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Google revives Huawei work temporarily after US eases restrictions

first_img Tags Google will continue to work with Huawei for now. Getty Google said Tuesday it will continue working with Huawei for 90 days, after the US government announced it’s temporarily scaling back trade restrictions on the Chinese smartphone maker.On Monday, the US Commerce Department said it’s creating a general license that for now lets Huawei keep existing networks and issue updates to its phones and tablets. The reprieve is meant to give US companies time to figure out longer-term solutions and to protect consumers from security risks. The license expires on August 19. “Keeping phones up to date and secure is in everyone’s best interests and this temporary license allows us to continue to provide software updates and security patches to existing models for the next 90 days,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. Huawei didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Now playing: Watch this: Comments Huawei P30 Pro vs. Galaxy S10 Plus: Editors react Phones Share your voice 6:54 Google’s decision not to cut ties with Huawei, the second largest smartphone company in the world, is a reversal of plans it announced earlier this week after the Trump administration effectively banned Huawei from the US, restricting the company’s access to US components and software. For Google, that meant suspending some business with Huawei, a key partner for its Android mobile operating system. Google reportedly said that it would stop providing Huawei with customer support and that upcoming versions of Huawei’s phones outside China would no longer get access to Google’s Play Store app marketplace and its marquee slate of services, including YouTube and Google Maps. Huawei, though, would still have access to the open-source version of Android without Google services. It’s unclear what Google will do after the 90-day license expires. Read: Samsung has the most to gain from Google putting Huawei on ice 4 Google Huawei Alphabet Inc.last_img read more

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Kendall Jenner poses in barely there swimwear from her fashion line Photos

first_imgKendall JennerGetty ImagesThere may be a heat wave in Europe but no one can turn up the heat like Kendall Jenner can. The model slipped into a sizzling summer bikini from her own fashion line.Reportedly the 23-year-old supermodel was modelling a leopard print number from the fashion line she created with 20-year-old sister Kylie Jenner. The image was shared in three blocks on the company’s Instagram account which added the caption, ‘New summer swim styles just added to @macys, shop #kendallandkylie.’Kendall looked gorgeous in the snap. Lounging with her eyes closed. The lighting in the post highlighted her tan and gave her a gorgeous glow. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star looks like she is hard at work promoting her own fashion line. But that doesn’t mean Kendall will be abandoning her commitment with other big brands. Kendall JennerKendall Jenner Official Instagram (kendalljenner)Kendall Jenner has made a name for herself as a successful model. But she is branching out into other business ventures. One of them being an oral care line. Kendall Jenner looks flawless now, but she opened up to Bustle Proactiv event in New York. The model said: ‘[Acne as an adult] is not any less painful, for lack of better words. You know what I mean? It’s not any less annoying, it doesn’t suck any less when you’re older. If anything, it could suck a little more when you’re older.’Her sister Kylie, who is her partner in this fashion line has already amassed a fortune with her cosmetics empire. A large chunk of her wealth comes from her lip-kit line. Both Jenner sisters have used their reality TV fame to become successful businesswomen. You can check out the pics here:  Kendall Jennerkendallandkylie Official Instagram (kendallandkylie) Kendall Jennerkendallandkylie Official Instagram (kendallandkylie) Kendall Jennerkendallandkylie Official Instagram (kendallandkylie)last_img read more

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5 Tips for Getting Started With Mobile Advertising

first_img Mobile advertising is becoming more popular as people use mobile devices to access websites, shop and make purchases. For business owners, now can be a good time to start experimenting with mobile advertising — especially while it’s still highly affordable.If you’re on the fence about whether advertising on mobile might be right for you, consider some new research from Williamsburg, Va.-based research firm Borrell Associates: nearly half of small-business owners are somewhat or very likely to purchase mobile advertising in the next year, while more than one in four expect to increase mobile ad spending.How can you figure out how mobile advertising might best benefit your business? Here are five tips to help you determine its value and to get started on the right foot:1. Determine where your customers are. Most mobile ad networks allow geo-targeting so that only mobile users in a defined area see the ads. But narrow targeting to only a zip code or two will likely yield few prospects and little new business.Mobile ads offer the best return on investment for businesses that can serve clients who are located anywhere, or at least throughout a major metropolitan area. A jewelry designer who ships anywhere or a motel owner near a popular tourist destination might be a great match for mobile advertising. But a massage therapist who relies mainly on local customers probably should spend her ad dollars elsewhere for now.In a couple of years, however, that may change as technologies improve and mobile users begin to outpace computer users in conducting local internet searches.Related: Building a Successful Google Campaign from Scratch2. Define your conversion points. If you develop a mobile advertising strategy, you not only want to tell mobile users your business exists, but also encourage them to take action.What can people do on their smartphones or tablets that can help your business? Plenty. They can call or email you, submit their contact information via an online form, make an appointment or reservation, follow you on social media, sign up for your email newsletter or text alerts, register for your events, or buy something from you online.These actions are measurable “conversion points.” Tracking your conversion rate (number of mobile site visitors divided by the number of actions taken) is how you’ll discover which kinds of mobile ads work best.3. Build a mobile landing page. Your existing website, even if it’s mobile friendly, might not be the most effective destination for your mobile ad. You need a useful landing page designed to convert mobile visitors into customers.Your mobile landing page should link to your main website, of course. But it’s even more important that it display your address on a map, list your phone number and hours, indicate the region you serve, and offer features, such as online appointment scheduling, that are directly relevant to the pitch you made in your mobile ad.If you can build a mobile landing page in your existing website platform, that’s great. If not, your mobile landing page doesn’t need to be part of your main site.You can build a simple mobile landing page with Google Sites (free the first year) and access analytics data about traffic to the page and users’ activity on it. DudaMobile also offers free mobile landing pages with analytics, but for $9 a month you can get more pages and features such as click-to-call and integrated maps and directions. You may want to set up more than one mobile landing page if you’re running multiple campaigns targeting different market segments or making different pitches or offers.Related: Common Google AdWords Mistakes and How to Avoid Them4. Start with Google AdWords. Search ads are currently the biggest part of the mobile ad market, and Google’s AdWords offers a variety of services for mobile advertising. Plus, these are text ads, so you don’t need to create an ad banner to get started.You can set up a mobile-specific AdWords campaign that targets only mobile devices with full web browsers. You also can set AdWords bids for mobile searches only.Control costs by setting your own maximum daily spend, starting at, say, $30 to $50 a month. Then, track your AdWords mobile performance and stay focused on conversion rates.5. Explore other mobile ad networks. You’ll need to supply a mobile banner ad for other networks, most of which deliver ads to apps and some mobile websites. AdWords users can use Google’s display ad builder, but you also can create a mobile banner with any design software.The cost, reach, targeting and other features of these networks vary widely. Most allow you to specify your maximum daily spend. The MobiThinking “Guide to Mobile Advertising Networks” offers useful overviews of the different types of networks and detailed reviews. Related: Mobile Advertising Platform Delivers Real Leads 5 min read October 3, 2012 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

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