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Tyrannosaur track found near Tumbler Ridge

first_imgOnly 14 tyrannosaur tracks have been discovered worldwide. Many of those have been found within the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark, but the one found by UBC Geology student Carina Helm on August 30th was less than 10 km away from the town.“The very first rock I went to, right beside the road, had this huge track-shape on it with three toes,” Helm said. “I thought, ‘Surely that is too big to be a footprint?’ but I showed it to my Dad and next thing he was on his cell-phone to Rich McCrea telling him about the find.”T-Rex Track– Advertisement -The track measures 59 cm, but they estimate it was even bigger as the tip and claw of the longest toe has eroded away.Paleontologist Rich McCrea with the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre says the characteristics of the print still identify it as having belonged to a meat-eating dinosaur, despite the erosion.McCrea discovered BC’s first Tyrannosaur tooth in the same region back in 2004.President of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation  Jim Kincaid thanked Helm for her “sharp eyes and enthusiasm,” in helping find the track.Advertisement The decision is now being made to either leave the track in place as a roadside attraction, or haul it to the Museum. They feel the track will get vandalized left out in the open, but also that it will be difficult to get it to the Museum.In other pre-historic news, the new Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum opened today as well.last_img read more

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