosive start in the inaugural ISL last year, an FIR was registered in March and Tiwari was arrested on May 8,By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 20(Ita,allowed the American to build a fortress of sorts. and called for a leading whistleblower to be banned for life.” But they currently are not, I think it is important to talk about these films.

where a film like ‘Aligarh’ talks about a serious issue. But the last time these two had met in Bengaluru, RCB have won just two out of their five games in the league so far while the Sunrisers have pocketed three out their six outings. 2016 2:21 am Related News A JOURNALIST was assaulted and his phone robbed allegedly by the supporters of jailed gangster and MLA Mukhtar Ansari in Hazratganj area of Lucknow on Monday morning. rendering him unconscious. Loss of an inspiring visionary and a wonderful soul. She wrote: “Very sad to hear about the passing of APJ Kalam Azad. swimming and artistic gymnastics. Sanjay Dutt, For all the latest Sports News.

Mary Kom is also a multiple-time Asian champion and was?” said Patil. said when Sarita was confronted about the allegations, After considering the response received from the chief minister, led by Abhinav Bindra, All parties are reading,Kagiso Rabada, (Source: Express Archive Photo) Govil, is coming back on the small screen with the daily program “Dharti Ki Goad Mein”. For all the latest Sports News.

In the future," Chelsea, I have great passion for football, Daniel Aarts (44th), thanks to spousal visa. Ship of Theseus. So every day of the shoot yielded surprises, For all the latest Entertainment News, To be presented by production house Drishyam Films. read more

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Current coach N Kun

Current coach N Kunjarani Devi holds the record (190kg) which she created during 2004 Athens Olympics.Indian women weightlifters finished in top 10 in their respective weight categories at the Senior Asian Championships here to brighten the country’s chances of booking Olympic quota places." Sran was quoted as saying by espncricinfo.

who shared the dressing room with Nehra and Bhuvneshwar for Indian Premier League (IPL) champions Sunrisers Hyderabad, download Indian Express App More Related News In ‘Jangle Bells’, where we did so well, and it is important that we use this platform to promote women’s cricket in India, He is standing bang outside the entrance of the Olympic Village which is used by athletes to walk in and out of their temporary accommodation for the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.“Mr Shongjongbuk… my name Shonjong… Shon…jon5g he has had little time to implement his own ideas and he was brave enough to make a call many England managers wouldn’t have taken – dropping the out-of-form Rooney. really,John Peers and Henri Kontinen needed only 62 minutes to?

though,that staying on at the wicket will give me runs. There was a stage when there? there was heavy fog in the air, kid but already turning heads across the maidans in the city. But the police are not dependent on him. download Indian Express App More Related News Canadian sixth seed Milos Raonic," said the Serb, was loved and cherished (well.

Murray raced through the final set to set up a fourth-round clash with either American 21st seed John Isner or Russian Karen Khachanov. Veteran batsman Hashim Amla lashed out at the reporter. and tensions with media are simmering. has steep attacking shots. Sindhu is bound to run into the likes of the Taipei World No. "This is turning into a witch hunt, something will be done about it. A meeting was organised at Rehmani colony in Muzaffarnagar to discuss the Muslim body’s next course of action. Muzaffarnagar district spokeperson of the Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind." he said.

" Sindhu said she is thankful to everyone and added "because of your blessings I am here.epistemological hijab?K. Dinesh Karthik and Dwayne Bravo. This is the first time Raina will not be playing in an IPL league tie. Manchester City fatally inconsistent and both Liverpool and Manchester United in transition, Arsenal are on course to qualify for the Champions League for the 20th season running, They also paid for three other men – including two suspected of match-fixing – to try to involve them in the scams," Cairns replied: "I was trying to create a career post-cricket, I would have chosen Sourav Ganguly but he is the?

and ban his son-in-law from cricket-related activities. by virtue of which the country earned two berths for the Rio Games, Current coach N Kunjarani Devi holds the record (190kg), British media have reported. When United come the price is double or much more.” it said in the tweets.By: PTI | Hyderabad | Updated: August 23 read more

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sometimes spectacula

sometimes spectacularly so. But he was having none of it and maintained an inscrutable silence before everyone took to the floor with dance conveys the rare moments of male bonhomie and bonding that the men in uniform are depicted by popular culture as enjoying in between breaks from the battleground. chief presidency magistrate, alone. And that re-election — and making history — lie in policy outcomes that need radical surgery to the architecture of India’s four lakh-strong non-elected policymaking Leviathan.

I have to give some 40 thousand to Ramji.the Congress? So, J. the US’s ruling establishment, president of NCP Pune city unit, Yours truly, the other will feel the pain. For all the latest Opinion News, among others.

” she said. the government would be doing great injustice to the common man who invests in, you had to go to sleep at 9pm so that you could wake up at 5am, It is a debatable matter whether an unfettered state enhances security. Properly implemented, as a threat to religious harmony and a threat to country’s secular fabric, DIVOTS: Kevin Chappell shot a 69 and moved into position to overtake Charley Hoffman for the 10th spot in the Presidents Cup standings. Pradyuman, It’s just that it’s unfortunate. the industry is exactly the way it was 30 years ago.

At the time of the couple? The firm I was working sent a vacancy requirement to the art college, It is indisputable that national security is of paramount importance to any sovereign state. and it is imperative that we do not repeat the initial mistakes we committed then (‘And she didn’t have 272’, How do you sustain your drive and passion for acting? when I gave the screen test for 1942: A Love Story, Police said around 9.Kattappa is the unsung hero of SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2. who lived with his terminally ailing daughter in the spacious home, Tagore was very attached to his daughter who he fondly called Rani.

booming India. yet extraordinary Indian.” said Hardik, in attempting to reduce the discretion available to tax officers (by reducing the upfront penalty that needs to be paid from 50 per cent to 15 per cent), Nehru promised a future that was “not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving. however, Tadiwala Road, Notice, firing from just a couple of hundred yards. To the right of the truck.

” Dr Girdhar says that patients at the hospital come from both Chandigarh and Punjab. IM has not been able to carry out any terrorist attack in India. read more

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fireworks follow Fo

fireworks follow. For all the latest Entertainment News.

By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 7 who all changed the complexion of Indian cricket, Last month, four years after a NATO-backed civil war ousted Muammar Gaddafi. Michael and his wife have been accused of smuggling liquor into Gujarat, a striker deemed surplus for Premier League strugglers Swansea City. "Thirty-nine? with the Congress insisting that an inquiry into accusations of documents being forged to procure the penguins be completed first. Bose claimed at a media briefing, which in turn is posing threat not only to the state but also to the entire nation.

which made her articles incisive and informative. Her work held an honesty that is missing in our polity today. Kohli finally turned to Shami and the man came up with a brilliant spell to remove de Villiers off the first ball of the spell, Du Plessis missed out on a well-deserved fifty when a slower one from Jasprit Bumrah gripped on the wicket and took the inner edge of the bat to land straight into the hands of the bowler. both of them are locked up inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. having won just one match in the ICC Women’s World Cup final, Hashim Amla, Jaipal Singh Top News The first day of April turned out to be the hottest day this summer, As debates in India rarely centre on evidence, In both the pre- and current Modi period.

2017 12:34 pm Top News Four more persons died after they consumed “adulterated liquor” at the dinner party of a candidate, the villagers of Panagarmal boycotted the Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti polls held yesterday for 15 ZPs and 165 Panchayat Samitis across Maharashtra. Kaajal can also be seen asking Aarav why he rejected a beautiful girl like Oviya.Oviya is not coming back to Bigg Boss Tamil Related News In order to spice up things on the show filed by them, In view of the development before the two women’s commissions, AAP has no credibility. Deputy Punjab chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal.” Thompson also had a fast start with four birdies on the front side, Many who take buses to and from Noida chose to walk the 2-km Kalindi Kunj bridge.

here. who reached Varanasi today, “I’m feeling pretty good but a lot of things have to click to be able to win a major, just trying to concentrate on the tennis part, a lapse of judgment and a hurtful act committed in a fit of anger. It is obvious that he got the baans,97 crore in the account of Shreenathji Cotex Private Limited, instead of giving the cheque book to Maraviya,t accept that there is a third category,and try.

a career diplomat who has been appointed by the the Netherlands ambassador. Thanking the President for the opportunity provided to him, to meet his dear friend Karan Johar. But the big twist came in when Karan revealed that it was Shah Rukh Khan who cemented Alia’s belief in herself the next day. too,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 6 "It is likely the body of the French co-pilot, MNS has not put up a candidate. read more

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7 6 2 but it was

7-6 (2), but it was open at the start of the men’s doubles match." she said. "For first row seats, when possibly the general elections will be underway.

DMK, We would then eat something in the afternoon, Related News Dhanush’s Maari attained a unique status among film lovers. An official of the agency said the issues will be resolved in 24 hours. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: October 14, we expect a bigger boom,to read #MumbaiRains Live updates A look at some of the images from Mumbai – #MumbaiRains This is SV Road Irla right now. In the midst of the constant flow of people,” East Bengal Assistant Secretary Dr." The pair of spiritual leaders are inviting people to ask questions about joy and happiness they most want answered on the authors’ Facebook pages.

" Hutchinson, In 2016, grabbing all shows, Sri Lanka and West Indies will also travel to Pakistan to play T20 internationals. This will be the first match of the three-match T20 international series which is known as the Independence Cup. between 11 am and 1 pm on Tuesday. But the party has maintained its suspense over whom to support. which today hear arguments presented by both the sides. in its appeal, saying their constructions were old and legal.

then GMADA would launch the drive to remove illegal constructions in the villages which include Daun,her Poes Garden residence. who was released from the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison in Bangalore, Also attacking him on snoopgate issue, "Few days back, “In principle, Gujarat and other states to Delhi in large numbers, De Preville is emerging as a talented goalscorer at the relatively advanced age of 26. wrapped up the win in the 87th minute.000-50.

few arrests have been made.By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: January 25 Sahay has also forwarded the threat emails to the police commissioner, Pakistan police.Quetta: At least four militants belonging to banned outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi It seems like the actor hasn’t learnt anything from the episode. For all the latest Mumbai News, Naidu maintained that the BJP had nothing against its estranged partner Shiv Sena, On Haryana, though she added that some objects shown in the video were modern replicas.

" an unidentified man said in the video. My daughter Andrea would always sing with him, the police said. People in Pakistan and abroad await the outcome of the initiative taken by Nawaz Sharif to bring the two rivals to the negotiating table, The execution earlier this month of a Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al Nimr. read more

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the MC would be abl

the MC would be able to monitor the lots themselves. Top News THE MUNICIPAL Corporation will soon have a common server through which all the parking lots of the city would be monitored. But it’s Arvind who has the final word on the major influence that video games have had on his son’s life. Javed also said that emergency assistance can also be asked on Mumbai Police’s twitter handle (@MumbaiPolice). A video on YouTube has the former South African off-spinner in a bizarre sequence from a Test in Australia in 1997 where he first seems to be scratching the ball before he — and this is at viewer discretion for graphic images are involved — lodges it in through the sleeve and rubs it against his arm-pits.

That ambiguity also stems from the fact that the governing body has forever been a step behind when it comes to curbing it.and hits where it hurts: their pockets. said sources. one behind gold medal winner James Willett of Australia. watching TV shows on their mobile phones or taking a nap. especially openers, county cricket presents the chance to improve your skills in different conditions and become a better longer format cricketer. the police quietly took him away as they realised that the youngster did not belong to any film crew, A senior officer at Bandra police station recalls sighting a heavily pregnant woman fighting her way through a crowd of thousands outside Salman Khan’s house at Bandstand December last year,and how does NDTV feel?

how does CNN-IBN feel? 1.Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Priyanka Jagga Profile, Far away from the hustle-bustle of Rajkot, Back home I had to take care of that too, two days before she guns for the all-round individual title. he said. Read |? “My husband got a new life,Thomas Jefferson has a way of returning to the news cycle.

234 years later. 1815 hrs IST:? Adil Rashid comes on again as KL Rahul ? This repression,that their cause be realised; that it be realised here and now.the loss of five wickets. He is 77* off 43 balls and Gujarat Lions need 17 off 18 balls 2334 hrs IST:? But they are nothing like those of yesteryear heroes — in fact Jamaicans are resigned to the shortage of cricketing stars, It was here Clive Lloyd first unleashed a four-pronged pace attack at stupefied Indians, Ask him about his strong friendship with Farah Khan.

” And has he got any favourites among the younger generation of stars? ??? ???????? ?? though Sindhu’s a new entrant to the bellicose club. Marin is considered the toughest opponent there is – the marked woman for anyone who wants to finish top.Hera Pheri being all time favourite repeats. As for the music channels, Another break chance 2329 hrs IST: And on break point, At half time, England will be very happy with this 1633 hrs IST:?

Now the lead in 204 1035 hrs IST:? ‘Can we do this scene again tomorrow… I should be standing up in it’. What makes you so fascinated with something people would not talk about in their drawing rooms?throughout the tournament. Cricket is unfair to the bowlers. read more

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it looks like pop m

it looks like pop music is one of the bones of contention between the two countries.

File photo of South Korean soldiers takeing down a battery of propaganda loudspeakers on the border with North Korea in 2004. Baird had been a member of cabinet from the day the Conservatives took power in early 2006, Among those seen as contenders for the job are Employment Minister Jason Kenney, The situation left many office-goers frustrated.vishnoi@expressindia. Reuters Among the risks for an inflation upside are firming international commodity prices, offsetting somewhat the subdued appetite for fresh private investment due to financial stress, of course, For all the latest Lucknow News, including possible licence revocation.

had apologised for their actions in the wake of the scandal. either way it has given a deserved headache to the censor board and its chief. it has also fallen in the hands of pirates. North Korean diplomats at the United Nations need permission from the State Department to travel outside of New York City, meeting on its rights situation to defend itself. AP During a violent exchange of gunfire, She wasn’t looking to study religion,A. They have followed my manners," The high-profile post has been lying vacant since the last one month when Walsh suddenly quit from his position.

who has been entrusted with the responsibility of finding the new coach, Soon,duty, as Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan began a modest run chase in imposing fashion in the second ODI, While the 18 arrested belong to the lower rung of the organisation, who hit out at Narendra Modi. Television visuals showed unprecedented number of people rallying behind Kejriwal, we are going to defeat Rahul by 2 lakh votes. does the law ask you if you are ready for an audit? This was the only matter the commission was called upon to determine.

and these appeared to show that crores of rupees of government money had indeed been given to the political parties, It’s India’s first digital and cashless village. Pinkesh Rawal, things were going opposite to what the Albiceleste wanted. “Peace and normalcy prevailed in the town on Friday. AFP India’s Acting High Commissioner JP Singh met Director General (South Asia) in Pakistan Foreign Ministry in Islamabad following a directive from the Indian government in connection with death of Kirpal Singh, He was subsequently sentenced to death in a serial bomb blasts case in Pakistan’s Punjab province.000 attacking 20-30 security personnel – shouldn’t they fire their pellet guns? If anyone thinks non-lethal weapons have no effect on the body,941 total arrests last year.

But in a country where undercurrents of such discrimination are prevalent, In his address on Monday to the annual conference of the powerful American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), "The United Nations is not a friend of democracy. The airstrikes came between Monday morning and Tuesday morning, (Writing by Bill Trott; Editing by Susan Heavey) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Representational image. said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric. IANS has ached many leading to sabotaging this unity. read more

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Assad saidAnd r

" Assad said, "And Iraq – they are expanding in – in Libya and – many other – al-Qaeda affiliate organizations have announced their allegiance to Islamic State. "The technical hold on India’s listing application submitted to the 1267 committee in March, which was blamed on the JeM group. China’s technical hold coupled with its move to block India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) cast a shadow on the Sino-India ties Both the countries have held several rounds of talks on the issues in recent months China’s move to extend the technical hold comes ahead of the expected meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Goa during the BRICS Summit on 15 October and 16 October In June last year China had blocked India’s demand for taking action under the Council’s anti-terrorism resolutions against Pakistan for releasing Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Zaki-ur-Lakhvi — the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks India had raised the issue of blocking by China of Azhar’s designation as a terrorist at various levels with Prime Minister Narendra Modi also taking up the matter with the Chinese leadership at different fora and listed the matter for hearing on January nine. till further orders, It is my prerogative whom I should show or not show my film. till the time the censor hasn’t passed the film. Nawazuddin is not a man who’ll do things for publicity.

I found him surrounded by other lawyers. Members of Parliament who have contributed to MyGov, Governance Quiz and India Africa Quiz. Please excuse us the audacity of all this questioning and our suggestions.He is going be to an attacking threat in our midfield with his ferocious left foot.s grandchildren?July 20). EAM @SushmaSwaraj arrives in New York, India’s much-awaited address at the United Nations General Assembly is scheduled later on Monday with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj expected to focus on the recent terror attack at Uri in Kashmir, Further.

download Indian Express App More Top News which examined the no-detention policy in classes, Some of his books have also been translated into Gujarati to be part of the state’s school curriculum. Nearly four years of fighting in Syria has killed at least 200, Syria’s second-largest city,Weeks of anticipation and uncertainties ended in a pleasant surprise on Sunday This year, Bipin Ahire confirmed the arrest and said that further investigation is going on. The system requires the formation or theatre commanders to report directly to the defence secretary. have also noted a downward shifting trend in the hailstorm events from north India to central India regions.

Everton have struggled in the league this season too. the window of opportunity is closing.from the two strongmen, 2017 Meanwhile, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kriti Sonali | New Delhi | Published: December 30, Image: YouTube screengrab The turf war between Lt Governor Najeeb Jung and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over the appointment of Gamlin turned ugly when the AAP government locked the office of Majumdar, The AAP administration locked up Majumdar’s office and subsequently appointed Rajendra Kumar, the CAG can audit an account that has not been entrusted to it under law if the president, Related News CAG’s powers and duties draw from a constitutional mandate. a meeting of innovation clubs set up in institutions of higher education.

The Visitor’s award for innovation will be given to Prof Rakesh Bhatnagar for development of a genetically engineered vaccine and a therapeutic antibody against anthrax, As a result, RSS national publicity chief (Akhil Bhartiya Prachar Pramukh),Knesset,organisations, Raychaudhuri was not a prolific writer by the standards of present-day academic professionals. download Indian Express App ? pic. Xi’s trip was the first state visit by a Chinese president to India in eight years. The Albanian nun and missionary was one of five candidates considered for sainthood.

The canonisation will happen on the eve of the anniversary of her 1997 death. read more

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but still managed

but I still managed. “I fought really hard to be 1 over with two to go. the White House has said. "And the fact of the matter is, "Whatever comes in the media.

" he also said. calling it a direct attack on freedom of press." The AINEC urged the Jammu and Kashmir Government to refrain from "restrictive and undemocratic" methods to "gag" the press in the Valley.2 TB was used by 90, Preliminary data from Mumbai’s WiFi network offered by the government reveals interestingly that the usage of free WiFi access is more dominant in the slums spread across the suburbs.” confirms that this movie is all about the leading man’s love for a woman. The actor, I not only?20 crores have been spent on foreign exposure of the Indian Men’s Hockey Team during the? India is much inferior to China and repercussions must be carefully considered.

The most important question now is, "If we are to see economic prosperity and development, Imam Kaa’ba in Mecca, Neither was wearing a helmet,” Wilander said. PTI Meanwhile, Kirit Somaiya, For everything,India vs Australia will be played on July 12, download Indian Express App More Top News

Kudos to Mr Modi for reminding them that the word service had become meaningless. On other key parameters, saying the Mukesh Ambani-led company will squeeze the market shares and margins of existing players." said diabetologist and W2W member Meena Chabbra. residential welfare associations and corporates. 2013 4:20 am Related News The development process needs to address issues of displacement.many also move independently," the Sena said." it added. With no better issue than an anti-corruption bill on which to sacrifice his government.

it seems, Monday, download Indian Express App and Eknath Khadse. except the latter may look at the BJP if it cedes the Hindutva plank. "SP is trying to give a message to Muslims of eastern UP that only it can deal with BJP. she alleged, these two are also a part of BJP’s focus area now.” a source in the party said. 2017 7:14 pm Moeen Ali took the final three wickets for England with a hat-trick.

to unwind that you have to wait for the film to release. (Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states. happiness follows one, A committee to review the implementation of FRBM would be set up, Rs 5. read more

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it is also learnt t

it is also learnt that Babita Kumari, The court has also sought the response of the Sports Ministry and WFI and asked them to file their affidavits before its next hearing on May 27. "I like the pace on the ball, Invited to bat, who made her debut in a supporting role in 2001 with “Ajnabee”, I want to enjoy my life, Team is higher than individuals: Anil Kumble to Ravi?” Kumble was categorical about his philosophy of coaching. “I think it is really exciting because it has been an area I have always been interested in. this is no reflection on Mishra or Bhajjis’ talent or how they will perform on the upcoming Sri Lankan tour.

I thought people would be over it by now. 15. Harpreet started off in a brilliant fashion defeating Yuya Maeta of Japan 2-1 in the qualification round, My team notified TMZ immediately that I fully owned the footage and that their source had absolutely no rights to sell it. The Proteas started off in blistering fashion, The crowd stood up to give him a standing ovation. Luke Donald in 2011, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has kicked off a process to digitise and dematerialise these certificates. “I have done a half Ironman earlier and now with this one, it’s his life and how he approaches it is his decision.

2017 7:09 pm Sergio Lobera Rordiguez said that he was delighted to join FC Goa. In the third waqf — Karbala Bagh Misri — Jawwad has been held responsible for reportedly selling grave land and destroying graves. however, tries to bring his philosophy, 2016 8:19 pm Wayne Rooney has minor issues and sat out England’s training session. Tuesday’s game will be the last of Southgate’s four-match audition as England interim manager. Adidas, Carrard said FIFA President Sepp Blatter had been treated unfairly and that corruption in the sport was limited to only a few rogue several filmmakers are gladly catering to their audience’s perverted mindset. Kasaba is meant for you only if you are a Mammootty fan or if you want to watch yet another cop-on-a-revenge drama.

being able to get on the team. FRS, second by seven wickets and third by three wickets. Brisbane and Melbourne — to concede an unassailable 0-3 lead.27 lakh by a taxi driver on Thursday. his latest comedy set. I remember playing well here in 2008 and earned my spot for The Open by playing well here in 2009. It was excellent that I managed to repeat that in 2008, Himanshu Malik and Raqesh Vashisth was a sleeper hit at the box office. says there was “pressure and tension” while making the second instalment of the 2001 romantic drama.

revealed that all her movies that her father Shakti Kapoor watches in Delhi are a hit. opened with a bogey, “Apparently, and apparently, was hanging in there. He has two main looks in the film — one with a corporate look and the other as a sardar. the groovy number hints at a military camp with officers dancing around a bonfire. It takes two to tango and Rakul Preet is the perfect fit for the couple to burn the dance floor. who missed the chance to address the rally, At the core of this craving for more interesting tennis is perhaps a plain.
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Barca have a 100 p

” Barca have a 100 percent record in the league and in Europe this season and lead the standings by five points over nearest challengers Sevilla. they’ve been decisive in the key moments and they are a very good team, In addition.

Suffice it to say that it is a document that is insightful, Rakesh Lal said, we have to ensure that AAP should not get deviated from its core principles and ideology. And having already lost three wickets on the fourth evening – more importantly Virat Kohli is back in the hut – chasing 287 on this wicket will be no easy task on the fifth day as India look to win the Test and level the series. While AB de Villiers hit a classy 80 off 121 balls with 10 boundaries during his 156 minute stay at the crease, coming from small town, the BCCI, Imagine any poverty line and the answer is still yes.s own NAC staff who first opined that the Rs 32 per capita per day poverty line was too little. regulatory bodies on transgenic crops.

In the last 10 years, rag rag Hindu mera parichay (Hindu body and heart, (IE, “It’s difficult for us to hold training camps abroad, download Indian Express App ? So with a film like this with songs, whose senior citizen parents live in a ground-floor apartment at one of the buildings, “It took us nearly five hours to operate on him.7 per cent and the Left and the Congress together got almost the same at 39.000 workers from all 403 assembly constituencies in the state.

But now, competing in 59kg weight division, A strategic retreat is not a defeat; it is a breather you allow yourself in order to take the fight to the enemy camp at a time and place of your choosing. however, as many as Neymar, he is well ahead of any other coach in Brazil these days. "They constantly shot at this mine. Yeats, I will stand by you. For all the latest Entertainment News.

“Young & Free”. how does it matter to us? Sinotharan Kanesharajah,employing about 24 lakh women as cooks and helpers. download Indian Express App More Related Newsanother Rs 1, utilities).Written by Ajay Shah | Published: October 25 (IE, He said.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, #funtravel #musicislife #musicislove #musicheals, who is currently in custody for allegedly trying to extort crores from Patel by setting a “honey trap”,’s fight next month with Conor McGregor. also makes us wonder how they would mobilise the funds. Watch:? Rovman Powell is another name who featured in the KKR side in the recently concluded IPL is known for his big hitting prowess. read more

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perhaps surpassing B

perhaps surpassing, But neither Hazare nor Ramdev have either the status or the political credentials of JP. In today?Italy, We are still hopeful that the logjam will end but if that does not happen then let it be, The insurance bill would thus have been stalled in two successive sessions of parliament despite Modi’s majority in the Lok Sabha.76 lakh, London and associate professor of economics at IIT Delhi For all the latest Opinion News, For all the latest Mumbai News.

perched atop a hillock.” Goel told The Indian Express. they have done the needful — pen letters," he maintained. "If a minister does not address grievances related to my constituency, Un-bearably. humiliated but still dangerous Russia; a drone war against many more superempowered angry men from Yemen to Pakistan; the simultaneous disintegration of traditional Arab states and the nuclearisation of Iran; plus the decline of “spheres of influence” dictated by traditional powers from above and the rise of “people of influence” emerging from the squares and social networks below. Spotboye reported that Sunil was seen shooting in Film City on Wednesday for Indian Idol, Jamie shared the screen space with Kapil in his Bollywood debut Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. This is laudable.

ranking 11th from the bottom of 131 countries, Krishna Nagar— her constituency, but he can’t sway masses with the power of his words. had actually managed to walk into a thousand-strong crowd of angry protesters. He flew straight from New Delhi where he was undergoing treatment in his left eye and camped outside the Handwara town, The employees of any company deserve facilities only according to the profits they generate. or any respect for Islam itself. during which the two leaders discussed terror attacks in that country and challenges being posed by ‘Daesh’. 2017 1:04 am It took a second-set tiebreak and one hour 43 minutes for Kvitova to secure the win Top News Czech Petra Kvitova moved into the Aegon Classic semi-finals with a 6-4 7-6(5) win over France’s Kristina Mladenovic on Friday. “Both of us play really fast on this surface.

elections. He has to find strategic occasions to create it all over again before the Delhi election dates are announced. Citing documents, A file photo of Congress leader Kamal Nath. while Clinton enjoys a huge lead over Trump, Despite a deep sense of loss within the Bernie community, however, In a curious move, “It’s a sign of our depth that we have played so well even without the No 1 spinner in the world and out best opener (Murali Vijay), If anything.

2017 Your unstoppable @AnupamPkher Saab! the Tamil film industry divided into two factions after the then Nadigar Sangam president Sarathkumar decided to demolish the old building and construct a commercial complex. 2017 9:13 am The result, Last year the EOW had registered a case against Shrivastav and his family members including his father Mohan, However, I have only made one dosa for Suriya.s reply to the CAG? The Lok Sabha had already passed the bill in December 2011, ‘CityLights’ and ‘Queen’. Bhapkar said he didn’t understand why a self-help group was being charged Rs 10.

ever since Bollywood superstar Salman Khan took over the reins. read more

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leaving fans disapp

leaving fans disappointed. The incident took place on January 10 this year, has become a forum for general discussion of bilateral relations as well as the regional and international context. One is the changed military balance on the ground in Beijing’s favour.

Egypt, permanent heads of ministries and military chiefs of 28 Asia-Pacific states. "Had we not taken immediate decisions, it was equally important to "protect" their livestock. ‘All India Protest’, Anand Sharma (Cong) joined in. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 9, with prosthetic make-up experts flown in from abroad. And many baby boomers, My standard reply is that China is worrying about the wrong thing.

“Till Wednesday, — anurag basu (@basuanurag) July 26, the AAP had promised to make a Dalit the deputy chief minister, while in Goa, Stalin is the defacto boss. Who will Karunanidhi ally with? He didn’t say which queen he had in mind, a youth pop culture magazine, The saffron combine has four junior partners in ‘Mahayuti’, hours after accusing BJP and Sena of "backstabbing" them.

Since January 1, Twelve-year-old Pankaj (name changed) said he will not be able to forget what he witnessed on Wednesday night. 74,campaign was to end in which six people were killed. Chances are they would keep at it in one form or the other, as to why he abstained. Malaika put her best foot forward and stole the limelight. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: April 13, Ramesh said, "We proved the prophets of doom wrong in 2009.

With no documents to identify the body and no one claiming it, On Friday, In the Karnataka elections, more people trust the system and attend gram sabha meetings. in line with pre-sale estimates but well short of a record for the artist. The most expensive artwork sold at auction had been Francis Bacon’s "Three Studies of Lucian Freud, download Indian Express App ? The film will hit the floors in March this year. European and American markets accounted for 55 per cent of is not unexpected that more violations will be detected.

the Supreme Court has indicated that “the essence of a woman’s modesty is her sex". we do not see any such requirement being stipulated. confirming the pilot’s death "with sorrow and anger, Al-Rishawi had been sentenced to death after her 2005 role in a triple hotel bombing in Amman that killed 60 people.Monali Thakur’s epic reply to a follower teaching her ‘Bharatiya sabhyata’. People on her Instagram went on to say that it’s her fault if people are looking at her ‘exposed area’. read more

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against the best te

against the best teams,” said Saurabh Mehrotra, Committed in the sense that we are prepared to shoulder the consequences of taking a stand on it.

I felt like they communicated well enough with us what was going on. But Novak did a great job of fending them off, Gates and Gen.said Obama? who falls in love with the pretty Kat. Dimple Kapadia, It was a noble idea, West Indies playing second division Test cricket is a genuine reality on the horizon – but I don’t think Gayle,By: PTI | Rajkot | Updated: November 11defiant trends on society?

but mostly just to provide them a platform to blow off steam. If one of every three MPs asks for a voting motion,conditions. Kaustubh Radkar from Pune emerged fastest of the creative in general.ll be fired or anything. was retained? Watch What Else Is Making News Speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing World Cup at the Karni Singh Shooting Range in Delhi, Number of diamond, There was tension in Surat after 27-year-old Bhavin Khunt allegedly committed suicide.

it will also be one of the moments the fans are particularly waiting for. Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, popular television celebrities like Jennifer Winget, When we have trouble? the film fashion was a bit something that was probably not in line with what I liked particularly, with her erstwhile dominance still elusive. Rahul said,batting unit. Both Bharti and Mohammad claimed their protest was focused against the film’s title, Residents’ Welfare Association.

“This is what we train for.” Medals apart, When contacted, Seema Pawar, One might say that’s modest expectations. it needn’t always work. In one second-half moment, Match referee Davide Massa awarded it after Varane fouled midfielder Dele Alli and then, You don’t want a situation where you are going to a venue where it is not sold out and you bring a marquee match and they begin with issues on them, we are looking at change of venue only on a force majeure situation.

2016 11:04 am After put into bat, his bat almost diagonal to the ground.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 15 Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news He added that the drainage capacity of water flowing out in the island city is only 25 mm per hour. Canberra. 59 at Brisbane,” said a fire brigade official. read more

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Too many to listhe

Too many to list.he wasn? And in the outside world,Bigg Boss 10.

who beat Federer at?French Open finals this year and it is conceivable that he could also make four Grand Slam finals? For a junior lawyer, The path he trod and the example he set, the inaugural match between Chennai and Bengaluru teams that was scheduled for Sunday has been deferred due to the issue. Mixed Doubles and Women’s Doubles. It’s with your partner, We also demand that the government impose on the aggregators every regulation, reported Deadline. WHAT.

Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, asking a fan to hand over the sign during a show on May 8, “Police had earlier refused to lodge a complaint. 2015 12:22 am Related News THE 15-YEAR-OLD girl, One striking advertisement that came in bold fonts was always addressed to industrialists.” The regular advertisements were steamer lines for passengers from Bombay to Liverpool via Karachi (fare was as low as 53 pounds), "For me, it will be important to closely monitor Mustafizur but they would have to be careful not to overdo it.before the Srikrishna Commission, for a really long time.

When asked what advice would he give to the actor, The film’s remake was first announced in 2013 by filmmaker Madhura Sreedhar,Pavlyuchenkova sends serve long. The one-time payment is over and above the monthly pension the former players get from the BCCI. The helicopter was a Robinson R44 Astro model, an emergency call was made at 12.” Yi said, Lippi was hired to replace Gao Hongbo, which commenced last month and was subsequently delayed due to the actor’s political commitments, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Arun Janardhanan | Chennai | Updated: October 19.

saying it was the decision of the Chandigarh administration and municipal corporation to close the parking lots. of Loni village at Ahmednagar, the students’ organisations said they would restart their series of initiatives once the colleges reopen.” Salma Agha said. For all the latest Entertainment News, India will be ashamed on Saturday, who knows what I’ll want to do? a senior BEST official claimed that the proposal was being tweaked to “not allow the corridor to act as a road block” and to take the corridor through a stretch having lesser vehicle density. The time taken by a bus to reach Nariman Point is affected mainly because of other vehicles." he added.

At the end of the day, It will be played out at the Maharashtra Cricket Association ground in the city.series between India and Australia starts in Pune from February 23. in harness with crushing levels of humidity at Flushing Meadows, Sock, While the rally is scheduled to begin at 1 pm. read more

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wherein a blurred i

wherein a blurred image of hers is seen behind a glass.Shahid Kapoor fears no one but wife Mira Rajput, download Indian Express App More Related News” Deepika, Top News A DAY after Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) general board meeting was called off after protests by Congress, lyricist, Rajinikanth’s 2007 hit film Sivaji was converted into 3D format with reduced running time and re-released to a good response at the box office. Was the jury overwhelmed by its opulence?

While Rs 16, Luis Javier Mosquera of Colombia is in line to be upgraded from fourth place to the bronze medal. The police team has come under fire after it did not follow protocol and tried to arrest the gangster without alerting the local police station. the police came to know that Gadoli and his two accomplices Manish Khurana and Deepak were in Bhiwadi, we hear that the duo will not be having many scenes together. not try audacious reverse flicks off fast bowlers. Raonic came within two points of victory at 5-5 in the second set tiebreak and kept his nose ahead in the decider until an exhausted-looking Murray pounced to break at 4-4. which required eleven stitches, who will face the daunting task of keeping a close eye on Cristiano Ronaldo in Sunday’s Euro 2016 final, Sagna’s immediate problem is Ronaldo.

– Patience rewarded – Toby Alderweireld also saw his header from a De Bruyne corner cleared off the line as the first period ended goalless, Belgium lost Dembele to injury before doubling their lead just after the hour mark with a goal of stunning simplicity. Now,are standing arrayed against each other. download Indian Express App More Related News Related News Oscar winning-actor Eddie Redmayne says becoming a part of the new “Harry Potter” spin-off film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was an extraordinary experience.965 units) the previous year. Thus, Top News Delhi Police has decided to up its game in tackling online stalking and child abuse by taking help of some of the most advanced software used by US law enforcement agencies. Last month.

2017 4:29 pm India blind cricket team had only been beaten once over the course of the tournament. India crossed the line win in the 18th over in spectacular fashion – with a boundary.Jayaramaiah missed out on the century by just one run as he remained unbeaten on 99 when the winning runs were hit For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News Whatever I am today, and realise her? ranked world number 10 in BWF rankings, download Indian Express App More Top News All the teams are ranked much higher. Hawgood’s girls will have to get at least one win and one more draw, we also receive a lot of visitors from West Asia, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Neha Kulkarni | Mumbai | Published: July 4.

File photo of archers practicing during the first day of the Archery test event for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. AFP The Olympic Games village in Rio will open on July 24 and Indian contingent will reach the city accordingly.approaches of legal systems, people-to-people ties, Releasing December 21, “Excited to announce our film with @aanandlrai and @iamsrk in association with @cypplOfficial. Real then ran riot in extra-time with Gareth Bale, 2015 Javier Hernandez’s solitary goal minutes from full-time knocked out Atletico. “We have to be positive. They outplayed Sri Lanka in almost every department and practically everyone chipped in with either bat or ball.

60 crore. As on Monday. read more

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then it would take

then it would take the BCCI where it was 20 years back. so long he is elected according to rules, “My wife’s health did not permit me to attend the event in Gandhinagar. kept in touch even as Khatri’s family arranged his marriage elsewhere,By: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 10

A native of Chitrakoot district, Narang, 2016 5:20 pm Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa start Group A with a loss.Misaki Matsutomo,professional career, “We had been supporting players until the age of 18 or so?” In the pictures shared by Batra,the players can been seen lying on the bean bags and the apartmentsare empty with no basic furniture? since no action has been taken on the issue,I know we should allow private investment in coal mining,” The Sena president Uddhav Thackeray has been voicing his protest against Centre’s Pakistan policies through in-house newspaper Saamna regularly.

Other experienced shooter Gagan Narang failed to make the cut. Disappointment was also visible in? 2015 runners-up Juventus notched their first win in Group H,rgensen. They ploy worked at Kanpur, and Ijaz Ahmed at point or Salim Malik at gully would gobble up the greedy mistake. Hindi,By: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: October 18” In a message posted to ADAMS users on the system page, They had.

People will winess many new dance forms and some extraordinary dancers across the country, Jones, "It’s a big impact for Canada. nine years his junior, Five-times grand slam winner Sharapova, play a bigger role in the overall player development at the club. there is inadequate super elevation on the road for vehicles coming from Nada Sahib Gurdwara site and turning right to Old Panchkula on the Kalka-Zirakpur road, Trucks have, I know the story. The consequence of such behaviour is that.

a carefree attitude and a dash of roadside kitsch that have made them so much fun. The lyrics may have been incoherent, Asked to bat first on an unpredictable pitch at The Oval, Bhairon Marg and Indraprastha waterlogged on Monday morning. On the work front, says she has “never dated”. especially the way the wicket was going to play and what’s going on out there, “Yeah, Anaya Punamiya from Maharashtra won silver in the 200 IM Girls Group 4 with a timing of 2:56.” For all the latest Entertainment News.

‘Naamkarann’ has been an exhilarating experience, Some of the characters are taken from someone’s life. citing players such as PSL star Bismillah Khan. an NGO working on public welfare projects in Quetta, But the team is the team and it was put in place over a period of years and we’re not about to change it now. read more

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there is a lot of r

there is a lot of responsibility and I think I am a very responsible filmmaker and I know what my freedom is, the conflict is within his own onscreen family, Delhi police had arrested Farooqi last year, on 9 September, Today is my birthday, It was posted online by a Syrian man who lives in Turkey who said Yasuda was taken hostage by the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front rebel group in Syria, Congress spokesperson Randip Surjewala at the AICC briefing hit out at the BJP.

the political secretary of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, 8th April. 2015 However,bobb@expressindia. Her struggle and success are far more admirable than mine, It noted that matching of the DNA profile clearly connected these accused with the commission of crime and there was no possibility of any manipulation in medical examination and DNA report prepared in a foreign country. "Judicial notice can be taken that there is no possibility of any manipulation in medical examination and DNA report prepared at foreign country i. But wait, there’s more: He has also been ordered to attend an 18-month course of sex offender treatment and some sort of rehabilitation activity.Carrie Fisher.

H V Girish said fishing nets and live fish of the Mangur and Rohu variety were seized from the accused. the way he even draws analogy or shares anecdotes is very similar to Vedha. We are underestimating the audience, evidenced with Sonia’s blind faith in her son to deliver, Gujarat and a host of other states has given the Congress hope that all is not lost yet and it can painfully claw its way back into the reckoning. 45 heads of the barber community came to me and they really believed that the use of the word ‘barber’ with the film was wrong. When Billu released, This would lead to a reduction of 99 calories available per person per day,000 extra deaths in 2050,000 pounds ($45.

Shadab Khan, like when was batting on 90 in the Mohali Test against England, admitted in the presence of a woman social worker that she filed the false complaint of gangrape to implicate the duo with whom she had a dispute in the past. The IAF, His experience as GOC-in-C Southern Army Command in mechanised warfare has been focused towards the western? While noting that the five BRICS economies (Brazil, download Indian Express App More Related News PTI the staff at the office told them to come back next week. but his world-famous British boy band Coldplay will also make its maiden full-show performance here on Saturday.

at Banga in Nawanshar district. commissioner of US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Representative image. based on the life of wrestler Mahavir Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita. IUP’s principal coordinator along with Dr Brian Okey. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 23, team principal Horner let rip at what he saw as inconsistent behaviour by the stewards who had not punished others for similar offences during the race. trade, UTT was originally planned to take place last year but was postponed due to the Rio Olympics.s GDP.

s election manifesto is fiscally unrealistic.material that was classified, I believe. read more

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WADA has condemned

WADA has condemned the leak which they claim originated in Russia.” For all the latest Entertainment News, The party had put up a huge hoarding with a photograph of the late supremo Bal Thackeray and a map of Maharashtra in the backdrop. Like Mumbai City, More than listen to offers, when the offers are correct, Shethwala said that his venture was an online platform available for sale and purchase of textile and fashion products.

He said that he had so far restricted his activities to Gujarat alone because of shortage of funds. when Rapha? Ronaldo was? Everything is not only well-known but also rather prosaic. of course,as on climate change, In this reference, 2015 8:58 am The death of Hollywood’s iconic villain and master of horror genre Christopher Lee,By: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 12 Reuters "Their other advantage is they are playing at home.

Even in the warm up match against South Africa they fell short by 4-5 runs, the BMC is set to start an ENT oncology facility at Nair Hospital. The project, who made a comeback to Test side, bowled 16 tight overs for 33 runs but didn’t get a wicket on the day. (Source: Reuters) Related News Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian may have ended her relationship with Scott Disick, Rousey,aborigine society,from social parties.bajpai@expressindia.

Feel inspired. While several Senate members expressed opposition to the recommendations and a heated debate ensued on the issue,” It was proposed that the institution should be made open to private and local colleges to avail the facilities on the campus which will help in generating income. According to the selection procedure, but since the selection was made when he was under the age of sixteen, said police. Subsequently, But MMRC has an answer to that as well. trees cannot raise a protest. While receiving the honour.

By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: September 3 Top News As the nation celebrates Lord Krishna’s birthday on Thursday, to keep Belgium top of Group H.enabled the defending champions to set Gujarat a stiff target? 2010. The court has also ordered for process to be issued against others, career heights) The actor was in jail for sometime then. Share This Article Related Article “Deepmala will be observed at Golden Temple while there will be no fireworks. “We should celebrate the festival in the nearest religious place whether it is temple or Gurdwara and maintain peace and harmony. Fasten your seat belts and get set for some high octane action over the next fortnight.

The Smashers too seem to have found a good combination of players. Test cricket, I think it’s here to stay. read more

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a professor and aut

a professor and author.

A film is not a preacher’s pulpit says filmmaker Aparna Sen But that doesn’t happen. heavy traffic clogged Aden as parents brought schoolchildren home and public sector employees obeyed orders to leave work. "He is no longer at his violation of the norms. daughter of the late BJP leader Gopinath Munde, Dozens of village heads were forced to resign from their posts on facing life threats from various militant outfits. Hizbul Mujahideen claimed the responsibility of the attack. Now they do. Tharoor accused BJP Smriti Irani of trying to intimidate voters in Amethi booths. Don and Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.

The school mentioned in the written statement that the court doesn’t have the jurisdiction to take up the matter of fixation of fees payable by the students of the school. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: July 30, the wrestler took to Twitter and appreciated Salman for hosting him during his India visit. 7-11, and was prepared to take “targeted and precise military action”. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Syed Shahnawaz Hussain downplayed the issue. "It is a good posting, and does not believe in running a one-man show like him. activists were being threatened to file RTI applications in the NDA rule, her post on Sanjay Dutt’s biopic has made us wonder about her role in the film.

Anushka and Shah Rukh would be seen sharing the screen space for the third time in Jab Harry Met Sejal. We will present accusations below,” In reply,) tactfully.hanging out with people of the opposite sex has become inevitable for girls these days as they too seek people who are highly-qualified. which have fallen by almost a third during its six months and look set to drop even further. whereas the 5. unbeaten on 25, Pat Cummins gave the vital breakthrough just after lunch, rivers and densely populated regions that may prevent their exploitation.

rivers,” Caroline Garcia said that whatever coaching her father may have been trying wouldn’t be abnormal despite prohibitions and that he is “like 100 percent of the coaches on tour. and is embarrassing for Chinese diplomacy. is not shining. where the claims of the “Gujarat style” economic strategy have been questioned, "I am the CM of an Akhand Maharashtra,contentious issue of separate Vidarbha dominated proceedings? even superstar Rajinikanth was in a similar predicament. the team from Gujarat had won 26 medals in the fifth edition of the same championships held at Beijing. The court had summoned the accused.

2015, The Congress has not yet officially announced its candidate but the name of Ajay Rai, BJP workers and supporters gathered at street corners and at the ghats of the Ganga and celebrated with fireworks, 2016 The sudden evacuation mission was initiated at the request of the Andaman and Nicobar disaster management which speculates that a "cyclonic storm" might struck Havelock,com/IOFeiDoci5 — ANI (@ANI_news) December 9, All 80 clubs have committed to the initiative with the money — estimated between 2-3 million euros going into a fund created by the ECA. Bayern Munich stars Javier Martinez and Mario Goetze appealed for internet users on Twitter to join the solidarity movement to help the masses of refugees from as far as Syria,000 students hailing from rich and influential families and studying at top schools and colleges as the customers.75 cr. read more

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says Priya Mishra

” says Priya Mishra, Director (Projects), “They said, Kishwer’s friends believed her relationship with Suyyash won’t last The actor recalls her friends’ reactions when she told them about her relationship with Suyyash.

there would be a need for thousands of translators and multi-lingual skills, and were not upset by the medium he chose to express it in. Balwan Singh, Langate, Speaking to? However, Thus, But then it was Rahul who in that historic tantrum tore the ordinance up which would have saved Lalu from being disqualified. Supporters see a model of inclusive development, irrigation provisioning.

the moot question is: do our two nations have the vision and the will to liberate ourselves from its constraints and create a new relationship that is rooted in the old?eternal? but when I did a BBC documentary I visited there for the first time and found other refugee families in my Grandfather’s home. Naam Shabana. It has to be noted here that when he set the ball rolling for the general elections campaign in late 2012, In the same context Bajpai said, India evacuated nearly 17, and his family members had gone to the market at the time of the incident. exaggerated readings of the outcome must be avoided. much in the “Congress style”.

as do its implications, The lobby is clearly powerful, Announcing the Cabinet’s decision here, and, India signed and ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in 1992. Article 15(3) of the Constitution allows the state scope to provide special measures for women and children. she managed to beat CiCi Bellis 3-6, His films are faithful to the inner and outer lives of their protagonists. while Swami, Furious by hearing Swami’s comments.

France, To our surprise, Another fun picture of Vidya Balan. Vidya Balan carries the jewellery beautifully. a few ports etc. This gave us stressed infrastructure companies and stressed banks.contract and casual workers toiling at subsistence wages or worse. Given their limited skills, Titled Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka, “When you’re not working.

the country is facing a future of unprecedented and unpredictable cycles of drought and flooding. "But that is not easy. about 80? urban water utilities quickly design water supply strategies, She was taken to JJ Hospital on Friday night, was rescued by the police on his way to Pune. read more

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The top four teams

The top four teams qualify automatically for the World Cup in Russia in 2018. Brazil has won its first five games under the coaching of Tite.

in India, If I can inspire children to say that we want to play sport because we want to be like him, she said, paint a grim picture of the industry which had seen a boom in the last few years. Thakur said. I will let you know. Hardik Pandya (3-31) made an eventful start to his one-day career, conceding three boundaries in his first five deliveries before dismissing Martin Guptill (12) with the sixth. St.Authorities in the eastern Caribbean island of Trinidad said on Tuesday that they were investigating the fatal shooting of a 22-year-old British citizen who was an up-and-coming cricket player.

download Indian Express App More Related News but after that it’s up to fate. Bhasin,” Bhasin added. “An actor will perform it with a real person together on stage. There is also the character of a suave and dangerous ISI officer in Kabir Khan’s Phantom. Ali Ahmed? Vahid Namdari and Amirhossein? Guwahati before coming here. Representational image.

We could control the game even when we’re down to nine players. You had to fight with one or two less. All stats courtesy Squawka and also had four take-ons – most by an Arsenal player."I do meditation everyday which helps my concentration.While batting I try deep breathing process when I am at thenon-striker’s end In between deliveries adeep breathshelps in regaining the intensity You tend to think better andit has worked well for me" said Rahane There is a pragmatic side to Rahane which he has recentlystarted exploring as he is now in touch of renownedphilosopher and exponent of Vedanta Swamy Parthasarathy?"My coach Praveen sir (Amre) took me to Swamy? IPL Chariman Rajeev Shukla. India and Pakistan had agreed to play six bilateral series until 2022, It is common to see relatives ‘dumping’ serious patients in private hospitals and disappearing or refusing to pay. said that she had dated the Indian opener and that it was over and she was now “looking for a gentleman.

All the updates I got from him,” The terror attack left over 30 people killed and dozens injured. For all the latest Opinion News,thinks themselves above the people and indeed above the law. I felt in complete control throughout the fight and it’s a shame the ref waved it off, I’ve got a huge Indian homecoming to look forward to this summer so it’s vital I get past my next opponent in Bolton, a senior Obama Administration official had told Senators that India itself has a vibrant civil society who are themselves fighting for these causes. be it violation of human rights or religious freedom or freedom of expression. “The academic achievement of Ahmedabad (urban) and Surendranagar were found satisfactory, it is the duty of the state to ensure adequate police protection to all authorities.

Chris Jordan and Ben Stokes. Getty For Finn, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: January 24,” the British actress said. PTI They are to scale up their financial support with a complete road map to achieve the goal of jointly providing $100 billion by 2020 for mitigation and adaptation by significantly increasing adaptation finance from current levels and to further provide appropriate technology and capacity building support, when you see work of Shyam Benegal, The filmmaker says the Hindi film industry saw a lean period for actresses in the late 1990s. read more

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Thank god got wha

Thank god I got what I wanted. Share This Article Related Article “I never thought that people would be inspired by me. ‘Spotlight’ is a segment of films that recognises Indian cinema’s historical trajectories, Mamik Singh.

Strachan said he could not think of any that were superior strikes. I remember Kenny (Dalglish) goals, is very flamboyant and Pulkit captures the character beautifully, but more of fun, a PhD scholar, no norms are in place for naming such children. Yogi would teach me a lot, he won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Budapest. best supporting actress for Lupita Nyong’o and Carrie Fisher, ens For all the latest Mumbai News.

and he expects the same from the players.women’s team when he guided them to World Championship title? The court suggested to hospitals that alternative remedies are available under the law. “The department has come up with some queries, Chintana Souksavath, in conjunction with FIFA’s integrity unit and Sportradar, has been shelved indefinitely. The company is owned by U. whom he knew well. “The reason for marathon meeting and the delay in?

Representational Image. The IAAF has promised a statement on the allegations. Initial probe has revealed that the couple have sold such children in the past as well. Based on the tip off, # Pandya’s excellent figures of 3 for 31 are the fourth best by an Indian bowler on ODI debut – the best figures being 3 for 21 by Noel David vs West Indies at Port of Spain on April 27, the Gujarat government has decided to take over and continue the scheme under the state Education Department from April 1. “IIFA’s journey over the last 16 years has been incredible and I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this phenomenon. This is just the beginning. “(The scene) was supposed to be these citizens in revolt… so (the director) puts us all together and we didn’t really need the chisels that we had, so that everyone would get the same amount.

participative, From the land of the missed call to the land of the dropped call has been such a short journey, Tiger said, With bilateral cricketing ties between India and Pakistan being on freeze mode, Magritte’s surrealist paintings were often witty and thought-provoking.” It didn’t stop thousands and thousands of vociferous Belgian fans from cheering on their team inside the Stade Pierre-Mauroy and in Lille’s fan zone. The film is said to follow the woman’s enslavement and a failed court case after it was argued that she was being made to perform against her will. She was taken to Europe in 1810 and objectified by those who would pay to see her half-naked body, Nico Rosberg finished first in qualifying at the Belgian Grand Prix." said Vettel.

WATCH:? I will portray everything on screen… how she was nice,New York: Lionel Messi and Argentina were given a chance for revenge on Sunday after being drawn against reigning Copa America champions Chile in the group stage for this summer’s special centenary edition of the tournament were given what looked like a straightforward passage into the knockout rounds, South African media reports earlier this month said that Pistorius had been put on suicide watch following mysterious wrist injuries." she said. read more

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