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Suburbs with the highest rental yield

first_imgHoliday destinations in Queensland have topped a list of suburbs where investors are likely to receive the highest income from an investment property.One-bedroom units in Cairns, Miami, Port Douglas and Noosaville make the top ten list of suburbs with the highest rental yields, realestate.com.au/Invest data shows.Caboolture, a satellite city in southeast Queensland, has the highest average rental yield in the country at 15.2%. Caboolture has a 15.2% rental yield, according to realestate.com.au/Invest.*Sunny Caboolture a new haven for investors?Professionals Caboolture Real Estate Principal Leigh Chippendale says she’s not surprised to see Caboolture stacking up decent rental returns for investors, but its prospects haven’t always been so bright.“Throughout the GFC we had to ask our landlords to drop rent or keep rent the same,” Chippendale says.“Now we’re able to increase rent, and we feel justified in doing so, where as a few years back that wasn’t the case.”Southeast spotlight: What’s inside the Golden Triangle?Chippendale says it’s mostly ‘mum and dad’ investors dominating the Caboolture investor market these days. “They’re starting to feel confident again. In the last three months we’ve started to get interstate investors back too,” she says.“As long as the figures match up with the returns they expect, they’re happy to buy sight unseen.“We’re also starting to see purchaser’s agents – that’s usually a sign of groups of investors becoming more confident of the market.”‘Mum and dad’ investors tighten their foothold on the Caboolture market.Chippendale says the Caboolture property market is pretty typical of most of Australia – probably about a third of housing is investor-owned.“Demographics are quite mixed – retirees, down-sizers, up-graders, couples in their 20s just starting out and a diverse range of working skills.“From an investment point of view, you know you can buy a good quality home in Caboolture for a reasonable price with good rental returns.“You have all the facilities here for people who wish to live here and rent your property. The area continues to grow – we have good private and public schools, good medical facilities, a community hub that offers a great library, arts and educational facilities.“It’s a great place to live … you’re only half an hour from the beaches, 45 minutes from the hinterland, and 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.“Plus, the weather’s good.”A range of commercial opportunities are attracting renters to Caboolture.What is rental yield?Rental yield is an important factor for investors to consider because it will indicate the future income an asset is likely to make.Rental yield is the rate of income return over the cost associated with an investment. There are two types of rental yield, which are calculated a little differently: gross rental yield and net rental yield.The suburb rental yield represented in these results uses the calculation for gross rental yield, which is annual rental income, divided by the property value and expressed as a percentage.Find out more: What is yield?To get the suburb rental yield, we’ve used the median advertised rent as a percentage of median price, based on the number of property rentals and property sales in the past 12 months. The data looks specifically at one and two-bedroom units.It’s important to note that gross rental yield does not take into account the known or estimated property costs and ongoing expenses that will affect a property’s value, such as stamp duty, legal fees, council rates and building and pest inspections.To calculate a more precise prediction of rental return, you would need to estimate these costs and deduct them from the annual rental income to get the net rental yield.Investor consideration: Capital gain vs. cash flowNational Top 10 suburbs with the highest rental yieldListed by suburb, state, bedroom configuration and gross rental yield. Results are for one and two-bedroom units.*Caboolture – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 15.2%More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home3 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor9 hours agoCairns City – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 13.2%Miami – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 11.9%Ultimo – NSW – 1-bedroom units – 11.6%Port Douglas – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 11.3%Box Hill – VIC – 1-bedroom units – 11.1%Harristown – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 10.6%Manoora – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 10.2%Noosaville – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 10.1%Woree – QLD – 1-bedroom units – 9.6%Top 5 suburbs with the highest rental yield by stateListed by suburb, bedroom configuration and gross rental yield. Results are for one and two-bedroom units.*QLDCaboolture – 1-bedroom units – 15.2%Cairns City – 1-bedroom units – 13.2%Miami – 1-bedroom units – 11.9%Port Douglas – 1-bedroom units – 11.3%Harristown – 1-bedroom units – 10.6%NSWUltimo – 1-bedroom units – 11.6%The Entrance – 1-bedroom units – 8.7%Eden – 2-bedroom units – 8.4%Nowra – 2-bedroom units – 7.8%Rosehill – 1-bedroom units – 7.7%VICBox Hill – 1-bedroom units – 11.1%Carlton – 1-bedroom units – 9.1%Mildura – 2-bedroom units – 7.2%Melton South – 2-bedroom units – 7.1%Horsham – 2-bedroom units – 6.9%ACTCanberra City – 1-bedroom units – 7.2%Franklin – 2-bedroom units – 6.5%Hawker – 2-bedroom units – 6.3%Franklin – 1-bedroom units – 5.8%Belconnen – 1-bedroom units – 5.7%NTGillen – 2-bedroom units – 7.2%Gray – 2-bedroom units – 6.5%The Gap – 2-bedroom units – 6.4%Bakewell – 2-bedroom units – 6.3%Parap – 2-bedroom units – 6.2%SAAdelaide – 1-bedroom units – 8.3%Rosewater – 2-bedroom units – 7.1%Findon – 2-bedroom units – 7.0%Kurralta Park – 1-bedroom units – 6.7%Salisbury – 2-bedroom units – 6.7%TAS Newnham – 2-bedroom units – 7.3%Mowbray – 2-bedroom units – 7.0%Riverside – 2-bedroom units – 6.7%Claremont – 2-bedroom units – 6.6%Newstead – 2-bedroom units – 6.5%WA Bunbury – 2-bedroom units – 6.9%Armadale – 2-bedroom units – 6.8%Rivervale – 1-bedroom units – 6.0%Mandurah – 2-bedroom units – 6.0%Rivervale – 2-bedroom units – 5.9%Looking to invest? Our Invest section will help you crunch the numbers.*Data correct at time of publication.Disclaimer: The information published regarding property investment yields is of a general nature only and does not consider your personal or investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Information is based on historical data and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. realestate.com.au does not hold an Australian financial services or credit licence and cannot provide any endorsement, recommendation or suggestion about any information or products displayed on the property investment destination. We strongly recommend that you obtain independent advice before you make any financial decisions using the information or investment tools contained on the property investment destination site, and we make no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information or investment tools, nor do we accept any liability and responsibility arising in any way from omissions or errors contained on the property investment destination.last_img read more

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