How to use the forum to promote the site

              BBS promotion we all know, to the forum to send links, many webmaster are doing. However, many forums will be deleted, there are a lot of Posts hidden in the vast amount of information inside, but also often go to the top, it is hard. So, how to send a link in the forum and will not be deleted and do not need to top it? Here is a brief introduction to the baby’s meal website is how to easily get 5000 IP forum every day.

1, the first version to a parent-child Forum on child feeding post, is the main production method, 0-12 month old baby feeding and complementary day diet, feeding in the process need to pay attention to the problem and so on, a very systematic and scientific plan, very long and perfect, and at the end and write a sentence: "too many things, there are a lot of baby food pictures and tables, I am tired of his hair, to the site to learn well, so itself made a lot of useful information, the administrator will not delete, keep an eye on my past. read more

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Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for venture companies

Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for startups

Tencent science and technology news on January 12th, when Apple’s fastest sale of smart watches Apple Watch in March this year, there will be a large number of wearable devices for the application of the same line. Apple has already released the relevant specifications of the Apple Watch, so the product is likely to become the next wave of valuation reached $1 billion consumer technology innovation company’s launch pad.

and many pundits predict will be Apple Watch after the listing, or even ended in failure, but also some investment institutions analyst is very optimistic about this wearable device. Investment bank Morgan Stanley analyst in November last year, investors have pointed out that they expect Apple Watch will have a good performance after the listing, the first year sales will reach 30 million. Apple Watch listed, will allow apple to increase the valuation of more than 10%, an increase of more than $50 billion market capitalization. read more

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Good website operation the best way of network marketing

has the characteristics of easy communication and Internet coverage without boundaries, so many brands choose leveraging the network, and then a network event marketing is not enough to reflect the power of network marketing and network marketing; realize the successful development, not a system of website operation plan.

network marketing should not be impetuous psychology

more and more people hope to get their huge profits from the Internet, but like other market, the Internet also has a lot of competition, and even cruel sea; and rampant network marketing tactics is some impetuous network event hype, in the simple beauty of website operation consultant Mo wild view, these are just those actions can make a brand to win the audience’s attention in a short time, but the heat loss, how many people will stay in the memory of read more

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Everyone talks about startups but almost everyone gets the concept wrong

reported in January 12th (compilation: hunting cloud network balls)

hunting cloud network note: everyone has their own definition of entrepreneurial companies, but the definition of almost all the people are wrong.

if you often read science and technology articles, I will have no trouble to tell you that you may have a wrong understanding of entrepreneurship. Many people in the eyes of the company may be those very small but very fast growth of the company, and is expected to replace those dying, can not stop the giant companies struggling to maintain themselves into decline. read more

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love the mule how to use Baidu know promotion Taobao customers

is currently a lot of people are using Baidu to know to do the promotion Taobao customers, but most of the promotion effect is not ideal, this is why? Let’s examine, I present observations, promotion of Baidu know roughly divided into several types, with "acne products" as an example we analyze.

a direct link with the form of

could not find the problem due to the promotion of the link, I just found a Taobao seller, is the same reason, put yourself to consider the user’s point of view, just copy the words over the Internet, and then add a link, the user will want to know how? Everyone is advertising, who is now disgusted, to see advertising links, are directly off the page. read more

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Friendship link

links as a means to increase the chain, is more and more favored by the webmaster.

for those who have just set up the site owners, they are often full of passion everywhere for Links, long time, their confidence will be hit, because they found that, in addition to the entertainment unspoken rule, exchange links also have the unspoken rule "/p>!

PR, yes, that is PageRank, which is Google for web page rating. There are a lot of sites in the link of the page, usually write such a sentence "link, PR> 2…". A lot of new sites where PR? PR no, not all. If you think your PR is currently 2, you can do a link with others, then you are wrong. According to the unspoken rules, you can usually do less than 3 of the site with PR. The so-called "people go to high, water flows downwards, the PR value of the webmaster want to do site links and taller than him. read more

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The striking artifact how to enter rural whitewashing marketing user’s heart

Internet era, as the last bastion of the domestic electricity supplier market, the vast rural development potential is very great. In rural areas, a variety of large and small whitewashing advertising combined with traditional marketing and meet the eye everywhere, the kind of modern business information is very dazzling. As a relatively traditional marketing means, whitewashing advertising is not strange, people live in rural areas has already been used to even blind. There Chinese whitewashing marketing, is closely linked with the history of nearly one hundred years development. read more

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4A is often said in the end how to understand the copy tone

I believe most after graduation, some students copy new, you must to the leadership said that the word "tonality", even in the same position of planning, design, and so on have heard this assistant.

to tell the truth, then heard the graduation practice when I stay, what is tonal? It will not answer the leadership, in short is a fantasy…… Well, for more than 8 years, today come to talk about the so-called "copy of tonality".

so what exactly is it?

I graduated from read more

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Network marketing effect monitoring method is a little simple wood

network marketing, monitoring the effectiveness of network marketing is recognized as a difficult problem. From the network marketing has emerged, this problem has always plagued the network as the shadow follows the form, marketing practitioners. So there is a relatively simple wood network marketing effect monitoring method?

may not have before, but since the cloud claw network marketing analysis management system came out, this problem has been a perfect solution. Although many people may not know the network marketing cloud claw analysis management system name, but referred to its parent company at Shanghai science and Technology Automation Co. Ltd., the vast majority of people have already heard. In the industry, at Shanghai science and Technology Automation Co. Ltd. is a leading software for developers, as a listed company, Shanghai science and technology limited company at both from strength or ability that are impeccable, years ago, by the development of Bo Yang software for tens of millions of micro-blog users to create a huge commercial value many years later, as the management system; the specially designed for marketers and launched another top masterpiece bring no small industry shocked cloud claw network marketing analysis. It can be said that the network marketing analysis of the network management system for the enterprise network marketing effect monitoring opened up a new channel, read more

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You do not understand the micro business entrepreneurs

neet will not do micro business;

I do


vain people do not do micro business;

carrying people will not do micro business;

micro business people, mostly positive, independent, hardworking people.

in the micro business group, is not willing to increase the burden of parents of college students; at home with the children wanted to give children hard to earn milk money treasure mom; and the day in the workplace around night time delivery workers……

they have a common characteristic, that is, not afraid of other people’s vision, responsible for their own lives and actively strive for a better tomorrow. read more

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Chuan Betta completed 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing led investment Tencent

August 15th news, news sources claimed that today, the domestic broadcast platform Betta TV has completed 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing, capital, Tencent led by phoenix. These insiders confirmed the authenticity of the message, and said that there will be a confirmation message released today.

March 15th, Betta TV announced the completion of a new round of $100 million (about 670 million yuan) financing, the Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led, Sequoia Capital of additional investment, with investment included Nanshan capital. At that time, Chen Shaojie said: "in this round of financing will be completed, Betta TV and Tencent in resources and copyright cooperation." read more

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How the site should be promoted smoothly

website promotion accounted for a very important position in the website, the website is not out of the promotion of junk-heap, even if the user experience how gorgeous decoration, how in place, no one comes to light for yourself, what is the use? This is the webmaster very headache, individual stationmaster often early in the site full of confidence and spent considerable experience, engage in engage in content template. A period of operation effect is not very ideal is a bit downhearted, long long lost enthusiasm on this site. When Zzx first website and everyone else, not to blindly go to the final effect is not ideal. Here I talk about the promotion of small experience, mainly to provide some ideas to the webmaster, from my thoughts to change to develop. read more

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How can we write the high end atmosphere on the soft Wen

lead: with the rapid development of Internet marketing, also in the rapid occupation of the consumer’s eye, that how to create high quality soft, leading brand development for high quality soft Wen planning requires a combination of user psychological preparation, according to the user’s psychology to write articles, to realize the expansion of the brand and publicity by the user psychological layout.

high-end content planning:

Planning of soft

content, first to ensure users to share content has a certain value, in accordance with the value of content to extend user demand, lead to psychological interaction with the target users, to achieve enterprise brand communication. read more

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The acquisition of talent is not the best choice for start up companies

some time ago Silicon Valley whipped up a whirlwind of talent acquisition Facebook, Google, Zynga, network like hunger and thirst to talents, talents are usually acquired by the number of their pricing, the purpose of the acquisition is generally in order to obtain the excellent engineer and founder, rather than the product itself, entrepreneurial companies, acquired by big companies is good or bad


if you do poineering company’s original intention is to do a company, the goal is to be a big company to buy, then the acquisition of course is a good thing. read more

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Ali 56 million stake in maternal and child website Zulily into the largest shareholder

[Abstract] earlier, Ali holds less than 5% of the shares of Zulily, the investment has never been disclosed by the media. The Ali $56 million stake in Zulily, Ali has become Zulily’s largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio has exceeded 9.3%.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) May 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the recent increase in the U.S. group Alibaba investment.

documents show that this week, Ali’s investment company to spend about $56 million to buy 4 million 800 thousand shares of Zulily shares, Ali Zulily shares held by the number increased to 11 million 500 thousand shares, worth about $156 million, accounting for nearly 1/6 of the shares of Zulily. read more

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