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​Booming Swedish economy boosts inflows for pension providers

first_imgAccording to the report, premium payments to occupational pension schemes grew by 12% over the past year across the board, or by SEK18bn (€1.7bn) in absolute terms.Within this, inflows to collectively agreed occupational pension schemes using Sweden’s online pension centre, known as Valcentralen, increased by 17% or just over SEK10bn. For those schemes outside the election centre system, contributions rose 9%, or just over SEK2bn.The association attributed the rise in part to the increase in provisions for the occupational pension system, which was due to stronger economic conditions boosting the rate of employment and the total wage bill in Sweden.Svensk Försäkring also said, however, that Swedes were earning more and entering the higher pension contribution bracket of 30% of salary or higher, instead of 4.5%. Contributions to Swedish occupational pension providers increased by 17% in the first quarter compared to the same period last year, according to figures published by Swedish industry association Svensk Forsäkring.Of the country’s main providers, Folksam and Alecta increased their market share over the period, while Skandia and AMF experienced decreases, the data showed.The three largest funds – Folksam, Skandia and Alecta – accounted for 38% of premiums paid annually, as of 31 March.Martin Solberger, quantitative analyst at Svensk Försäkring, said: “There are several reasons why occupational pensions are growing strongly. Provisions for the occupational pension system have increased, in many contract areas.”last_img read more

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Men’s Basketball: Badgers absent from AP top 25 rankings

first_imgDisappointingly, the 2019-2020 Wisconsin men’s basketball team is not ranked amongst the top 25 teams in the country in the AP preseason poll. While this revelation is certainly a bummer, it’s not all that large of a surprise to those who follow the team closely.Ethan Happ, despite the fact that he didn’t have the developed talent necessary to go straight to the NBA, was the cornerstone of the team. Last season, Happ scored a grand total of 589 points — 196 points more than the next-highest scorer on the team, D’Mitrik Trice.Basketball: A day in the life of a UW basketball hopefulThree minutes. That’s essentially what about 50 guys went through hell and back for last Wednesday night when they flooded Read…This total of 596 points averaged out to 17.3 points per game, nearly six points more than, you guessed it, the second highest scorer Trice. On offense, the absence of Happ will be a massive blow to the Badgers and, while Trice is next in line to take up the mantle of offensive leader, he’ll have to massively up his production to fill that role.In fact, this is true for the rest of the Badger squad, as no clear scoring leader stepped up as a dominant offensive force during Happ’s final season. With all of these factors, can you blame the AP poll for leaving the Badgers out of the top 25 rankings?Men’s Basketball: Wisconsin searches for new identity post-HappThe University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team ended last season disappointingly in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, losing Read…With just one stand out recruit arriving in Madison for the 2019-2020 season, three star small forward Tyler Wahl, it’s unlikely that an unexpected leader will arise from the ranks of untested competitors.On paper, there is not much to look up to for this season, the head of the team departed without leaving a clear successor to take his place and no fresh face can bring his level of contribution. Even with this being the case, the Badgers have often been one to surprise their detractors and make them eat their words.Men’s Basketball: Changing of the Gard, Carlson and Crowl bring massive talent boostTwin Cities native Ben Carlson verbally committed to the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team Wednesday afternoon. In-state recruiting has Read…If the Badgers were to have a down year as predicted by the AP poll, things still look bright in the future. Their 2020 recruiting class includes four star power forward Ben Carlson as well as a highly-ranked three star combo guard Johnny Davis. On top of this, there is a non-zero chance that Wisconsin will land five-star small forward Ziaire Williams.This is just a small list of the recruits that Wisconsin has landed for their class of 2020. Even if the AP poll is right in believing that the Badgers won’t have an immediate replacement for Happ’s prowess, their future looks bright.last_img read more

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Dave Hammond: “The SBTech culture is one of winning and driving expansion”

first_img StumbleUpon Earlier this month, Dave Hammond left his role as B2B Divisions Director at Paddy Power Betfair to take up the reign as COO of SBTech, charged with driving growth through 2019 and beyond.Following the appointment we spoke to Hammond regarding the transition, personal and company-wide ambitions, the future of online sports betting and much more.____________________SBC: Why was this the time right to move to SBTech as Chief Operating Officer? Dave Hammond: Having had the opportunity to view SBTech from the outside and see their successes across Europe and the US markets, the chance to join this company was not one I could really pass on. I was fortunate to know and previously work with some of the SBTech management team, so I already knew the quality of the people in place. Once I met key team members across its many offices and saw the platform capabilities and product suite, there was only one option in the industry for me to consider and subsequently become part of the success.SBC: What are your immediate ambitions and plans for 2019 with SBTech?DH: Firstly, it’s key to understand SBTech has already had huge success with its innovative platform and agile culture. My main goal is to make sure we continue to scale and increase the trajectory of delivery and success for our partners. We are a truly global business, with a coverage of products many other businesses should be envious of. How we maximise our team’s innovation and development to entertain end users will be crucial for our continued success, and a major focus for me from the get-go.“We must maintain our market leading B2B supplier status by increasing product, technology, market and client reach”SBC: With such a wealth of experience, what can you bring to the company to take it to the next step and beyond?DH: SBTech is unique in the sector in terms of its growth, client base, employees and revenue. We want and expect this to further increase in velocity and volume. A focus for me is to ensure we are built to maximise this success with internal processes and technology needing to scale, and our performance and stability cannot be compromised. I have been through growth curves and the pain points are known. SBTech will benefit from my experience in these areas.SBC: How different will the transition from Paddy Power to SBTech be for you?DH: The business structure and operating models are completely different, but overall the industry and people are very similar. SBTech is market leading in scaling operations and country entry. This flexibility is something I have always had an affinity towards, but what I get enthusiastic about is our capabilities. The fact SBTech is privately owned and we move quickly on solid data points is part of our fabric. This differentiates us from every provider / operator in the industry, and the ability to see returns from tactical decisions within the overarching strategy is very refreshing.SBC: What are the main challenges SBTech currently faces and how will you address these?DH: I believe everything can be improved in any business, but SBTech is strong across the board. We have invested heavily in quality and quantity in every area from people, technology, infrastructure through to marketing, support and, of course, product. How these areas all interact and share their collective knowledge and analytical learnings will help drive the future waves of success for SBTech. This is a real focal point for me personally. Allowing people to be successful and drive their units based around common beliefs and proven best practices is a simple, but crucial way, of ensuring ongoing market leading offerings.“France is one of Europe’s most mature regulated markets and will be another key territory”SBC: In five years, where do you want SBTech to be?DH: The answer is simple; we must maintain our market leading B2B supplier status by increasing product, technology, market and client reach. In short, we must innovate and deliver. It’s still very early for the US marketplace and constant regulation movement across EMEA all provides huge opportunities. In five years I expect SBTech to increase its dominance in our current markets, and to serve new products to a wider portfolio of clients in numerous newly regulated and regulating territories.SBC: SBTech is preparing to enter the French market in Q1 2019. How important is this for SBTech and where else will SBTech be venturing in 2019?DH: France is one of Europe’s most mature regulated markets and will be another key territory for our existing customers as well as winning new deals. The SBTech culture is one of winning and driving expansion. Our constant ability to launch partners into new markets has been at the core of the business for more than 10 years, and this will continue and expand further. The PASPA repeal of 2018 and US betting opportunity is on every supplier and operator’s strategy paper. SBTech are already there and have partners live and in development across multiple states and will continue to deliver product and innovation into the newly formed and exciting market. That said, we have a very large and demanding pipeline of European partners, with France, Sweden and Portugal to name just a few, all holding established and well documented opportunities. SBTech’s key skill is moving at pace with a quality regionalised product, we will continue to this in all markets which can offer revenue increase for our partners and of course SBTech.“It would be naïve to think that by the end of 2023 current products and player behaviours would not have changed in a quantum measure”SBC: Do you think online sports betting will change over the next few years? Do you think sports betting needs to change? If so, why and how will you adapt?DH: It would be naïve to think that by the end of 2023 current products and player behaviours would not have changed in a quantum measure from where we the offering is today. The betting industry and especially SBTech’s multi territory operations, has such a volume of data which will allow us to expand data scientist teams creating AI and ML projects which will transform the way we create and morph our offerings.Consumer technology and available data points within sports will continuously develop. This means the richness of product offering will have to expand to keep our customers engaged in betting while enjoying the sports experience. This is a key focus for SBTech to continue to lead in this area and drive the market depth and customer interaction of our offering. 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